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America : Suriname : Rudisa International

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Rudisa International
Ds. Martin Luther Kingweg 8-9
Paramaribo - Suriname
Phone: (597) 488081
Fax: (597) 485 629
website: www.rudisa.net
Email: rudisa@rudisa.net

Rudisa International

Rudisa International was founded as a sole proprietorship by Mr. Rudi, Dilip Sardjoe in 1975, merely as a commission-office. Over a period of 25 years, Rudisa International has emerged as one of the top ten companies in Suriname. The present position of Rudisa International is a result of its founder, Mr. Dilip Sardjoe’s continuous aspiration for growth, expansion and diversification. Using his powerful vision Mr Dilip Sardjoe has always tried to explore fields that have a potential for growth. His goal has always achieved and sustained continuous excellence in each field. His diverse interest leads him to forge strategic alliances in fields which are even beyond the boundaries of Rudisa International.

Rudisa Zwaar Materieel N.V.

Rudisa Zwaar Materieel specializes in sales of heavy equipment from Hyundai Heavy Industries. Rudisa Zwaarmaterieel N.V. is the only authorized dealer of Hyundai Heavy Industries & Machinery Ltd. from Korea. Rudisa Zwaar Materieel sells:

• Construction Equipments;
• Industrial Vehicles;
• Diesel Engines;
• Power Generators;
• Marine Engines;
• Machine Tools;
• Factory Automation; and
• Defence Industry.

Rudisa Agencies

Rudisa Agencies deals with a vast range of merchandise such as spices, detergents, toiletries, oils, beer, confectioneries etc. Being one of the oldest divisions of Rudisa International, Rudisa Agencies represents several well-known companies.

To meet the increasing demands for its products and to continue adding newer products to its range, Rudisa International Agencies shifted to its current location covering a much larger surface area.

Companies represented by Rudisa are:

• Unilever;
• Trinidad Tissues Ltd.;
• Perfect Food Manufacturing (M) SDN. BHD;
• Carib Brewery;
• International Cosmetics Ltd.;
• SL. Rama international;
• Ansa MCAL Ltd.;
• Lambi S.A.;
• Maizoro S.A.
• VANTEX S.A. de C.V.;
• La Palma Real C.A.; and
• Ven Caribean Paper Products.

Rudisa Beverages

On January 6, 1999, Rudisa International signed a contract with Tetra Pak Ltd. of Sweden for the supply of the total equipment of a bottling plant for the production of soft drinks and juices. The installed capacity of the plant would be 6000 l/hr in case of soft drinks and 4750 l/hr in case of juices. Over the years, the company has established itself as one the leading distributors of soft drinks in Suriname.

With the setting of the plant, the company exports its surplus to Guyana, Trinidad, French Guyana and Europe. In 2003 Rudisa Beverages and Juices N.V. launched a new beverage named "Thrill", which has a variation of tastes; Apple, Lime, Banana etc.

Rudisa Motor Company

Rudisa Technical Division is the division specialized in the sales and service of automobiles and supplies some of the best brands in the market, like DaimlerChrysler Company, Chrysler, Jeeps and Dodge. Ssangyong, Hyundai (Commercial vehicles and pick-ups) and VW are also part of its fleet.

Rudisa Motor Company N.V. is the sole authorized dealer in Suriname of vehicles Ssangyong Motor Corporation of Korea and Chrysler Corporation of U.S.A. Moreover, the company imports passenger cars, pick-up trucks and busses from Hyundai Company. Within the utility lines, Kyron, Rexton and Actyon show the technological standard. Rudisa’s light commercial vehicle line is built upon 40 years of SsangYong's experience and 100 years of Mercedes-Benz's expertise. All its engines are produced by SsangYong under license of Mercedes-Benz.

Rudisa Wooninrichting N.V.

Rudisa Woninginrichting sells all types of furniture and household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, furnace from Magic Chef, Mohawk carpets, Hulswitt curtains and curtain accessories, air-conditioning equipment, TV’s, stereo sets, video equipment, lighting products, etc.

The Furniture Division of Rudisa International imports all kinds of office and household furniture & furnishings devices including carpets, curtains and also household electrical appliances such as washing machines, electrical ovens, air-conditioners and freezers etc.

The Furniture Division imports from U.S.A., Trinidad, China, Indonesia and Korea.

Rudisa Worlwide Travel

Rudisa is an agent of: KLM, BWIA, DCA, Air France, Universal Airlines and American Airlines. Rudisa Worldwide Travel’s main goal is to connect Suriname with the world outside and vice versa. Rudisa Worldwide Travel offers:

• National & International ticket sales;
• Re-confirmations;
• Travel insurance;
• Hotel reservations;
• Car rent;
• Assistance with visa applications; and
• Rudisa Houtmaatschappij N.V.

Rudisa Houtmaatschappij N.V.

Cost cutting policies has always been the major aim at Rudisa Houtmaatschappij N.V. The company simultaneously works on several projects, which include new ventures and housing projects for its personnel. The wood, which is one of the main inputs, for these projects is being supplied by the company’s own sawmill, which supplies a variety of wood to the Surinamese market at most competitive prices. The division is also planning to set up its plywood-manufacturing unit.


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