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sSA: Ethiopia : Water Works Construction Enterprise

Name of company Water Works Construction Enterprise


P.O.Box 1008


(+251) 16459166


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Water Resources

Our Vision

TOur Vision: To become a reputed and international competitive organization in the development and construction of water works.

Enterprise Historical Background

WWCE has undergone number of transformations to reach its present level

Around 1947/48, the Water Resource Agency was established under the Ministry of public works. At this stage through an American aid program a project named “Point four” was founded which dealt exclusively with rural water well drilling activities. Its name was then Rural Operation.

In the early years, Egypt and Sudan were conducting studies on the Nile Basin in their territory. The Ethiopian government felt the importance of this study. Hence, through the assistance of the American Government the Blue Nile Basin Study started in Ethiopia as well. In connection with this study a “Hydrology section” was established, this section became the second section in water sector.

The Rural Water well drilling Agency, with only few drilling machines was carrying out water well drilling operations in the rural areas of the country, while the Hydrology Section was conducting river basin studies by dividing into groups. These two were the pioneers of the water sector.

In 1975 the agency was reorganized under a new name “Ethiopian Water Resources Authority”. The previous two units were reorganized to carry out broader tasks. The “Rural Water well drilling Agency” was given a new name – “Rural Water Supply Agency” and it was given an overall task to studying, designing, construction and maintaining of the rural water supply works and the country was divided into 8 regions.

The “Hydrology Section” was named “Land and Water Studies Agency” and was given an additional responsibility of studying and designing of dams and irrigation structures, along with the hydrological studies.

As time passed, the importance given to the water sector became more and more pronounced and the need for a much more strong and organized water sector was taken as a serious concern.

In 1979 the sector experienced a major transformation. “National Water Resources Commission”, which was later named “Water Resource Commission”, was established. Under this commission the following agencies were formed:

Water Resource Development Authority: responsible for the study and design of dams, irrigation structures and drainage system;

Water Supply & Sewerage Authority: responsible for the design operation and maintenance of urban and rural water supply, sanitation and sewerage works;

Ethiopian Water Works Construction Authority (EWWCA): responsible for the construction of all water related structures and systems.


The WWCE was created from the EWWCA.

In 1991 the Water Resources Commission was absorbed in the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environmental protection. From here on, only the Ethiopian Water Works Construction Authority survived as an independent organization, while the other authorities were dissolved in the new Ministry. Later on the water sector was again reestablished as “Ministry of Water Resources”. However, this did not bring any change to EWWCA.

In 1994, when the government restructured all the public owned organizations, the former EWWCA was also reorganized. The Rural Water Supply Department was taken out of EWWCA and transferred to regional governments. The major construction department was reestablished under the new name of “Water Works Construction Enterprise” (WWCE).

From here on, the company became an independent public enterprise, which should depend on its own income. All government subsidies were suspended. The enterprise had to compete freely in the market to get projects, unlike before, when projects were given by exclusive appointment.

At present WWCE is one of the few 1st grade general contractors in the country. It is the only public enterprise with rich experience in the field of Water Works and Road Constructions.


General information about WWCE

The Enterprise’s structure has been revised in August 2004 to suit the prevailing market environment. Moreover, the Council of Ministers has issued a regulation No. 109/2004 on the 23rd of August 2004, in order to amend the aim of WWCE’s establishment. According to this regulation PESA has been replaced by MOWR as WWCE’s supervising Authority. Further more, it allows the enterprise to involve itself in the construction of its own dams pertaining to water resource development for irrigation and other related development purpose, and administer the involvement cost. As well as, collect investment cost from beneficiaries of such dams and invest the money on other similar development. WWCE is also empowered to issue, sell and pledge bonds including the manufacture and sale of different kinds of pipes necessary for its activities.

The total establishment capital of WWCE is Birr 3,704,180,000.00 in which 205, 412,000 is paid in cash.



Delivering quality, effective and efficient service to its costumers through the execution of:

Dams, Irrigation and Drainage Networks;

Water supply and sewerage networks;

Construction of roads and buildings;

Land Reclamation;

River Diversions;

Deep well Drillings;

Hydro power plants;

Issue, sell and pledge bonds;

Manufacture and sell different kinds of pipes necessary for its activities.



Costumer satisfaction through quality, effective and efficient services;

Transparent and cost effective management style;

Employees centered and consultative leadership system.


Joint Venture Agreements

In 2004 WWCE made a joint venture agreement with an Egyptian company known as Golden Trade fore the sake of establishing Geosynthetic manufacturing factory with a total of 39,600,000 Birr of which, WWCE’s share is 70%. As well as with a Chinese company for the execution of tunnels and other civil engineering works.

Strategic Vision: Five years strategic objectives (2007 – 2011)

Increase profit by 10-15% every year;

Expand the market share by 5% every year;

To construct 4 large scale multi-purpose dams and administer at least 2 of them;

Collection of investment costs will be started at least from two irrigation dams in the year 2009;

Construct a flex flume factory for the use in irrigation projects.


Main Projects

In the last four years the company has been involved in large scale projects in Ethiopia and also in other areas like Sudan, Somali and Djibouti. WWCE is developing water supply in Addis Ababa; it’s also engaged in remote areas of the country in order to accomplish the Millennium Development Goals.

Water Supply: 6 projects in Ethiopia and Somali region for a total amount of 231,460,936 Birr ($21,041,903.3);

Dam & Irrigation: 4 projects in Ethiopia for a total amount of approximately 1,148,859,800 Birr ($104,441,800);

Dry Port Construction: 1 project in Ethiopia for a total amount of 2,263,118.8 Birr ($205,738.073);

Sugar Factory Expansion: 1 project in Ethiopia for a total amount of 39,104,918.38 Birr ($3,554,992.57).


Geffersa water supply project


Grawting structure at Geffersa


Intake tower at Tendaho Dam & irrigation project


Intake tower at Geffersa water supply project


Tendaho Dam & Irrigation Project

Tendaho Dam & Irrigation Project


Spill way under construction at Geffersa water supply projectw

Spill way under construction Tendaho Dam & irrigation project

Intake tower at Tendaho dam & irrigation project

Spill way radial gate at Geffersa WSP


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