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This company contributed to the Lebanon 2004 Premium Report

Director: MR Robert Fadel
Tel: + 961 1 212888
Fax:+ 961 1 212999
E-mail: rfadel@abc.com.lb


ABC's History

* Founded in 1936

* Listed in the 60s and 70s but now traded OTC

* Fadel Family holds a majority of the shares

* One of the pioneer retailer in the region, owning the largest department store in the region (17.000 m2 in Dbayeh, Lebanon)

* ABC has been a pioneer in the following areas:
- First retailer to launch a mass advertising campaign in 1943
- First retailer to hire saleswomen
- First chain store
- First retailer providing fixed price in a country where bargaining was a tradition

* Around 1,000 employees

* More than 3 million customers and visitors every year

* High brand awareness in the region and 97% brand awareness in Lebanon

The ABC group has been a leading retailer in the Middle East for the past 65 years and enjoys one of the highest brand awareness in this region.

ABC'S Values

ABC Group is a family-owned business and as such has the most stringent criteria in assessing risk, return and integrity of employees and partners. It is based on values such as:

* Long term commitment.

* Transparency.

* Team Spirit.

* Immaculate reputation - ABC's chairman has been a member of the Lebanese parliament for the past three decades and has an above reproach reputation of integrity in the Middle East.

ABC's presence in Lebanon

ABC owns 2 shopping centers, 1 full-line department store (which anchors ABC Achrafieh Mall) and 6 small to medium size stores that will be converted into specialty stores:

Shopping Centers
* Achrafieh- it is ABC's first shopping mall
* Dbayeh - ABC's flagship store : with 17,000 m2 and room to expand up to 25,000 m2 it is located in a wealthy neighborhood on the most important highway in Lebanon.

Department Stores
* Achrafieh- the ABC flagship store (10,000m2) is located within ABC Achrafieh

Other Branches and Specialty Stores
* Beirut:
-Furn El Chebak : 600 m2
* Hamra : 375 m2 (fashion)
* Bab Idriss in downtown Beirut : 600m2 (Cosmetics)
* Tripoli (Lebanon's second city) : 2,200 m2
* Kaslik (high end shopping area) : 300 m2
* Zahle (Lebanon's 4th city) : 450 m2

ABC's 3 Businesses

Department Stores (1936)

* ABC's initial business
* Largest department store unit in the Middle East
* Highest brand awareness in the Middle East
* Mid to high end positioning
* Only member of the International Association of Department Stores in the Middle East

Shopping Centers (1996)

* Launched in the 90s
* Opened of Lebanon's first European standard shopping mall in 4th quarter of 2003
* 42,000m2 of Gross Leasable Area
* Strong entertainment component

Master Franchise (2003)

* New business for the group:
- Current Franchisee of Caroll and Celio in the region.
- Very selective approach for partner selection based on ABC's values and product appreciation.
- Fashion: negotiations under way with a leading retailer for a master franchise

ABC is developing in 3 businesses with strong synergies that will provide significant growth opportunities over the next 5 years

Department Stores

* ABC department stores are positioned as mid to high end stores providing a full range of non-food products at competitive prices including fashion and tableware items

* List of brands include:
- Marlboro Classics
- Trussardi
- Mondi
- Escada Sport
- A Priori
- Alain Manoukian
- La Perla
- Miss Sixty
- Pinko
- Etc.

* ABC department stores also include Lebanon's largest and most upscale cosmetics and perfume department

Shopping Centers

* ABC Achrafieh has opened in October 2003 and is a unique development in the Near East region. It's features include:
- 120.000 m2 of construction area
- 40.000 m2 of GLA
- 1.500 parking places
- It has been designed on European standards

* Shopping center is located in downtown Beirut
* It is anchored by :
- ABC department store
- Virgin Megastore
- Aïzone fashion store
- Jewellery souk
- Upscale cinema
* Strong leisure and entertainment component

The Group's Strategy

1. Strenghten our position in Lebanon

* New shopping center in Beirut
* New department store in Beirut
* New specialty stores openings scheduled

2. Upgrade ABC's management to meet aggressive development targets

* Recruiting senior executives with strong international experience
* Sound training programs for both employees and senior executives
* Redesign bonus schemes to create additional incentives to reach the group's aggressive targets
* New state of the art IT system

3. Initiate regional expansion

* Seize existing opportunities in the Levant (Jordan, Syria) and the Gulf area
* Leverage our stores in Lebanon as showroom for further regional expansion
* Leverage strong relationships with key suppliers and leading Middle Eastern players to build our operations in the region
* Grow mainly through master franchising with key strategic partner that share the same philosophy.





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