Rwanda: Company Profile of Societe Petroliere
Societe Petroliere

Societe Petroliere

Sector: Oil and Gas

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Societe Petroliere is a limited liability private company incorporated in the
Republic of Rwanda. The company’s principal activity is importation, distribution and
marketing of petroleum products through its eighteen retail stations countrywide. The company is 100% locally owned.


The origins of the company go back to 1967, when it has the name of Fina Rwanda, the same that years later, in 1985,
merged with BP to create BP Fina Rwanda. But this was not the only modification that the company made over the years. Later on, in 1998 the company was sold to ENGEN, which
then pass it to Sakirwa Petroleum in 2001. This company was the one that then adopted
a new name, Société Pétrolière, in 2007 following a change in share holding
structure. Since 2010, the company is named like that, Société Pétrolière Limited (SP Ltd), according to the new Company Act adopted by the Government of Rwanda in 2009.


Today, the company has managed to position itself at the leader of the sector in the country. SP Ltd is currently an equal opportunity employer with a total workforce of about 60 employees including 15 employees of SP Aviation and 2 of SP Kenya Limited and SP Tanzania Limited.


Société Pétrolière main asset has always been its 100% Rwandan origins, which makes it one of the key factors of the country’s development. The company has stayed close to the growth of Rwanda over the last years, and it has kept growing with it.


Another asset has been its range of products, including Diesel petrol Kerosene, JET A1, Lubricating Oils and LPG. The company also owns its own GAS Filling Plant at Gikondo Industrial Area.


Within its current projects, the company is completely focused on the construction of its new deposit, outside Kigali, which will give it more capacity on fuel to keep growing in the country and continuing as the leader of the sector. Storage capacity is still a challenge in the oil industry in Rwanda, so this new deposit will help them to face this objective, collaborating also to the development of the whole sector in the country.


Furthermore, Société Pétrolière aims to be an innovative company by using technology within its operations. For example, it is already using mobile and Internet facilities for its customers to make the payment procedures easier. Innovation is an essential element for the company to keep growing in the market and, to achieve this, Société Pétrolière is open to receive new partners from industries such as Communications or ICT.


In the following years, the company is going to become a big and strong brand not only in Rwanda but abroad the country, getting to connect the whole East African Region.


Société Pétrolière has become the leader of the sector in Rwanda, but in the future we are going to be the leader of the region. Thanks to the good environment and the help of the authorities within the country, this is something that we can achieve.