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Mr. Mario Pizaro, Administrator of BCA

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Mr. Mario Pizaro,
Avenida Comandante Valodia, 83-A
C.P. 6900 - Luanda
Tel: (244 2) 448842/48/49
Fax: (244 2) 349516
BCA is a fully-fledged commercial bank founded in March 1999 by a team of finance professionals to provide efficient banking services to multi-national and local corporations as well as non-governmental organizations. BCA has a paid out capital of $US 4 million. Thanks to a planned partnership with two other foreign banks and their consequent capital injection BCA expects to double its paid out capital in the foreseeable future.

Account Management Services

We provide a dedicated relationship manager who will be responsible for addressing your banking requirements.

Current accounts

BCA offers both foreign and local currency accounts. At your request, funds in foreign currency can be converted at competitive rates, and transferred to your local account.

Term Deposit Accounts

Should you have surplus funds that you would like to invest for specific duration, our treasury department will provide you with rates based on amounts and tenure.

Electronic Banking

BCA is setting up an electronic banking package that will provide clients with the capability of accessing their current account balances as well as initiate local and international funds transfer. The software will be installed on client's personal computers and will be linked to the bank electronically via a secure modem.
USD Cash and Traveler's Cheques

BCA periodically orders USD cash and traveler's cheques from correspondents banks based in New York. For a standard fee, you may request cash or traveler's cheques as and when you need them.

International Money Transfers

BCA is electronically linked to its main correspondent bank, Citibank. It therefore has the capability to carry out international money transfers trough the Citibank global telecommunication network. In our experience, international money transfers reach the beneficiaries within 48 hours. BCA is scheduled to link up with the SWIFT network by the end of 2001. This will further enhance its ability to efficiently execute international money transfers.

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