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europe: kosovo: ProCredit Bank, Kosova

Name of company ProCredit Bank, Kosova


Mother Tereza” Boulevard, No.16
10000 Prishtina, Kosova


+381 (38) 555 777


+381 (38) 248 777

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ProCredit Bank Kosovo

ProCredit – the first Bank in post-war Kosova

ProCredit Bank, a successor of Micro Enterprise Bank, the most successful bank in Kosovo since 2000 was established with the initiative of several internationally-renowned financial institutions.

It was the first bank in the post-war period in Kosovo, and very quickly it turned into a true commercial bank that offers a wide array of banking services.

Due to the urgency to set up the general banking infrastructure, in the first years of operation the bank mobilized a large amount of donor funds for Kosovo and consequently turned into the main savings bank. In spring 2002, it became the first bank in Kosovo to offer its client bank cards, whilst Kosovo became one of the most developed banking sectors in the region as far as the use of bank cards was concerned.

In autumn 2003, the institution was renamed into ProCredit Bank, thus joining the ProCredit group. In light of changes in the economic environment in Kosovo, the bank refocused its operations strategy in 2003 and significantly increased its loan operations which constitute the key business of ProCredit banks.

ProCredit is a development bank that provides full-range services. We offer excellent services to our clients and a wide array of banking products. In our loan operations, we focus in giving out loans to micro, small and medium enterprises, as we are certain that these businesses will create the largest number of job opportunities and give a vital contribution to the economies where they operate.

Mission Statement

ProCredit Bank is a development-oriented full-service bank. We offer excellent customer service and a wide range of banking products. In our credit operations, we focus on lending to very small, small and medium-sized enterprises, as we are convinced that these businesses create the largest number of jobs and make a vital contribution to the economies in which they operate.

Unlike other banks, our bank does not promote consumer loans. Instead we focus on responsible banking, by building a savings culture and long-term partnerships with our customers.

Our shareholders expect a sustainable return on investment, but are not primarily interested in short-term profit maximisation. We invest extensively in the training of our staff in order to create an enjoyable and efficient working atmosphere, and to provide the friendliest and most competent service possible for our customers.


Amount of nominal value  (EUR) 
Number of shares
in %
ProCredit Holding AG  15,041,400 3,008,280 83.33 
Commerzbank AG  3,008,600 601,720 16.67


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