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europe: kosovo: Dukagjini Group

Name of company Dukagjini Group


Str. Fehmi Agani No. 16; 10000 Pejë, Kosovë


+381 39 432 025


+381 39 434 281

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Trade and Industry

Corporate overview

Dukagjini Company, initiated and directed for more than 20 years by Mr. Ekrem Lluka, was and remains a synonym of farsighted vision of modern entrepreneurship in Kosova, encompassing a wide range of activities, projected and accomplished in line with the most professional business. Quite often has the development of Dukagjini been compared to the aims and aspirations of the Kosovar society itself, as a model to follow.
Established in 1987, initially as a modest printing house, running in parallel trade and service activities, and in spite of hindrances and obstructions of the regime of the time, within a few years Dukagjini expanded the printing and publishing activities, and later those of insurances, productions, media and communication, becoming thus an important factor of development both in Peja and entire Kosova.
The engagement in important projects at the time of reconstruction, the cooperation with renowned regional and European entrepreneurs, and in particular the recent cooperation with Slovenian firms, the pace kept with modern technological novelties, not only the participation in world fairs and demonstrations, but also the contacts with world producers and service providers, made the Company become internationally acclaimed, with high prizes and awards.

Printing House

Powered by the most advanced equipment and computer systems for preparing the printing materials, Dukagjini Printing House is the most prestigious one in Kosova and its line of products is welcomed not only in Kosova, but in Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro, too. The expertise of the engineers makes the products of the Dukagjini Printing House wanted items in every household, in all social and cultural circles.

Publishing House

Dukagjini Corporate has altered the ways and means of communication in the world of the intellectuals and scholars through its Publishing House, with its three series "Fryma", "Rozafa" and "Dukagjini Balkan Books". Since it establishment, the Publishing House has printed well more than 150 titles, contributing heavily in promoting new values and going beyond the values of old communist system. Dukagjini Publishing House brought into being the process of re-criticizing of all the existing values in our society by bringing to light in Albanian Language the biggest names of the world literature and contemporary philosophy. Dukagjini Publishing House is the first company in Kosova to introduce the respect for the rights of the author and it is the one that helped the introduction of the new system of values and the new educational system that is still in the process of being built. The translation of the greatest names and titles has built bridges between people and cultures.

“Dukagjini RTV” Television

Dukagjini Corporation in its structure contains also the radio and television Dukagjini, which has its headquarters in Peja and has been established as a local broadcaster.
With its programs and high creativity TV Dukagjini is one of the channels which is viewed and followed in the entire region of Dukagjini.
TV Dukagjini possesses qualified staff and highly committed to inform and broadcast values through television screen and it achieves it very successfully thanks to its internal organization divided into editorial sectors:

• Editorial Sector of Music-Entertaining Program,
• Editorial Sector of Sport Program,
• Technical Sector,
• Marketing Sector

Program Content:

• Transmits regular 24 hours program,
• 70 % Entertaining, Music, Sport programs,
• 30 % Information and News program.

Whereas currently, TV Dukagjini gets closer to its viewers out of the Dukagjini region by joining the digital platform where it launches the regular program of TV Dukagjini throughout the Kosovo.

Radio Dukagjini

Radio Dukagjini, established in 1999, started also as a local radio in the region of Dukagjini with frequencies 106.3 whereas with the its request and superior engagement Radio Dukagjini with its two studios, one in Peja and the other one in Prishtina was converted into national radio with frequencies 105.1 ,99.7 and 92.7. And today it is highly valued by so many media research centers and it gets the first place for 9 consequent years by the polls made from different agencies such as: Index Kosova, agency of independent media.

Radio Dukagjini in its platform offers:

• 50% Music Programs,
• 15% Information and Interactive Programs, News and connections with BBC, DW and FREE EUROPE,
• 25% Entertaining and show programs, and
• 10% Commercial Program.

Today, it became more successful through the desk of professional journalists, where participate editorial sections divided on: information, entertaining, music, sport, marketing and administrative staff.

The goals for the future of this medium are based in the continuity of the leader in the field of media in the development of as fast and secure news as possible, especially those in long distance, in countries where Albanians live such as: New York ,London, Brussels ,Paris ,Bayer ,Rome, Istanbul, Athens. .

Insurance Company DUKAGJINI

Insurance Company Dukagjini is operating since 2002, when it was granted with the license form the PBK (Payment Banking of Kosovo)
Mission (goal, objective) of the company is to be sensitive on the insurance requests by serving in the insurance market as a supplier of life and non-life products and to serve as a financial support to the damaged victims, by continually growing and reflecting profit.

Short-term plans include consolidation of motor portfolios and presentation with products of non-motor insurances by including: insurance of property, insurance of all risks during the construction, insurance of individuals during accidents, insurance of public responsibility and products, insurance of guarantees.

The future plans for I.C. Dukagjini are to encompass the development of life insurance products and also to expand the company in the region – Albania etc….by continually following and researching the market demands.
Since 2002 to this day the Insurance Company Dukagjini is listed as one of the companies with the highest Credibility by its customers and based on the statistics and questionnaires made during these years and also by its products positioned in the market for a long time.
Individual insurance of health, property, vehicles, individuals, contractors from all risks, guarantees, responsibilities, safe-box money and during the transportation, cargo and finally the new product launched at 2009 Life Insurance.

Import/ Distribution Network

In the trail of success, a big push was given also by the distribution network which was born by another link in the chain of the Dukagjini Company, Tobacco Import.
It started with the prestigious producers of tobacco such as: British American Tobacoo, JTI and continues with the Factory of tobacco in Croatia Rovinj.
The active distributing manner was constructed with professionalism and functions in four branches (Peja, Prishtina, Prizren, Gjilan), whereas the headquarters is in Peja 3000 m2, with a huge number of vehicles to pick up goods and with a big number of distributors.
Each branch in the respective region covers with commitment and fulfills the needs of customers, by making daily visits. The distribution of tobacco products was planned to get closer to the customers and such a thing resulted with success and admiration form the purchasers.
The staff which is engaged for expedition distribution is based on professionalism and several years experience, which reflects commitment and mutual triumph (distribution-customers).

Dukagjini Bookshop

Dukagjini Bookshop, a division of Dukagjini Corporation, was established on May 4, 2000, in Prishtina. So far, it is the only bookshop in Kosova that supplies books in Albanian as well as books in other languages like English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. However dictionaries can be found in nearly any language. In the early days, the literature present was mainly belletristic literature. However, at the present time, the bookshop is a great source for virtually all types of books. Because of high demand, our bookshop has specialized in sectors like belletristic, economics, architecture, information and technology, medicine, kid’s sector, and so on.
Our services is tailored to the needs of our customers. What truly distinguishes us from others is the abundance of books in different languages, vast facility, specialized sectors, and ideally designed interior. If a book is not available in our stock, we can generally order it for you internationally. The request will be finished even for a single book. Orders can be done through phone, website or in person. Orders are also often taken from people that live outside Kosova.

Birra Peja

Participation in the privatization process and productive cooperation with the Kosovo Institutions was and it is a determination for development not only of Dukagjini as a Corporation, but for the Kosovo economy as well.

In 2006, Brewery Peja, established in the year 1971, was privatized by Mr. Lluka, owner of Dukagjini Corporation, and continues in 2007 as a consortium with Lasko Beer from Slovenia. This privatization and the hard work recovered this industry with a local qualitative production.

Birra Peja within one year from its privatization invested 15.5 million euro in technology, infrastructure, marketing and staff training for special departments.

What makes this product highly demanded is its high quality with an essential element of WATER, water that fountains directly from the flowing and clean River Drini, barley from the land of Kosovo, and also the distribution network, professional marketing and all these together make it THE BEST.

Within the complex of the factory are found also the factory of honey, the factory of refined alcohol and the trade network. Its current capacity is 900 thousand hectoliters per year.
The continual investments in modern technology of production and laboratory of high level of safety and quality make this beer the most popular beer and qualitative beer in Kosovo.
Birra Peja is in the position of market leader in regard to the beer market in Kosovo, and for the moment it possesses 85% of the market and employs more than 250 professional employees with the tendency to increase the number of employees parallel to the increase of the other products.

The quality and success of Birra Peja is evident also in other regional countries. It is exported in countries such as Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Germany, London and other European countries and in the United States of America, where most of all it is consumed with pleasure and nostalgia by our compatriots.

To fulfill different and specific tastes “Birra Peja” starts and continues its production process in three phases:

Pilsner beer
Premium beer
Non alcoholic beer

This makes “Birra Peja“ to continue to be the most preferred beer based on the innovations of its products and plans for the prospective projects with a seriousness and professionalism for the future when it will launch new types of products:

Production of water, non-alcoholic juices
Alcohol based cocktails

Dukagjini INVEST –World Trade Center

One of the successive segments of the Dukagjini Corporation necessarily is “Dukagjini Invest” established in April 2007 as a limited liability company with the owners “Dukagjini” Sh.p.k, “Factor Banka” DD. and “BSD Nepremienine” D.o.o.
Since its establishment, the company always investigated the opportunity to invest in Kosovo. Therefore, when the fifth wave of the privatization in Kosovo was announced, Dukagjini Invest successfully has privatized the Factory of Plastics in Prishtina, a factory that once used to be the leader of decorative productions of plastics for wide use in industry and trade.
In October 2007 Dukagjini Invest was equipped with the license by the Association of World Trade Center with its headquarters in New York. This license entitles our Company to open an World Trade Center in Prishtina, and in this way making Kosovo a link in the chain of the network of WTCs of the Globe. The Association of World Trade Center was established in 1970, as a Non-profitable organization, dedicated to the establishment of World Trade Centers as instruments for development of international trade between 316 members and 91 states of the world.

Slovenian KOSOVO Pension Fund

Slovenian-Kosovo Pension Fund operates in Kosovo since 2006, since the time it was licensed by the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo to operate in the third pillar of the pension system in Kosovo, a system that is regulated by the Law on Pensions in Kosovo. The owners of the Fund are: DUKAGJINI Corporation and the Slovenian group Prva Group
Prva Group is known as one of the biggest companies in the South-East Europe for pension insurance both obligatory and volunteer ones. Prva Group spreads its activities in 8 countries of Southeast Europe and in two of them operates in the second pillar (obligatory). Prva Group today has 240.489 insured clients and circa. 208.7 million EUR assets under its management and with 33.05 million EUR capitals, whose objective is the expansion of the market in the European countries and advancement of the entire social wellbeing.
The Fund possesses the license from the CBK to operate as the sole institution that enables supplementary pension savings and to manage with those savings. For this short period of operation, the Fund achieved to insure lot of institutions and companies with high reputation and to manage a considerable part of the closed funds. Today the Fund has more than 3000 clients who save for their pension, more than 100 companies that pay for their employees as part of the benefit packages for them, manages more than 5 million EUR and for each month pays pensions to more than 500 pensioners, where their pension is above the average salary in Kosovo.

Factor Leasing

The continual work with the Slovenian state proves also this time with a qualitative and professional cooperation.

Serious and successful cooperation of the companies, partners in stocks, such as FACTOR LEASING D.O.O. (Slovenia) ,DUKAGJINI (Kosovo) and FACTOR BANK (Slovenia), that are focused in financing of several elements which were defined as emergent elements for which companies need support, such as: vehicles, equipments, machinery, buildings and lot of other services which are registered as local businesses and all these push forward to give birth to a new segment and new product for us and for the market of Kosovo.

A company established with the objective to provide financial “non-banking” products, by trying to develop a new spirit of stimulation for Kosovo businesses.
The Goal of Factor Leasing is to provide its services in a safe, long-term, and continual manner, and to provide as convenient as possible terms to our customers.

Energy /Hydro Power

Lately, Dukagjini with its owner Mr. LLuka expanded the business also in the field of energy, which was finalized with a huge success where Dukagjini with its Slovenian partners INTERENERGO consortium won the concession in Albania for the River Shala to produce hydro-energy with a capacity of 127 MW, and River Cem also in Albania with a capacity of 58 MW.

Dukagjini Corporation does not stop with all these, with secure and reliable steps it is open also in other business spheres here and elsewhere.

In December 2008 was finalized the project in the telecommunication field, the so called D3 mobile, as part of the Dukagjini Corporation, which entered the mobile telephony market in Kosovo to be the third operator with 043 code.

The initial services that were launched as soon as it entered the Kosovo market are:

• SMS services

• Voice services

• Internet gprs/edge

• Roaming

With clear tendencies and objectives for the future D3 will be the company that shall provide communication and lot of innovations that are in time with the most prestigious phone companies in the world.

And today d3 mobile after 6 months of operation, possesses 22.000 regular customers of the mobile telephony with the tendency that within 2009 to have around 50.000 regular customers.


A new and successful enterprise is emerging inside Dukagjini Corporation - The Construction and Building Unit that has started the construction of a big residence compound. Professionals in engineering and construction offer the most contemporary environments for business and living. The buildings are built by respecting and complying with the highest European Standards.

Dukagjini Hotel

The Hotel is located in the heart of the City of Peja, next to Lum Bardhi. The Hotel provides an attraction not only to the citizens of Peja but also for the tourists which by its appearance brings the look of a half-century ago, and it will remain the identification of Peja mountains, fresh air, quiet and clear river and commodity for everyone. It offers 11 halls for parties, fish, pizza, traditional food up to the rooms for business or conferences. The pool near the river offers relax, as well as the solarium and other relaxing services.
The rooms are of high European standards from 1 bed rooms to remarkable suits, all these escorted with the service of the staff highly trained on hotel and tourism.
Dukagjini Hotel was, is and will remain an object that the Peja citizens preserve and protect as an untouchable pearl.

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