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Venezuela Links
Banks and Financial Institutions  
Baco Caracas - Banco Universal
Banco Central de Venezuela
Banco de Comercio Exterior ,Bancoex
Banco de Venezuela SACA
Banco del Caribe
Banco Exterior
Banco Federal
Banco Mercantil
Banco Provincial
Banco Union
Banesco Organizacion Financiera
Corp Banca
Foncrei: Industrial Credit Fund
Fondo Comun
Seguros Caracas
The Venezuelan Capital Market
Venezuelan Investment Fund
Export Directory
How to do business in Venezuela
InfoGuía, Information Center: commercial directory
Information on Economy, Business and Finance
Political and economical studies on Venezuela
Trade Venezuela: Guide to Business Opportunities in Venezuela
Venezuelan Data Base up to 45.000 registers. Executives of Internationals Firms, Entrepreneurs and Professionals
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