A new generation
December 4th, 2002

The time is now, the place is Algeria



Interview with
Mr. Hamid Lounaouci
Former Minister of Transport

Alger, December 2000


Interview with
Dr. Said Barkat
Ministre, et Président du Conseil Executif de l'Organisation Arabe de Développement Arabe Agricole
Alger, le 13 mai 2001


Interview with
M. Mohamed Maghlaoui
Ministre des Postes et des Télécommunications
le 23 janvier 2001


Interview with
Mr. Chakib Khelil
Minister of Energy and Mines


Interview with
M. Lakhdar Dorbani
Ministre du Tourisme et de l´Artisanat

Alger, le 13 mars 2001


Interview with
Mr. Hamid Temmar
Former Minister of Participation and Coordination of Reforms, current Minister of Industry
February 3rd 2001


Interview with
Mr. Amara Benyounes
Former Minister of Public Works
Alger, le 31 janvier 2001

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