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europe: kosovo: Regional Water Company

Name of company Regional Water Company


KUR “Prishtina” – Prishtina, rr. “Tahir Zajmi” p.n., Republic of Kosovo


+381 38 541 211 / 129, +381 38 540 749


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Environment and Spatial Planning


1. Description of the Company

1.1 The History of the Company

The history of Water Company is closely connected to the history of our capital city of Kosova, respectively Prishtina, and the settlements around it.
Water supply of Prishtina began from natural sources of Germia and later from the wells in Kolevica.

Prishtina had 38.593 inhabitants in the year 1961. In that year Badovc accumulative Lake started being used to supply Prishtina city and the vicinity.
In year 1979, in parallel with the growing of urban developments in Prishtina city, increase of demand for drinking water and disposal of waste water started, whereby we achieved to gain additional water quantities from Batllava Lake, the underground sources from Fushe Kosova and Obiliq, and also to invest in drinking water and waste water distribution network. After the war of year 1998, Regional Water Company “Batllava” was subject to a transformation and regional consolidation, and in year 2007 finally became a joint stock company, named Regional Water Company “Prishtina” J.S.C, which provides services in the following municipalities: Prishtine, Fushe Kosove, Obiliq, Shtime, Lipjan, Podujeva and Gllogovc. Now Regional Water Company “Prishtina” is the largest water company in Kosova. Drinking water and waste water services are provided to about 40% of Kosova population connected in these services.

1.2 Declaration of Policy

1.2.1 Declaration of “vision”

The Management of RWC “Prishtina” J.S.C, supported by interested parties (Board of Directors, shareholders, customers etc) and with the help of all employees, has the final aim to supply drinking water and to dispose waste water. The main aspiration is to supply drinking water uninterruptedly to all customers in our supply zone.

Being aware that currently this is impossible, all human and financial resources of the company will become available to minimize technical losses and to fully eliminate water administrative losses on one hand, and to maximize all activities regarding the increase of collection rate on the other hand.

Therefore, this is the designated priority: Reduction of non-revenue water and payment of services from the costumers.

Through these activities favourable conditions will be created in the future for investment level increase from our own funds.
Achieving such a vision will create better preconditions for investments from donors, banks and other financial institutions.

1.2.1 Declaration of “mission”

The mission of RWC “Prishtina” J.S.C. determined in this Business Plan for the respective period is:

  • Regular supply with drinking water,
  • Disposal of waste water,
  • Maintenance and expansion of drinking water network,
  • Maintenance and expansion of waste water network,

The main focus of working activities will be our customers. All customers will have equal treatment and access to the services:

  • Without racial discrimination,
  • Without religious discrimination,
  • Without national discrimination,
  • Without gender discrimination etc.

By fulfilling this “mission” we will be able to provide a partially self-financed activity, with the final aim to provide proper quality water, consistent with the standards of World Health Organization.

The business approach of the Company will be transparent and based in legal provision. This will be done in cooperation with interested parties:

  • Employees,
  • Board of Directors,
  • Government of the Republic of Kosova,
  • Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning,
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance,
  • Water and Waste Regulatory Office,
  • Customers (organized into commissions, associations etc).

1.3 Supply zones and organization of the Company

1.3.1 Supply zone

Regional Water Company “Prishtina” (RWC) J.S.C. provides services in the central part of Kosova, including these Municipalities:

• Prishtina
• Fushë Kosova,
• Obiliq
• Shtime,
• Lipjan,
• Drenas,
• Podujeva,
• Most of rural water supplies that function in service zones.

The number of population that RWC “Prishtina” provides services to is estimated at about 550.000 inhabitants. Current production capacity (possible according to the assumption that there are sufficient water sources reserves in the accumulating lakes) is about Q=1500 l/s or 45.155.000 m3/year.

1.3.2 Water Sources of Regional Water Company “PRISHTINA” J.S.C

RWC” Prishtina” has two Water Treatment Plants: Albanik and Badovc where the raw water is taken from artificial accumulating lakes, Batllava and Badovc, and 6 productive facilities with underground water sources, which are: Kroni, Obiliq, Shtime, Lipjan, Podujeva and Drenas, as well as a number of other small separate sources in the villages of municipal centres (Lipjan and Shtime).

Within the drinking water supply system and the disposal of waste water, pumping stations, water reservoirs, primary and distributive water networks and primary and secondary sewerage network are also included.

  • 22 pumping stations
  • Reservoirs V= 70.000 m³
  • 600.000 m primary and secondary water pipes
  • 240.000 m main sewerage collectors and distribution networks

1.3.3 Organizational Structure

RWC “Prishtina” J.S.C. is an incorporated public company. It operates as a Joint Stock Company from 01.07.2007.

After the declaration of the Independence of the Republic of Kosova (17.02.2008), respectively after the Constitution of the Republic of Kosova became effective, the Law for Public Enterprises has been approved. According to this Law, the Government of the Republic of Kosova is the legal and only owner of all the company’s shares.

The government of the Republic of Kosova as the only owner of the shares, practices the competence and responsibility according to the Law, Statute and other juridical proceedings.

This practise of competence and responsibility is executed through the Board of Directors.

The owner has started with the legal activities in 2008 (the competition has been announced for the Board of Directors) for the selection of the Board of Directors.
The Managing Director (as the executing director for KUR “Prishtina” J. S. C.) is an equal member with the other selected parties in the Board of Directors of KUR “Prishtina” J. S.C.

1.3.4 Managing Structure

The Company is managed by the Managing Director in direct cooperation with the Executive Finance & Administration Director and Executive Technical Director.

Under the direct management (without interference from directorates) of the managing director Internal Control & Audit and also Procurement and Supply Departments are organized.

The process of consolidation and corporation is already completed. Now RWC “Prishtina” J.S.C. has extended its activities in all the territory of central Kosova (7 municipalities: Prishtina, Fushe Kosova, Obiliq, Shtime, Lipjan, Podujeva and Drenas).

From former municipal water enterprises Operation Units have been created for water supply and sewerage with limited competences and responsibilities.

All the basic responsibilities are shifted to the regional enterprise.

Organizational structure, in accordance with the current statute and assigned through positions and their performance, is presented in the organisational scheme of the company as following.

1.3.5 Organization chart



















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