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Europe : Albania : Veve Group

Name of company Veve Group


VeVe Bussines Center, Bulevardi "Zog I", Nr. 72


+355 48 301 969


+355 42 235 061

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About Us

VeVe Group as an international company offers investment advisory and engineering solutions since 1994 and it is successfully immersed in other business domains like: Energy resources, Media, Tourism, Construction, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Telecommunications and PR.

Our Vision is to become leaders in our domain by withstanding short-term challenges and achieving long-term objectives. Our first priority always has been and continues to be our business partners. We have confidence in our capacity to deliver outstanding results, confidence in our accumulated experience, and confidence in ability to transform; embedded in every foundation of every project we have endeavored.

We are focusing on liaison clients that may have interest in a specific projects, for instance we assist government representatives, local businesses and foreign investors by convening at a roundtable for searching the best possible methods of successfully initiating and completing a project. The numerous long-standing contacts we had accomplished over the years have placed us in a position to facilitate approach amongst all stakeholders.

VeVe Group has been offering investment advisory to our business clients and has succeeded in attracting over 3.2 billion Euros of direct foreign investments since 1992, in both, Albania and Macedonia.

We might be referred to as facilitators of business pooling, and we are proud to say that we have been truly successful at it.

Investment Advisory And Public Affairs

Our company employs various top experts and has established collaboration with acclaimed local companies in numerous fields.
Our Mission is incorporated in our commitment and perseverance of excelling ourselves for the purpose of providing thorough and open communications amongst our clients, to help achieve their business goals in full. VeVe Group has been providing human resources, logistics, transport, import of materials and technical solutions, and has represented their clients’ interests to the key government institutions.

Our Head Offices are situated in the hearts of Tirana and Skopje.

VeVe Group Albania is situated in the VeVe Business Center in Tirana, the heart of the Albanian capital.
It is successfully maintaining ongoing business relations with several reputable international companies. The fact that our partners prefer us to be their consultants and their representative agent, demonstrates our affirmation and exceptional quality of services we have been providing over the years.

VeVe Group Macedonia has successfully negotiated several contracts with the Macedonian Government and few Macedonian Municipalities on basis of collaboration in the field of transport, road infrastructure, energy supply, ICT project implementation as well as developing the country’s tourist potential.

Due to the growing business demands and clients’ expressed interest we are planning to expand further by opening new offices in Kosovo and Montenegro in the near future.

Energy To The Southern Balkans

The lack of investments in their own energy resources has brought countries in the Region to depend on energy import. The current energy crises may only be prevailed through the joint forces of state authorities, national business associations, advisory companies and foreign investments.

VeVe Group offers comprehensive technical solutions, legal advice and assistance regarding concession-related issues.
For that instance we are proud of our achieved partnerships with major business clients like EVN, Statkraft and Verbund. Together, we have successfully concluded some of the biggest concession based foreign investment projects in the recent years, particularly the three hydro power plants being built on Devolli River in the Central Albania as well as Ashta Run-off-River dam on Black-Drin River in the North of the country. It is an estimated cumulative investment of over 1 billion Euros.

The cost effective and environmentally clean power being generated at hydro-power plants needs to be sustained with extensive investments only possible by well-designed concession agreements.
The Southern Balkan is abundant with water resources of which VeVe Group has identified locations for the purpose of developing numerous potential power plants to fulfill the shortage in the energy supply.

Out of 400 available locations, for our business partners, we have identified the most favorable by means of plausibility and profitability.
Also, we have developed detailed projects and made all necessary logistics preparations for the construction of 24 small hydro-power plants in Albania. For this venture our intentions are to invest in cooperation with international partners.

VeVe Group has also developed a project for constructing thermal power plant in the vicinity of the Albanian-Macedonian border, the project of which is expected to further enhance energy reserves for both countries.

Our company has already developed a scheme regarding long-distance transmission lines and substations in several districts in the country. With the government support, additional stations will be added making Albania’s energy network adequate for embracing new power sources and connecting with similar systems of other neighboring countries.

Especially attractive is the project that VeVe Group has implemented jointly with SAMSUNG, on digitalization of the metering systems within the distribution network. This application will enable the function of advanced user services such as VoIP telephony, fast Internet access, video monitoring and complete control over the billing system whereby will contribute to a significant cost reduction in favor of energy companies in both countries.

We have also drafted projects on complete development of the gasification conveyor network in Macedonia and consequently Albania. Our idea is to work on the currently unexploited gas pipeline leading to Skopje, in order to expand and upgrade it to include other bigger towns, industrial facilities and HPP plants in Macedonia, Albania, and Kosovo. For this purpose, we have detailed technical studies on potential urban networks and the gains to be achieved with exploitation of this cheap energy source.


The tourism has been neglected in both countries due to turbulent difficult times and deterioration of the tourist resorts and resources.

Albanian coast is considered to be least developed in comparison to other coasts of the Mediterranean countries. Our aim is through extensive development of several major tourist resorts like Vlora, Saranda and Durres, to make Albania’s tourist offer much more attractive.

We have developed several business plans in order to promote the possibility for regeneration and rejuvenation of neglected ski centers throughout Albania and Macedonia. There has been suggested a development for new hotels, weekend settlements, ski lifts, aerial cableways, and modern ski routes within the largest and most beautiful mountain ranges in both countries.

Our interest also encompasses a revival of other re-emerging tourist attractions like the thermal baths and spa centers. We have recommended several technical projects to our key business partners’ on renovation and improvement of existing bath centers and construction of new spa development on several locations in the Region.

Real Estate and Construction

Our company has a clear strategy, translated into precise objectives and financial resources to implement it. We want to support this strategy with an increased spirit of innovation, because innovation is the source of growth, competitiveness, employment and permanence.
VeVe group, with their accumulated experience and know-how confidence in ability to create and transform have a number of major assets that shape the image of our clients towards us and our aptitude.

Here are some of the projects from our portfolio:

Business premises - the city center, Skopje
Situated in the central area of the city, The Main Square-Makedonija, occupying the top floor of the business/shopping center City Gallery, with a functional area of 1600m2, represents without doubt very attractive location.

Business Center - Tirana
VEVE Group is the owner and developer of VeVe Business Center, the first business center and undeniably a building milestone in Albania, located in the heart of Tirana at the Skenderbeg square close to the Tirana International Hotel.

Business, Shopping and Cultural Center, Tirana
The new VeVe Business, Shopping and Cultural Center will represent an impressive building with an area of 22.000 square meters at the central Skenderbeg square in Tirana. The immediate vicinity of the Central Government Building and the fact that is located in the heart of the city will surely make a genuine landmark of Tirana.

Luxury property development, Durres
The building construction of 20 luxury villas is expected to commence soon (June 2009), covering an area of 10.300 m2 on the hill overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The site is very close to Durres and the famous beach resort town of Golem, with 22 km of unspoiled white sand beaches and breathtaking sunsets.
Each of these villas will cover a section of average 400 m2 area.
Additionally, recreational premises, visitors’ services, bars, restaurants, entertainment halls, fitness centers and other leisure facilities will be build on 1090 m2 area. This tourist complex will be connected directly to a private beach via cable cars.
Simultaneously with the ongoing resort construction, a small boat marina is expected to be built nearby the elite settlement.

While the effect from the energy crisis is reflected in the economic growth of the country, with dedication and a sense of responsibility towards future generations, Albwind-07 has been investing since 2007 in a study of wind power potential in Albania.
Albwind-07, as a part of VeVe Group, is a company entirely committed to wind power exploitation on the territory of Albania. For that purpose our company has installed wind measuring stations as high as 50 meters, equipped with high quality sensors and mechanism devices from German origin. Based on the results generated from the wind speed measurement and a pre-feasibility study, the wind potential at the selected areas is very encouraging for enabling future construction of wind farms.
It is worth noticing that a study of this kind has not been carried out before, not only in Albania but in other Balkan countries as well.

MOBITEL is a telecommunication company subordinate of VeVe Group. It is currently operating as a National Telecommunication Concessionaire on the territory of Albania.

MOBITEL is offering fixed wireless telephony and data services. In the near future we are planning to expand our business all over Albania.
Our target encompasses 300 thousand potential customers, located mainly in rural Albania.

MOBITEL’s agenda also includes service expansion to cover the territory of Kosovo, following the demand of a rapid developing area.

Through distributing telecommunication services, VeVe Group contemplates continual improvement of these neglected areas, left far too long outside the “information grid”.

Public relations

VeVe Group’s PR team of professionals is possessing extensive experience in public relations and public affairs. We are able to deploy some of the leading public relations experts and services in the Southern Balkans from our vast network of consultants. We are committed to deliver innovations that help our clients across all industries to quickly achieve their communications goals locally and across the region. Often we clash with very complex issues which usually arise from major infrastructure projects i.e. highways, hydro power plants or landfill facilities.
To achieve positive results, VeVe Group engages local and international public relation professionals with numerous areas of expertise. We provide effective, innovative and unconventional methods of communication to the strategic audiences.

Our company offers wide range of public relations correspondence packages such as:

  • Overall strategy and account management;
  • Ally development and coalition building;
  • Opinion research;
  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis;
  • National and local press strategies;
  • Brand launch;
  • Crisis management and communications;
  • Media relations;
  • Press conferences;
  • Sponsorship negotiation;
  • Event organizing and special events;

Our vision is to serve our clients as the leading public affairs company in the Southern Balkans.

Alsat Television

ALSAT – Albanian Satellite Television - as part of VeVe group, broadcasts via satellite and terrestrially 24 hours program on Albanian language for a selected audience of 10 million viewers concentrated in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro.

ALSAT’s TV transmission signal reaches across Europe as a free viewing. Also, it extends to USA and Canada, the northern part of Africa and western part of Asia, transmitting satellite signal 24 hrs a day.

We have continuously been expanding our network over the area covered by ALSAT signal; as a result ALSAT-M – Alsat Macedonia – was born. ALSAT-M has been broadcasting in Macedonia since 2004 and now is Nr. 1 station among the Albanian speaking population while being the only one bilingual channel in the country.
Bringing together the two ethnic groups with this unique service, ALSAT-M has received numerous awards for its contribution to the ethnic reconciliation in the media sector within the last two years.

Throughout all our existence we have firmly maintained our identity, values and reliability. We have gained trust from our audiences with honesty and hard work. Our proficiency has been widely appreciated from the country’s business milieu and consequently recognized and awarded with the Superbrands award for 2009.

Recently ALSAT Kosovo has received all necessary approval for carrying out the operation, and we are expecting to start broadcasting an exclusive TV program in the upcoming months.

VeVe Group has invested in the state-of-the-art technology, whereby ALSAT has become one of the highest-quality broadcasting stations in the Region.
Inspired by our ambition for good results, we offer to our clients’ ideal PR and marketing solutions.

By introducing professionalism as the main criterion for appointing our staff, we have created a new platform for journalism being intellectual, impartial and independent.


Following listings is only a fraction of the long list of strategic partners and companies we have been cooperating with in recent years; we leave it to you to draw your own conclusions on what we have achieved so far.



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