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europe: kosovo: Newko Balkan

Name of company Newko Balkan


Rruga E Dëshmorëve No.105, Suharekë, Kosovo


+381 29 271 125


+381 29 271 478

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Trade and Industry

Newko Balkan L.L.C./ Conveyor Belts

About Us

Formerly known as Balkan Belt-Suhareke, Newko Balkan LLC has established in 2005 upon Ozerler Group of companies' purchasing out of privatization. As a rubber industry integrated plant, Newko Balkan LLC constitutes of 6 production units: conveyor belts, conveyor belt fabrics, technical rubber parts, rubber compounding, v-belts, and rubber boots & shoes. Conveyor belt unit produces textile reinforced conveyor belts, using its own conveyor belt fabrics. Located in Suhareke-Kosovo, Newko Balkan has 155.107 m2 open area and 58.000 m2 closed area. Respect to current capacity report, annual belt production capacity is 619.580m with its 7 presses, and rubber compound production annual capacity is 17.550 ton. Newko Balkan LLC is capable of producing textile reinforced conveyor belts up to 3400 mm. Moreover, we produce steel cord reinforced conveyor belts in the classes of nominal strength up to ST-5000 with the width up to 2400 mm. Producing all our belts according to international norms, we have obtained ISO 9001 certificate in 2005.



Technical Info

Types of conveyor belts according to

1. Steep Angle

• Conveyor belts with no surface partitioning
• Piece goods conveyor belts with cover patterning
• Belts with chevron cleats
• Box-section belts with corrugated sidewalls
• Conveyor belts in sandwich design
• Elevator Belts

2. Cover

•Type 0 Oil Resistant Belts
• Type T Heat Resistant Belts
• Type F Flame Resistant Belts
• Type A Abrasion Resistant Belts


3. Carcass

• Textile Fabric Reinforced-Belt Production With Max. Width Of 3400 Mm
• Steelcord Reinforcedbeltproduction Upto St5000 Withmax Width Of 2400 Mm

4. Custom-Made Special Type Of Belts For Noise Protection
And Vibration Control As Elastomer Supportpads To Be Used
In All Kinds Of Railway Tracks

Newko Balkan L.L.C./ V-Belts

Technical Info

1- Wrapped V-Belts

We produce classical V-belts for the given profiles according to DIN 2215 standard. These belts can be used for all machinery, presses, pumps, house appliances, special agriculture and garden equipment. Respect to ISO, our profiles, and belt width are as follows:
18 : Z/10 : A/13 : B/17
120 : C/22 : -/25 : D/32 :E/40

2- Heavy Duty V-Belts

We produce these heavy duty belts for industrial usage and automotive industry according to DIN 7753. SPC profile belts can be used for the machines that have less space in their design. Our profiles are as follows:

3- Power Band V-Belts

The power band V-belts consist of a set of V-belts of constant length$, and tightly connected by means of the top thread layer. Our power band v-belts provide:

• Optimal Age Duration
• Low Maintenance
• Highwork safety


V-Belts for Automotive and Industrial Applications

The power transmission achieved by NEWKOBALKANLLCV-belts ensures our leading position in the region and also puts our company among the significant ones in the world. Newko Balkan LLC stands for several decades of professional experience, high specialization, reliability, high quality for good price. In Turkey, we sell our V-belts with brand name "EXPOTECH."
Newko Balkan L.L.C./ Rubber Technical Parts

Our Products For

1 - Mining Indusry

Rubber rolls for conveyor belts, membranes for wit life and O.D.S. pumps with linen fittings, various couplings for mining machines, case sheathes for mining lamps, rubber covers for all kinds of wheels and carts, plies for couplings with linen fittings, various rubber balls flanges, protection caps washers, absorbers for separation sieves and some others are produced as mining industry rubber technical parts which all have oil and heat resistant properties...

2- Civil Enginnering Industry

Ribbed packing flanges of different sizes, membranes for sulders- valves,
'periflex,' couplings for water pumps, rubber plies for elastic couplings,
pipe gaskets, different rubber rings, packing flanges...

They have resistance to

• Fuel contact
• Lubricant Oil contact
• Alkali and neutral acids
• Heat

3- Automative Industry

Connecting pieces for shock absorbers, rubber cartridges, rubber rings, piston buffers, rubber - metal rings and cartridges, rubber bumpers with metal ply, rubber belts- supports, car engine supporters, pedal coverings, elastic breaks supporting rings, attaching socket, connecting air filters etc…

Connecting rubber parts for bumpers have following characteristics,

• Mineral Oil Resistance
• Ozone Resistance
• Low Fragility Point
• Operating 5ur1aces High Wearing Resistance
• Open Air Heat Deformation Resistance
• Resistance to Change of Physical Properties (while heating)

4-Chemical Industry

We produce following products for chemical industry, rubber gaskets for pipes operating under pressure, rubber cartridges, and faucets etc… Our products have resistant to various chemicals and we produce respect to customer needs and requests.

5- Food Processing Industry

For the food processing industry, we produce membranes made of pure rubber as well as with textile ply, fittings with or without bolts, different types of packing flanges, rubber rings, etc. These products are resistant to alkalis and acids.

6- Energy Supply

Rubber - metal bearing for pumps in several combinations, rubber coverings, rubber -linen membranes with metal bolt for reservoirs, many kinds of packing flanges and seals, as well as other rubber- gasket parts of different profiles, all made of rubber which is resistant to operating in various conditions.

Newko Balkan L.L.C./ Industrial Textile Fabrics

Technical Info

Industrial Fabrics Technical Info

• Raw Materials: Polyester (E)-PESPolyamide (P)-PA 6,6
• Fabric Compositions: EE ; EP; PP with RFL impregnation
• Weaves: Plain & Oxford
• MiniMax Weights : 350 gr/m2 - 2000gr/m2
• Max. Roll Width: 205 cm
• Fabric Types: EP 100; EP 125; EP 160; EP 200;
• EP 250; EP 315; EP 400; EP 500; EP 630


About Us

Industrial Fabrics

We, NEWKO BALKAN LLC, add value to our products and differ ourselves in the conveyor belt fabrics market through the service we provide for our customers. Our long time expertise in conveyor belt production helps us to understand our customers' FABRIC needs from the conveyor belts producer point of view. In this respect, through our before & after sales service for our customers, we aim to provide the most efficient and economic technical fabric specifications.

As a conveyor belt producer, our experienced and professional technical team is ready to create the right solutions at the right time at the hearth of Europe!!

High quality, good price, fast delivery, integrated production and the best, service. This makes us different from others!!










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