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Interview with:
Managing Director

Sihanoukville Autonomous Port


Sihanoukville Port
Office Phone : (855)34 933542
: (855)15 343499
Fax : (855) 34 933693
Mobile Phone: (855) 12 831784
E-mail : pas@camintel.com
Website : www.pas.gov.kh


The Port Authority of Sihanoukville (PAS) is the sole deep sea port with large extent, which consist of natural advantages with large warehouses and yards, for servicing trading companies in bringing vessel in and out for safety handling, Transporting and storing cargoes pursuant to customer requirements.

I- Quay length

The total quay Length of PAS is 930 meters.

a).Old Jetty

The Old Port is a Jetty constructed in 1956 and opened for official exploitation in 1960. The said jetty with 290m long can accommodate vessels at both sides enabling the total length up to 580m long by 28m wide - 8.5 m draft and can accommodate four vessels connecting to the offshore by the 280m long and 18m wide access bridge.

In respond to the government's objective, which is concentrating on the major field of tourism, PAS will convert the 47 year-old ld pier into passenger terminal in the near future so that it can contribute is concerted efforts to help improve Sihanoukville's tourism and other major tourism sectors throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia into action.

If tourists come to Sihanoukville city, they will firstly spot the beautiful sight of mountain & islands of our pay with good tropical climate, which is warm and humid, the average temperature is over 27ºC (80 ºF). It is possible to live with comfort for the whole year without fearing of violent storm, snow, and earthquake and volcanic eruption...etc. during their stay in Sihanoukville city they can also visit the beautiful natural scenery such as white beaches with clear water along the coastline together with the 16 km razzmatazz waterfall and Ream National Park which is located 30 km from the shopping center. Every tourist and passenger can spend their free time swimming in the Sihanoukville coastal water or making leisured trip through the islands, verdant valleys, creeks and orchards. We have a lot of fresh fruits and sea food with hygienically good taste and low prices. On the other hand you can find the safest and best security Hotels, Hostels, Guess Houses, Bars, Restaurants, with excellent facilities decorated in Khmer and European styles in Sihanoukville city.

You can travel to Phnom Penh by three different ways: by bus and train with the distance of 230 km & 262 km. respectively, and by plane based 18 km in distance from Sihanoukville.

b) New Quay

In accordance with the rapid increase of sea transport the Royal Government had extended another new wharf locating in the northeast. This wharf (namely New Port) is a quay completed its construction in 1969 with 350m long by -10m draft (currently -7.5m) and can accommodate three vessels for offloading and loading cargoes.

c). Anchorage

PAS has already reserved the anchorages and pilots who are being responsible for by the navigation and pilot service for berthing all kinds of vessels and such anchorage is as follows: the latitude of southern channel is 10º36'58N longitude: 103º 28'76E and can be communicated and each working from 7:00 to 11:30 and from 02:00 to 05:30 or by walkie- talkie channel Nº 16 (15680MHZ).

II- Port's service equipment

In order to timely service the market-economic situation and adhere to safety performance in providing service to customers, PAS has prepared its operating facilities as follow:

1-Main of Navigation

-Tug boat 1800HP 01Unit
-Tug boat 1600HP 02Unit
-Tug boat 800HP 02Unit
-Pilot boat 01Unit
-Mooring boat 01Unit
-Speed boat 01Unit

2-Cargo Handling Facilities

-Harbour mobile crane 64 t 02Units
-Transtainer crane 40.6 t 02Units
-Super stacker 45t 04Units
-Empty Stacker 7.5t 01Unit
-Trailer 20'-40' 17Units
-Shore crane 10-50t 05Units
-Forklift 5-25t 10Units
-Truck 10-20t 10Units


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