Rwanda: Company Profile of Rwanda Freight Forwarders Association (A.D.R.)
Rwanda Freight Forwarders Association (A.D.R.)

Rwanda Freight Forwarders Association (A.D.R.)

Sector: Transport

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Rwanda Freight Forwarders Association (RWAFFA) or ADR for its name in French (Association des Agences en Douane au Rwanda) is a non-profit organization established to represent all the clearing and forwarding firms in Rwanda. The Association has a membership base of 166 clearing and forwarding companies that are represented. RWAFFA focuses on creating effective PPPs projects, that result in more transparent trade, and the increase of the country competitiveness in the region


As an association, RWAFFA was created in 1996, during the period of social-economic reconstruction of the country in which the government took lead in promoting private sector participation to expedite the general economic growth of Rwanda. The objective was organizing the people to be united and work as one, to be professional, to look on the same direction and understand the contribution this could have in the development of the country. The association was viewed as a vehicle for bringing together all companies in the clearing and forwarding fraternity to collectively identify and work on gaps that had over the years affected and tainted this profession. The fundamental aspect that led, finally, to the formation of RWAFFA was to ensure that checks and balances through self-regulation and promotion of adaptation of best practices and enhanced professionalism were upheld by all its members.


RWAFFA is a founder member of the Private Sector Federation of Rwanda and was initiated by the Ministry of Finance, who directed that an association to represent all firms in the industry be formed to monitor and evaluate the potential performance of the same but above all develop capacity building mechanisms and support systems that would promote sustainable development of the industry as far as economic growth and quality standards are concerned. The association is also a EAFFA member along with other five countries with Rwanda as the leader.


RWAFFA is currently working to encourage best practices in the industry and promote competitiveness of companies to provide unrivalled quality services in the region and beyond. Their aim is to serve as a Framework for permanent dialogue between its members and third parties, including public authorities and also defend interests of members and promote training for their employees. The association is looking for the way of delivering the best quality services and satisfying their clients, the business community and also the country, contributing with the government to avoid corruption.


Among its current projects, RWAFFA works in two programs: the East Africa Customs and Freight Forwarding Practicing Certificate (EACFFPC), a mandatory training program to all Customs Agents jointly implemented by the East Africa Revenue Authorities (EARAs), which is offered to individuals already practicing or intending to practice in the clearing and forwarding industry throughout the East African region, and the East African Community Freight Forwarding Practicing Certificate (EACFFPC), a training started in Rwanda in 2008.  From 2014, the possession of two staff holding the EACFFPC certificate became a prerequisite to attain license for a clearing firm to operate. 


Rwanda is prepared to face the growth thanks to the well governance and the private sector efforts; they had paved the road for Rwanda to face the challenge.

In the future, the association has to evolve to compete and provide good services at a regional level without any fear to face and be partner of international companies. In five years, they will have a strong well-based head quarter in Rwanda to operate from here to all the region, always looking for new ways with which members can create alliances to be stronger and operate and expand its operations to other countries


We are the people to contact when someone wants to do business in the country. Our vision is to work and move forward together. When you are together, you reach far, by yourself you will not.