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Mining & Natural Resources
tal Department. GeoQuest (either alone or with asso-
ciates) is now able to offer Environmental Impact As-
sessments – including Environmental Project Briefs
(‘EPB’s’), Environmental Impact Statements (‘EIS’s’),
Environmental Auditing, Environmental Health and
Safety Management Plans, Water Resource Studies,
Environmental Monitoring Programs, Pollution Con-
trol Studies, and Sociological Studies.
GeoQuest plays a crucial role of intermediary be-
tween potential investors and the Zambian mineral
exploration and mining sector and often act as a
‘one-stop-shop’ for enquires about key projects, key
players and general Zambian business practices.
“At GeoQuest, we would love to see more investors
come to Zambia and offer them our services. We
hope to continue to grow and play a key role in the
Zambian mineral exploration and mining industry in
the future.”
Julian D. Green
Consulting Geologist / Managing Director
Ndiaye Abdoulaye
CEO & Chairman
Plot No. 3655 Chibuluma Rd.
PO Box 22111, Kitwe
Tel: +260-212-210894 / 222 736 / Fax: +260-212-210896
Grizzly Mining Ltd. is Zambia’s leading gemstone
mining company. Incorporated in 1999, Grizzly Min-
ing has built a reputation for being a major provider
of quality gemstones in the region. Grizzly Mining
mines ‘A-Grade’ emerald and beryl in very large
quantities for export markets in the US, Europe, the
Middle East and Asia. The Company receives con-
siderable attention on the world stage owing to the
exceptional quality of it gemstones, which have been
rated as some of the best in the world. Large capi-
tal investments have been made enabling the firm
to diversify its operations into new business areas
and regions beyond Zambia. Since 1999, Grizzly’s
mining operations have continued to grow at an an-
nual rate of 10%. In 2009 its acquisition of the Chim-
pundu Mine furthered the prospects of future growth.
Grizzly has also continued to be at the forefront of
empowering locals through employment opportuni-
ties. In addition, the once impassable roads of the
area have now been graded and maintained by Griz-
zly Mining Ltd., and they have likewise constructed 2
schools in the surrounding area.
Grizzly Mining Ltd. has had to deal with the effects of
its rapid growth for more than 10 years and its effect
on the environment. As a firm they have pursued
a strategy of sustainable growth and care for the
environment, which has kept threats to the natural
environment at bay.
Rashmi Sharma
Gemmologist & Director of Sales
PO Box 50689, Lusaka
Tel: +260-211-250005 / 256966
Fax: +260-211-251441
GMC is a vertically integrated company in the gem-
stone sector, engaged in the mining of gemstones in
Mkushi, the cutting, polishing, and manufacturing of
world class jewellery in Zambia, in addition to retail
sales and export operations.
The firm’s 30 jewellers (including women and handi-
capped people) produce the countries best hand-
made jewellery in gold and silver using natural,
ethically sourced and certified African gemstones
especially Emerald, Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Am-
ethyst and Tanzanite.
The company manufactures bespoke designs for
customers at its workshop at the Intercontinental Ho-
tel in Lusaka and operates its retail shops under the
brand name, Jewel Of Africa, with locations through-
out Lusaka at the Intercontinental Hotel, Manda Hill
Shopping Mall, Ababa House and the Lusaka Inter-
national Airport Duty Free Departure Lounge.
Specialities include customized handmade jewellery,
African Wildlife Collection in Silver and Copper, The
Bushman Collection, high-end jewellery and invest-
ment gemstones.
They currently export directly to clients in the USA,
Europe, Africa and the Far East and future growth
plans include mining of Emeralds and the setting up
of Jewel of Africa retail showrooms in the USA, Eu-
rope and China.
“We are professionals, skilled and passionate about
gems and jewellery.”
Raj Sharma
Managing Directo