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europe: kosovo: Grand Hotel Prishtina

Name of company Grand Hotel Prishtina


Mother Theresa Street, 10000 Prishtina, Kosovo.


+381 38 220 210


+381 38 225 825
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1. A brief history of our company

The company “Unio Commerce” was established at the early of 90’s from brothers Mr. Zelqif Berisha and Mr. Saqip Berisha, in Hani i Elezit, when they begun the first business activities. First at all, they started in electrical supplement materials and after they start providing professional services for that.

With a dedicated work and hard tries the company started to expand in the business and in the number of employees. They started with a new business environment when they get an agreement with the cement factory in Hani I Elezit, to become its only supplier.

After the Kosovo War (the last war in Balkan), “Unio Commerce” continued its collaboration with cement factory during it was privatized by a Swiss company “Holcim”. Based on the correct partnership, the new owner continued the collaboration with ‘Unio Commerce’ and expands their partnership with it.

During the process of privatization, Unio Commerce privatized the factory for white bricks production “Silcapor” in Kacanik and “Grand Hotel Prishtina” in Prishtina.

Compared to the near begin of “Unio Commerce” it was expanded continuously and rapidly, which they achieved to increase the number of employees from 5 to 550, prepared in technical and academic level.

2. Company Activities

Main Activities of our “Unio Commerce” are:
- The factory of autoclave aerated concrete (AAC) production “Silcapor”
- Petrol Station in Han i Elezit
- Transport Services
- Wholesale of petrol and fuel oil
- Grand Hotel Prishtina.

2.1. The factory of AAC production “Silcapor”
"Silcapor” is the only factory in the entire region for production of thermo insulated bricks. Investments for building of the factory begun at 1983 and they finished in 1988 when they start the production process.. The factory is situated in v.Doganaj at the municipality of Kacanik.

During the process of privatization in Kosovo, “Unio Commerce” from Hani I Elezit privatized this factory at April 2005. Now, this company is working as private.


This company also exports their products outside Kosovo and includes Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria etc.



On May 2005 at the Hotel Grand Prishtina in the front of media and relevant political and economical personalities, were reached an agreement for 2 million Euro export.

2.2. Petrol Station

The petrol station sells petrol and its derivates. It is situated in the Hani I Elezit in 6000 m2 with capacity of 350,000 l. There works a restaurant and supermarket.

2.3. Transport

Our company is involved on the transport business, too. It transports every kind of materials including dangerous and flammable materials such gas or petroleum is.


2.4. Whole sale petrol and derivates

“Unio Commerce” has a license from the Ministry of Trade and Industry for petrol and derivates import. In this case, we have our dedicated costumers for petrol and derivates. Also, the entire company is using petrol as a energy supplier.



2.5 Grand Hotel Prishtina

“Unio Commerce” has another successful story in the privatizing process in Kosovo, we can be proud of the ownership for the biggest hotel in Kosovo.

Grand Hotel is privatized with 8.4 million euros and now we are in the process of renovation.

Grand Hotel is established at 1978 and its surface is 32.000m2. Its capacity is 202 single rooms, 142 double rooms, 9 three beds rooms, 9 apartments and 2 residences (Complete 526 beds).

Company achievements

On 11 October 2004 in Paris in the competition of 85 states around the world, SILCAPOR won the prize of International Gold Star for quality, given form World Quality Commitment.



Later on 25 June 2005 in New York Unio Commerce – Silcapor won the prize of Platinum Award for Excellence and Business Prestige.

In continuity of the successes is a prize of Diamante for Quality and Leadership, given in London on 2 December 2005.



Not only international achievements are present. Our company won the prize of the TOP Company in Kosovo in year 2006.

Important Visits

Based on national and international achievements, there were to many visits from relevant personalities and organizations in Kosovo.



Visit of the General of KFOR-it: Kermabo:

Visit of Ken Jamashita:

The visit of the special delegate of General Secretary of UN, Joachim Ryecker. The Minister of Trade and Industry, Bujar Dugolli. The president of PDK, Hashim Thaçi.

Respected company,

Our company needs are as follow:
1. 30.000 T per year petrol (gasoline)
2. 30.000 T per year Fuel Oil

What we want is the quality and the price. Your product must match our government rules of quality and import. We will give here in a table the limited values of the product given by our ministry of trade and industry:
Petrol Characteristics:
Density in 15 grade Celsius kg/m3 MAX: 845
Distillation at 250 grade Celsius % v/v MAX: 65
The Sulfur Quantity mg/kg MAX: 350
Cetanik Number MIN: 51.0
Cetanik Index MIN: 46.0
Quantity of aromatic hydro-carburets % MAX: 11
Water quantity: mg/kg MAX: 200
Filterability points Grade Celsius MAX:
From: 16.04 to 30.09 0
From: 01.10 to 15.11 -10
From: 01.03 to 15.04 -10
From: 16.11 to 29.02 -15

Fuel oil Characteristics:
The Codes of Products: 27101961 27101963 27101965 27101969
Sulfur Quantity in max: 1.0 2.0 2.8 3.0

The prices will affect the quantity, so we are interested in reasonable prices. We are ready for long term business.
All the payments will be arranged based on a prior agreement.
Best regards,

Mr. Zelqif Berisha

The President of Unio Commerce

Zelqif Berisha





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