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Interview with Mr. Tim Vieira / Mr. Nuno Traguedo, Partner TBWA Angola ...read more!

Address Rua de Bento Banha Cardoso 25, Maianga
Phone (+00 244) 222 33 30 92
Fax (+00 244) 222 33 30 71
Site: www.tbwa-angola.com
Mail: tim@tbwa-angola.com


• Established: 2008
• Ranking: 2
• Employees: 27
• Key clients: Cuca, Shoprite, Ghassist, Cadbury


Is a full service creative advertising agency offering the following services:

• Strategic Brand and Planning Consultancy
• Advertising Conceptualization and Design
• Collateral Design and Production
• Buy all media on behalf of the Clients



• Started his career in South Africa as Franchise
• Director for the “Something Fishy” chain of restaurants
• In 1996 he started up an independent brewery, XL
• Brewery, before going to Portugal to work at Equity International (an international investment bank)
• In 2002 Tim was made the General Manager for Clear Channel in Angola before leaving in 2004 to start up the Dilal Group, parent company for


• Started his career in 2004 with McCann Ericksson Portugal has a copywriter.
• That year he won some awards that toke him to Cannes and after that, to Ogilvy&Mather in Portugal.
• In 2007 he was named Creative Director of the Brandia Central offices in Angola.
• Some of the clients he worked in: Santader Totta, Ford, Opel, UPS, L’Óreal, Banco BIC, MTV Europe, among others.


• Started her career in 2005 with Red Cell has an Art Director.
• That year she won some awards that toke her to Cannes and after that, to Young&Rubicam in Portugal.
• In 2007 she was named Creative Director of the Brandia Central offices in Angola.
• Some of the clients she has worked in: Santader Totta, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, BBVA, Danone, Banco BIC, among others.


• After his bachelor degree in Product Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art&Design in the University of the Arts in London, he went to work has a freelance in several UK agencies by 2004.
• He entered some major events in the UK like the Design Against Crime, promoted by the HomeOffice and the Branding Ceramic.
• In 2007 he went to Angola to start developing the Advertising Area of the Dilal Group, parent company for TBWA\ANGOLA


• In 2003 he was in charge of IMP (Portuguese Merchandising Institute).
• By 2005, he helped launch BLUE. A flavored soda, now leader in the angolan market, followed by Coca Cola.
• In 2006 he launched the first ever national Tonic, and currently is the market leader.
• In 2006 he helped doing the rebranding of Refriango, one of Angola’s top ranking companies.


World Investment News is currently in Angola for the production of an international business report. Should you be interested in contacting our team, please send an email in: contact-us, along with your coordinates and area of interest.



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