Rwanda: Company Profile of Inyange Industries Ltd
Inyange Industries Ltd

Inyange Industries Ltd

Sector: Agriculture, manufacturing, agro-processing

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Inyange Industries is a leading food processing company created in Rwanda, manufacturing a variety of products under modern and hygienic production facilities:

high quality mineral drinking water, fruit juices, milk and other dairy products.


Inyange’s story began back in 1997, when the name of the Brand was registered, although its operations started in 1999, with processing and selling of pasteurized milk and yogurt. Later in 2001, the plant introduced Mineral Water processing and packaging.


As the economy of the country began to grow and realizing that domestic demand for all its products was higher than the previous facilities could supply, Inyange’s shareholders embarked in 2012 on an ambitious expansion project, a new production plant in Masaka, which has seen its capacity increase tenfold. The Factory is big in dimension but also innovative in the technology and the procedures.


The decision of acquiring the new plant in Masaka helped Inyange to become a national icon of the country. As a Rwandan company, it has contributed not only to its good image but also to the economic development that the country and its people enjoy today.


Moreover, this increased capacity fulfilled the local demand, but also gave Inyange the opportunity to expand its market to the neighboring countries, taking advantage of Rwanda being part of the East African Region.


The company has always looked closely at two important aspects: the right use of the existing technology, always taking into consideration if it is still meeting the expectations of the demand and the market in general, and also the maintenance of its position at the edge of the innovation, always making researches and training the staff in order to keep growing in this context.


One of the main characteristics of Inyange is its focus on quality standards among all its procedures and products and also its commitment to the country and the Rwandan people. Thanks to this, the company uses the best standards in technology but also in fruits and other products. Inyange works together with the local farmers, from who it gets the fresh product. That way, the company maintains the quality and also contributes to the development of the country.


When looking at the future, Inyange always think of the diversification of its product line, listening to what is people demanding and working hard to meet their expectations. The brand is becoming stronger and it is already well-known not only in the country, but in the region. Their aim is for Rwandans to be proud of the company as an essential part of the development of the country.


The main asset of Rwanda is the leadership skills growing on both companies and the market itself. However, since the leadership comes from people, the main asset of the country are the Rwandans themselves.