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SSA : Nigeria : Triacta Nigeria Limited

Name of company Triacta Nigeria Limited


Civil Engineering and Construction Company 139, Murtala Mohammed Way, Kano Plot 743, CO 2 Cadastral Zone, Life Camp P.O. Box 7643, Abuja, Nigeria


+234 9 5211381-2


+234 9 5811394

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Construction and Engineering

The Company

TRIACTA (Nigeria) Limited is a Civil Engineering Construction Company providing services on all forms of Civil Engineering Works. It has developed sufficient confidence in turnkey Civil Engineering Construction Works including road construction and rehabilitation.

TRIACTA has constructed projects throughout Nigeria. It works for both the public and private sectors on small and large projects. It has achieved a reputation for timely delivery and innovative management.

The experience of TRIACTA stretches over ten years. The past few years of operations in Nigeria have seen TRIACTA completed a number of successful projects. The Company has developed the experience and systems to mobilize within a short period of time, technical staff, management personnel and labor, to organize them into fully integrated project teams.


It is because TRIACTA has a pool of multi-national human, material and technological resources that it is capable of assuming total project responsibility and of providing a comprehensive project delivery program which includes engineering design, construction management, procurement, materials management, logistics and site support services.

The Company is committed to the development of the individual in order to maximize the benefit of employment. As such, TRIACTA actively seeks to develop as a corporate as well as for individual sites the highest standards of labor relations and policies.

Project Organization

Executing and delivering construction projects in remote site locations is a specialty of TRIACTA, because it has developed the necessary experience and system to be completely self sufficient.

Finally, through this corporate structure, TRIACTA welcomes any involvement in engineering works related to construction and development.

Staffing Strategy

The company staffing strategy is based on providing any new project with an experienced and technically competent management team consisting of personnel who have worked with the group for some years. Therefore senior management, engineering and administrative staff will be drawn from the company’s existing work force. The same strategy applies to superintendents and supervisors.

Labor will be drawn from either TRIACTA’s current project organization or will be recruited after careful screening from local areas.


TRIACTA operates a planning and management system based on Microsoft Project. The systems encompass the activities of Planning, Engineering, Document Control, Material Control. These total management packages allow the effective scheduling of all activities in a “real time” environment giving the level of control to allow the effective management of multiple contracts through one facility.

Health and safety

It is the company policy to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees. The Managing Director is ultimately responsible for the implementation of documented company health and safety policy. However through a system of documented working instructions, the responsibility for the physical enforcement of the safety policy will be delegated to other senior managers and supervisors for their particular areas.

Quality Assurance

The prime objectives of the management of TRIACTA is to provide services in a manner which conforms to contractual and regulatory requirements. In order to achieve this objective, it is policy of TRIACTA to establish and maintain an efficient Quality Assurance program planned and developed in conjunction with all management functions.

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