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- Mr. Hirji Shah, National Chairman:

Postal Address: P.O. Box 48311, Nairobi, Kenya.
Visiting Address:
Waajiri House, Arwings Kodhek Road, Nairobi
Tel: +254 (2) 720242 / 262/ 295 / 170
Fax: +254 (2) 721990

Private Address: P.O. Box 46934, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 (2) 229518 / 335919
Fax: 217290

The Federation of Kenya employers (F.K.E.) was registered in January 1959, under the trade Unions Acts, (Cap. 233), as an association representing the collective interests of Kenya Employers.


The Mission of the Federation is "to continuously raise the social consciousness as well as to protect the interests of Kenya employers through the promotion of modern management policies, public policy advocacy, fair labour practices and sound industrial relations in order to enable them to promote free enterprise, cultivate entrepreneurship culture, influence and control business environment, create quality and productivity awareness, improve profitability and foster growth and employment."


Subject to the overall control of the annual General Meeting, the formulation and control of the policy of the Federation is in the hands of a broadly-based Management Board which consists of the National Chairman, 2 Deputy Chairmen, 3 Vice Chairmen, Immediate Past Chairman and no more than 24 members elected annually by members in addition to co-opted members. The Management Board is aided by an Executive Committee in the general administration of the Federation. Other Committees include the rural Employers' Standing Committee of the Management board and Branch Committees all of which have distinct roles and functions.

The day-to-day management of the Federation's affairs is in the hands of the Executive director assisted by the Deputy Executive Director and multi-disciplinary team of professional and administrative staff comprising management analysts, manpower specialists, industrial relations specialists, Personnel management experts, organizational behaviorists, economists, legal experts, accountants, an industrial engineer, a meteorologist and productivity and quality experts. The Federation has its headquarters at Waajiri house, Argwings Kodhek Road, Nairobi and branch offices in Mombasa, Nakuru and Kisumu.


Membership of the Federation is open to trade associations and to individual employers engaging any number of employees both in the private and public sectors including local authorities but excluding the civil service, the Teachers Service Commission and the armed forces. The total membership, including members of the affiliated associations, is just over 3,000.


In line with its mission, the areas of its mandate include the following services:


  • Representation and defence of employers' interests to relevant authorities and tripartite boards on any policy matter.

  • Promotion of the spirit of tripartism - involving the Government, employers and workers - in formulating and implementing social and employment policies as enunciated in the Tripartitie Industrial Relations Charter.

  • Provision of a forum for exchange of views of employers.

  • Conduction of collective agreement negotiations between employers and trade unions.

  • Representation of employers before both the Ministry of labour and the Industrial Court.

  • General advice on labor, employment and economic matters.


    The Federation undertakes, on payment of competitive fees, customized management consultancy services which consists of:

  • Entrepreneurship development

  • Organizational analysis and restructuring

  • Preparation of staff manuals

  • Installation of staff appraisal systems

  • Undertaking comprehensive job evaluation exercises

  • Preparation of manpower plans, career paths, succession plans and schemes of service

  • General personnel audits

  • Salary surveys

  • Cleaner production programmes

  • Quality assurance and environmental programmes (ISO 9000 and ISO 14000)

  • Productivity measurement and Management

  • Total quality Management

  • Formulation and installation of corporate strategy.

  • F.K.E. guarantees a unique free follow-up service in line with its mandate to promote sound management practices and policies to defend these practices before any authority at no additional cost to members. Details of the consultancy services are available on request.


    The Federation handles executive selection requirements which include advertising, shortlisting, interviewing, taking up references and, if requested, arranging for medical examination of candidates.
    The Executive Selection Services are backed up by:

  • a highly qualified and experienced mult-disciplinary team of human resource specialists.

  • Many years experience in providing advice to employers in human resource development.

  • A network of membership covering the entire private sector, co-operatives, local authorities and state corporations.

  • Competitive professional fees

  • Follow-up manpower development services.

  • Also, the federation maintains a rich human resources data bank.

    As FKE is in constant touch with its member organizations, it is sensitive to the needs of its members and is therefore better placed to match the right person with the right job.


    The Federation offers open as well as in-house courses and workshops tailor-made to suit the staff development requirements of any organization. The courses aim at enabling managers to develop their full potential, to exchange ideas on technological changes affecting their operations as well as to determine how best the creative capacity of the enterprises may be effectively mobilized to enhance productivity. The courses cover a wide range of fields, including:

  • Top Management Policy Workshops and topical themes

  • Advanced Management Courses

  • Entrepreneurship Development courses

  • Supervisory Development courses

  • Production Planning and control Courses

  • Industrial Relations courses

  • Management Development Training Methods and Strategies (Training of Trainers) Courses

  • Preventive Maintenance Courses

  • General and Working Environment Courses

  • Customer Care

  • TQM Courses

  • AIDS Education in the work place

  • Personnel Management Courses

  • Strategic Management

  • Other Specialized Courses as requested by members.


    The Federation prepares salary surveys, specialized studies and surveys in the labour market field and dissseminates such information to the general membership. It also acts as a primary source of research information through its Reference Library, Archives, the Annual Reports and the F.K.E. Newsletter.


    The Federation, as the most representative employers' body in Kenya, is accredited by the Government to represent employers at the ILO Conferences. It is affiliated to the International Organization of Employers, and the Pan-African Employers' Confederation. It also has correspondence relations with national employers' centres in most English-speaking countries and runs special technical programmes with selected donor agencies which are direct benefit to members.


    The Federation provides full secretariat services to a number of trade associations including the Association of building and Civil Engineering Contractors, the Agricultural Employers Association, the Kenya Sisal Growers and Employers Association. The Timber Industries Employers Association, the Association of Local Government Employers, Engineering and Allied Industries Employers' Association and the Motor Trade and Allied Industries Employers' Association. It provides direct advisory services to other affiliated associations for which it may not be providing full secretariat services on labour and social questions.


    The federation's working in close liaision with the Kenya Association of Manufacturers, the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Eastern Africa Association under the aegis of the Kenya business council regularly makes representation to the government on taxation and general economic issues. It also issues public statements and issues policy papers from time to time on issues of direct concern to employees as well as defending employers interests in various for a in which it is represented.


    Membership of the Federation is open to individual employers of all nationalities, Companies, firms, associations, federations and other bodies, authorities and groups whether incorporated or un-incorporated, irrespective of size. Enrolment into membership is made on payment of a membership fee, as well as building levy and appropriate annual fee both of which depend on the number of employees on the payroll.

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