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Mr. Behjget Pacolli

Interview with: Mr. Behjget Pacolli
Mabetex Group President
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Mabetex project engineering SA

Via Cattori 7
CH 6902 Lugano
Tel +41 91 985 01 01
Fax +41 91 993 06 36
Email: info@mabetex.com
Web-site: http://www.mabetex.com

The main and the first Company of the Group is Mabetex Project Engineering s.a. founded in 1991 by its President Mr. Behgjet Pacolli and a group of engineers with a wide experience in the field of planning and sales of civil and industrial construction. From the very beginning Mabetex strived to achieve a number of targets that only a few years later would come to be considered as the foundation of the new European managerial approach. "Quality," relating to not only the final product, but also to the entire production process; "Dynamism" taking flexible view that the market is a reality demanding quick reactions; and "Customer's Satisfaction," relying not only on human resources and product quality, but also beating deadlines and offering an extremely advantageous price-quality ratio.

Within the Company there are many specialized business areas. Continued growth within the Mabetex Group has encouraged a high degree of independence and responsibility within each and every company, giving them the maximum freedom and independence. Today Mabetex s.a. is a global engineering and construction corporation and a leader in the world market. Decisions and responsibilities are taken by the President and the Business Board. The subsidiary companies operate under full autonomy and responsibility. Today the company employs hundreds of permanent staff and thousands of contractual employees.


Foreign Branches: Representative offices in 18 countries all over the world

Russia - Moscow Kazakhstan - Astana
Germany - Munich Austria - Vienna
Slovenia - Ljubljana Italy - Como
Czech Republic - Brno Albania - Tirana
Kosovo - Prishtina Spain - Madrid
USA - Miami Uzbekistan - Tashkent
Yakutia - Yakutsk Ukraine - Kiev
Bosnia - Sarajevo Greece - Athens
UAE - Dubai Iraq - Baghdad


Diamond Hotels & Resorts BP Air Internal Air Service
Hotel Management & Development

Interfin s.a. Financing Kosova Air Commercial Airlines

CRS Finance s.a. Financing AstanAir Commercial Airline

ATV Media Television Broadcasting Diamond Travel Travel Agency

B&G Entertainment Entertainment Company


Mabetex Medical Mabetex Industrie
Medical supplies & products Industrial project development

Mabetex Real Estate Mabco Constructions
Real Estate Construction

Smelt Group
Construction & Engineering


Pecon Pristine Siguria Insurance
Clothing Management Insurance Company - Kosovo

Belsanka Moldovia Vesna Ukrania
Clothing Manufacturing Clothing Manufacturing

Artesystem Suisse Vivaldi Fashion
Continuous Facades Clothing & Accessories Distribution

Sine Tempore Experta
Cosmetics Production & Distribution Services



Our Mabetex Group with its headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland, has in seven years become one of the most important engineering and construction corporations not only in Switzerland, but all over the world with 18 subsidiaries in 18 countries. The central objective is always the same: To create and execute projects in order to improve living standards throughout the world with social and health issues being the predominant consideration. All projects are "state of art" and adapted to the requests an of our customers

Over the years Mabetex has successfully completed many industrial projects from hotels and interiors, administration buildings, office buildings, governments buildings, hospitals, private residence/architectural projects and the restoration of historical buildings.


Industrial & civil construction, refurbishing & global planning

One of the keys to Mabetex success lies in the great ability if our architects to interpret clients needs, requirements and aesthetic desires correctly. Prior to any planning activity our experts spend whatever time is necessary with the client and their representatives. They assess all the aspects of any requested job, conducting and extremely thorough feasibility study and analysis of the project characteristics. This process generally results in a much more "focused" planning, with a shorter production time and a higher degree of customer satisfaction.

Our architects and engineers, both at the head office in Lugano and at our foreign branches, are specialized in most areas of civil and industrial planning; ranging from hospitals to high-rise buildings, from embassies to schools, and from industrial plants to private villas and houses. Our primary goal is "Quality" and "Customer Satisfaction": This has been the key to the success of out company.

Evidence of the Groups capabilities can be seen in the construction of the Presidential Complex of the new capital of Kazahstan, Astana, where more than 100.000 m2 were constructed from February 1997 to November 1997, receiving special recognition from Mr. Nazarbaev, President of Kazahstan. Other project include, the construction of the Reforma Building Moscow (1997) City Palace, Astana (1999) and the new Presidential Palace, Astana, Kazakhstan in 2001.


Caption: Office and business center in Prishtina, Kosovo 2001

Mabetex is extremely active in the reconstruction of Kosovo and is currently developing many important projects. One in particular is the office and business center to be developed on the outskirts of Prishtina the capital. The area will host a large office and business center with indoor parking, restaurants and a shopping center and orphanage. Other buildings are also planned for this multi million-dollar development project including six additional commercial buildings and several hundred apartments.


Restoration of historical buildings, administrative and public buildings, urban planning, hospitals, hotels, residential buildings, airports & interiors

Caption: Arial view of the Senate Building - Presidential Palace

In 1995 Mabetex was asked to restore the Senate building at the Kremlin, work started in April 1995 and in the record time of 11 months, the building was delivered to the President, Mr. Yeltsin, with an official ceremony held on February 1st 1996. On June 11th, 1997 the "National Russian Award for Exceptional Achievements in the Fields of Literature and the Arts" was awarded to those that had played a crucial role in the reconstruction. Other restoration works include the restoration of the Theatre "La Fenice" in Venice, 1997, the Kremlin Korpus in 1994 and The White House, Moscow in 1993.

Public Buildings

Mabetex has a very extensive portfolio for work carried out all over the world on public buildings. Projects include the construction the Presidential & Administrative Palace in Astana, Kazakhstan including also the City Hall and the new building for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the "Sine Tempore" shopping center.

The company also works extensively in north-eastern Siberia particularly in Yakutsk where we completed our very first project, the Government Conference Hall in 1993 and the Komdragmet Building in 1997 and the New National Theatre of Yakutsk in 2002.

In 1996 Mabetex started to work in the Republic of Uzbekistan, work was concentrated in the capital, Tashkent, where in 1998 work was completed on the City Hall and restoration work was carried out on the Tashkent Bank Academy.


The construction and equipment of hospitals is one of Mabetex's areas of expertise. We work on a turnkey basis, taking care of all phases of construction up to the final operational readiness. We make use of the latest construction criteria and the best qualified local manpower. Our staff always works on the front line and is constantly present on the sites. Our specialists started working on hospital projects at the end of the seventies, planning and constructing the new military hospital and university clinic in Zagreb, followed by Norlisk General Hospital in the 1980's. In 1997 work was completed on the Mother and Child Hospital in Yakutsk and in
Beside hospitals, in 1997, the main emphasis was on disposable medical products, pharmaceutical production and clean room execution and resulted in the completion of many new plants, such as the Hauding Medical Factory, Yuncheng, Shanxy in China. Mabetex also completed work on Brinsalov, the largest clean room in Moscow, Russia, which covers 6.000 m2 and is constructed on three floors and includes air conditioning, lighting, anti-fire and telecommunication systems, and was executed in accordance with GMP recommendations and in compliance with Russian standards

Hotels and Residential Buildings

Every project is carefully followed from the initial planning to the full development and strictly follows the regulations and standards of the country, which will be home to the construction. As a rule when carrying out a project we also take care of the interior decoration, furbishing and infrastructure. This is a significant detail, which means cost optimization and the integration of all aspects of the project.

The largest of our hotels is the 5 star "Golden Ring" hotel in Moscow, other project include the Slovenska Hotel in Tobolsk, the Presidential Hotel in Yakutsk and the Shuskaya Chupa Presidential Residence in Russia. We are currently constructing a 5 star Luxury hotel in Switzerland, "Hotel Olivella," which will be open from the 30th August 2002.


In the early ninties, Mabetex participated in the extension of the French airport Charles de Gaulle, working on the construction of the new terminals. More recently the company has carried out a complete facelift of the VIP area at Vnukovo Airport, outside of Moscow, which included a new restaurant, VIP lounge and a "Presidential" rest and work area. The new International Airport for Astana, Kazakhstan, was completed in 1999.


Over the years Mabetex has gained a very considerable experience in interior design and decoration of government buildings, offices, hotels, private villas and apartments. We count on several associated producers that provide our company with wooden floors, marble and furniture of the highest quality, both modern and classical.


Environment, Chemical & Food Industry


Mabetex has been very active in the field of environment protection and the construction of several water purification plants in Europe, South America and Russia. The latest plant has been completed in Yakutsk, Republic of Sakha. This unit has the peculiarity of being completely indoor, due to the extremely cold weather of north-eastern Siberia. Mabetex dedicates many efforts to the study of the most adequate solutions to preserve the ambient and to make sure that industrial installations have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Our fields of expertise include:

* Wastewater, sewage and sludge collection, treatment and disposal.

* Sludge and solid waste incineration

* Hazardous waste incineration

* Pyrolisys

* Bioconversion plants

* Waste to energy plants

* Design, operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment works, sewers and reservoirs.

* Water resources and quality monitoring

* Cleaning of rivers and canals

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry division is responsible for the development of plants for the treatment of minerals and the production of chemical compounds. The job entails devising the technical solutions that are best suited to the characteristic of a specific location, while adopting technologies designed to reduce environmental impact to a minimum. In Russia, Mabetex built the calcium-carbonate refining plant in Stary Oskol. It is situated in one of the most extensive mining area in the country and every component of the complex was designed and integrated to build a technological advanced, safe and ergonomic structure. Other specialized fields are:

* Desalination

* Potabilization

* Design and construction of medium to large size boiling systems

* Piping prefabrication

* Petrochemical plant maintenance

Food Industry

The Mabetex group since its foundation has dedicated particular care to the study, implementation and start up food processing plants in many countries. We have extensive experience in setting up production plants for most primary foods such as:

* Baby food, yogurt, powdered milk, skimmed milk and cheeses

* Milk and dairy products, butter, cheese, ice-cream, sorbet

* Vegetable processing, fresh, frozen and preserved

* Fresh fruit derivatives, juices and concentrates

* Olive and seed oil production

* Production of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages


The positive trend of revenue that the Group has reported in recent years has been continued. The Group's revenue increased 10% in 1997. The medium increase in the last five years has been 12%. Civil Engineering represents more than 50% of the Group revenue, Industrial Projects 22% and Healthcare 13%.


The average number of employees in the Group increased by 250 persons during 1997 (45%). The total number of persons permanently employed has increased from 60 in 1990 to 800. Beside this, there are more than 6000 person that are working as sub-contractors and 8000 seasonal construction workers. Our strategy is always to engage the same subcontractors to guarantee the quality and the continuity of work


Putting into effect the new Group's organizational policies have brought about a constant growth in the Mabetex Group. The Group and each single company have increased their market share and forecast permanent growth. The positive results achieved are clearly due to the organizational model chosen. The Group sales have increased by 8% during the last three years, with an increase from 500 to 800 employees.


Besides it Mabetex has recently helped the refugees from Kosovo's war taking part and coordinating some social enterprise. Mabetex sent, using its own structure and with the help of its employees, many tons of first aid goods to refugees camps in Albania; helped other institutions in Italy and Switzerland to envoy goods using Mabetex's trucks; donate money to some foundations in charge of kids and elderly Kosovar's.

Mabetex trust that, now is time to give refugees possibility to come back home and decide to be a founder of Fork (Foundation for reconstruction and reorganization of Kosovo). In future, the company's main sponsoring strategy will consist in supporting effectively:

* Youth education programs

* Young sports activities

* Youth club programs

* Medical and social help for kids

* Reconstruction of Kosovo

Acting in this field Mabetex and its foundation is strongly sure to give and assist the new generations in the best developments of their talents and contribute for a better future for their nation. In 1993 the President Mr. Pacolli established "Les Enfants du Sakha" which is a fund set up for the aid of children. The principal goal of this organization is to provide the necessary help in medical care, education and recreation of children. In the past years over one hundred children have been treated in western European medical centers.

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