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SSA : Nigeria : Denca Services Limited

Name of company
Denca Services Limited


No. 20 Park Lane, Apapa GRA, Apapa Lagos


+ 234 (0) 1 5551865, 7741319, 7920416, 4920416, 4812900


+ 234 (0) 1 5551864, 5894930, 5892297

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Denca Services Limited

Denca Services Limited is completely home-grown company, founded in 1987 and registered under the Corporate Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Mission Statement

Denca mission is to provide the finest service in the oil and gas industry.
Anyone can put a mission statement on paper. But at Denca, we put our mission statement into action.

The Team

No single factor is as important to Denca's reputation than our employees. As our mission statement says, "Our success is based on their performance".
Denca Services hires talented, knowledgeable people, then we provide an atmosphere that respects and supports their work. Whether an employee works in one of our offices or at a client's site, we emphasize excellent communication through our company resulting in a true team spirit.

About Denca Services LTD

Denca Services Limited was established and registered under the structural engineering company, specializing in pipeline maintenance, safety management, project management, gas pipeline projects, wellhead platform maintenance, civil works and oil & gas related services in Nigeria.
The company diversified into other markets, which the oil and gas industry is a major target from 1990, it started recapitalization to secure cash for new investments and products development. The companys efforts met with more success when it won and executed some projects in 1991 and since then have executed other projects successfully for major operators in the oil and gas sector.
Denca services also offers specialized services in the oil and gas industry, a fall out from its marketing efforts for pressure vessels in that industry. The company now has well equipped workshops suitable not only for traditional steel fabrication but also for fabrication of pressure vessels and components required for the oil and gas industry.

The Company is operates today in 7 different markets, each one responsible for different services such as: oil and gas, Bonded terminal, freight logistic and transportation, shipping and logistic haulage, communications, foods, safety.

Oil and Gas:

We are a leading indigenous Engineering Services Contractor with about 17years experience in various Pipeline Maintenance Contracts, Equipment Load out, Project Management, Gas Pipeline Projects, Wellhead Platform Maintenance, Civil Works, Oil & Gas related services in Nigeria.

Bonded Terminal:

Denca Bonded Terminal is a subsidiary of Denca Services Limited as an extension of operation in terminal operations.
The need for port decongestion has encouraged investment in container terminal in conjunction with Nigeria Port Authority as a nominal partner in cargo distribution and consolidation.
Denca Bonded Terminal is regarded as the largest private container terminal in Nigeria with a container stack area of about 8000TEU with full container operation facility and resident customs officials on duty to ensure day to day collection of revenue.
Our Corporate objectives are to ensure efficiency in cargo distribution networks, build capacity that would encourage trade within and West African region.

Freight logistic and Transportation:

Denca Services Limited is a freight logistics and transportation company operating in Nigeria at the Lagos Airport, Port Harcourt Airport, Apapa Quays, Tin-can Island sea port, Warri and Port Harcourt seaports.
Our services cover airfreight forwarding, customs clearing in International Airports or Seaports, transportation, warehousing, cargo handling, cargo insurance, bonded warehousing and package.

Shipping and Logistic Haulage:

Denca Services Limited has packaged shipping and Logistics Profile for supportive services in the modern and high demanding society of Nigeria. The availability of natural resources in Nigeria and Maritime facilities has offered advantage of marine resources in Nigeria and Maritime facilities has offered advantage of marine business and water craft to the transportation and substance of viable economy.
The Company has ensured capacity build up in maritime operations and physical distribution network.
The responsive to Local Content in the shipping industries has encouraged Investment and capacity building in the development of a sector.
We have substantially invested in long term and short term structures in the sub-sector and projected Cargo Carriages both for Shores and Offshores in the familiar trends,using the maritime transport infrastructure to achieve optimum satisfaction.


Denca Communications Limited has been in the wireless network business for years. We are staffed with wireless networking experts. Please let us know of any wireless challenges where we may be of assistance. Please contact us for any further information on our equipment and our on site services.


Denca Foods Limited one of the diversifications of Denca Group of Companies came into operation in December 2001. We have also been working according to the confinements of the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and the laws of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

One of the earliest table water companies to appear was the Votary Water Company, concepted by Denca Bonded Terminal building, but as the business became established the bottling/packaging plant was moved to new quarters at No. 37, Alh. Yusuf Adebayo Street, Coconut Bus Stop, Olodi-Apapa, Lagos, which included steam power and new machinery.

Wider marketing and growing demand caused the company to move again in year 2000 to Km 26, Lagos-Badagry Expressway, By Afro Bus stop, Behind Trevi Foundation Construction company, Okokomaiko, Lagos, where a two-story brick building housed the offices, bottling plant and warehouse. The water was analysed by chemist C. Gilbert Wheelerof Chicago, who came to Nigeria for an exhibition organised by National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control [NAFDAC] in 1998.

The bottled product of Votary Limited bore the nickname "Votary Table Water" on the label and was advertised as "a crisp, refreshing taste". Among the corporate customers of Votary Water was the Hotel, Park view Astoria, which served the water aboard its dining, rooms and used 75 cases [or 900 bottles] weekly in 2003.


Denca Safety Supply is one of the leaders in the procurement and supply, design and manufacture of clothing and equipment used in factories, construction sites, laboratories, and in the home, anywhere that people are doing work, especially mainly in the oil industries.

Denca safety is the Nigeria's market leader in providing hydrogen sulphide (H2S) services to the oil and gas exploration and production industry. H2S is an extremely poisonous gas found during exploration and production worldwide.
Specialized equipment and procedures have been developed to negate the risks to personnel involved. Such services were firstly targeted at the Nigeria sea operation, but are now being aimed at the nationwide market.
Denca safety unique approach to providing bespoke systems based on risk assessment techniques has filled an increasing demand in the supply of equipment and expertise requires to protect personnel operation in H2S areas.

Contact Details

Head Office
No. 20 Park Lane, Apapa GRA, Apapa Lagos

Telephone Numbers: + 234 (0) 1 5551865, 7741319, 7920416, 4920416, 4812900
Fax: + 234 (0) 1 5551864, 5894930, 5892297






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