Angola's tormented path to petro-diamond led growth

Mr. Marcelo Gomes, Admininstrative Director de Catoca

Interview with Mr M. Gomes
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Sociedad Mineira de Catoca Lda.

Mr. Marcelo Gomes,
Administrative Director

Rua Major Kanhangulo, 100
4° Andar - Edificio Endiama
Luanda - ANGOLA -
Tel: (244 2) 390239/ 502530/31
Fax: (244 2) 394378
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: 1965 | 1994, Origin ...... 1995, Establishment ...... 1996, Establishment ...... 1997, Establishment...... 1998 | 1999, Production

History 1965 | 1994 - Origin

1965 / 1975 - Discovery of CATOCA kimberlite and first studies by Diamang.

1980 - First contacts between the company Iakutalmaz of the ex-URSS and the Angola Government to analyse both the geological information and the technical and economic viability of the CATOCA kimberlite's exploitation.

1985 / 1987 - End of the first revision of the geological studies establishing the ore's high grade and the quality of the diamonds.

1990 - Iakutalmaz presents to Endiama the technical and economic viability study regarding CATOCA.

1991 - Revision of the tecnical and economic viability study in view of increasing the production.

- April, Iakutalmaz and Odebrecht Mining Inc. (OMSI) negociate with Endiama the proposal of association of the three enterprises.

- December, conclusion of the viability studies.

1992 - September 25th, the Ministers'Council of the Angola Government approves the minute of the contact of association and concession of mining rights.

- October 26th, signing of the contracts of incorporation of Sociedade Mineira de CATOCA and of concession of exploitation rights.

1993 -
August 6th, first meeting between the members in order to define the compisition of the enterprise's directorate.

- September 15th, signing of the deed of incorporation of Sociedade de Mineira de CATOCA.

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