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El futuro es el sector privado


Gary Sorenson

Presidente de
Merendon de Honduras

11 de Septiembre 2003

How is structured Merendon today, and what have been the motivation to install a mining company in Honduras.

Merendon is a shared company where I am the controlling shareholders and I own the 90 % of the company. The company is structured as followed: Merendon Mining corporations, Stone mile resources that operate in Canada, Merendon the Honduras, the main refined company we have here, oro metals, our main expiration company, Merendon jewellery that we have created one year ago, and security company, that provide the security for all our employers and our work environment, simply because of the product we are dealing with.. We also have an operation in Venezuela, recently we have started working in Peru, we have three mines, where one of them is already in production and the others two will be operating as from 2004. This is how we are structured. The main board of course is in Canada and it is from there that the politics of the company is done, what ever the activity it will be in Venezuela, peru, Honduras, Canada.

The only diversification we have done out the mining sector is in two aerea, one in Venezuela, where we are devlopping a building of large commercial upper scale fishing lounge, that it will be open by March 2004 and it will focus the North American market to begin with an later on on the European market. And being Canadian we are always interested in Oil and gas.We have actually signed an agreement, a information agreement agreement, which it will see us moving towards to oil and gas industry.

As long as Honduras is concerned we have been here with the intent to make Merendon Honduras to be in charge of responsibility to become a …center within a group of companies, or "Orometales" which is our expiration division here, that is charged with the same responsibilities

In Honduras today we employ 170 in a raining season which is the deadest period, and about 500-600 people, during the summer. We are among the first four companies in the Country, of course we are doing social works in some regions in Honduras, especially I would mention in Olancho… Merendon it is not just to collect the gold but we also care about the people, we are teaching them how to run a new way of life

Talking about local people , we know that have been few problems with other mining company, what is the merendon situation, how they react?

Well, you should probably ask them , if you want a real answer…but we really think that our relationship with the local is great. I will just make an example, that will indicate you how the people react. We had on the field a very expensive piece of an equipment, and some very bad people decided that they had to destroy it, without a real reason, or no one knows why they have done it. The local people have start a campaign to find these people, they have managed to find those two people. The reality here is that they were afraid to loose what they had and the opportunity to run a good life style, compared to what they use to leave. It is amazing how that happened, we never ask for it they came to our aim, they just took the initiative on their own

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