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sSA: Ethiopia :Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise (WWDSE)

Name of company

Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise (WWDSE)


P.O. Box 2561


(+251) 0116614501/631890/610105/187443   


(+251) 0116615371/610898

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Water Resources

Water Works Design & Supervision Enterprise is a public consultant in the field of all water resources development sectors.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the Enterprise is to deliver quality consultancy service in water resources development such as, Domestic and Industrial Water, Waste Water Disposal, Irrigation and Drainage, Hydropower, Flood Control, Dams and Related Structures, Basin Development Master Plan Study, etc and building national capacity in the field of water resource study, design and construction supervision.


The Enterprise has a vision ‘’to become a reputed international consulting firm’’ in the industry.

Scope of Services

Although, the actual services provided structured to meet the specific requirements of any assignment, the general range of the work undertaken include the followings:

• Project Study and Design;
• Preparation of Tender Documents and Bid Evaluation;
• Construction Supervision;
• Contract Management and Administration;
• Laboratory test services for water quality, soil fertility, soil and rock mechanics and concrete quality test;
• Geophysical, Geo-technical and Hydro-geological Investigation Services;
• Surveying, GIS and Auto CAD Services;
• On Job Training i.e. skill transfer to clients staff.

Partnership with Stakeholder

WWDSE welcome active collaboration and partnership with private, corporate and public entities including academic and research institutions within and abroad working in the water resources development. In this regard, the Enterprise gives key importance to enhance professional capabilities so as to boost synergic development and experience sharing in the area.

Implementation Capacity

In compliance with its commitment to quality Engineering consultancy service as well as improve competitive edge in the liberalized market, the Enterprise regularly up grades its material and manpower resources. In this respect, it has made progress in all aspects of capacity compared to the previous years.

Human Resources

The Enterprise has highly professional skill with variety of disciplines on water development sector. Regarding to this, the staff have wide experience and accumulated knowledge in the sector over long period of time.

Currently, the Enterprise possesses about 615 staff in general excluding freelance professionals working on the part time bases.

Material Facility

The Enterprise has sufficient modern facilities to provide quality consultancy service in water resources development. The scientific instruments in the Enterprise are of high quality standard. More over, all instruments are calibrated to keep up their precision with in a proposed time frame.

Surveying Service

This service is one of the most important working units that produce maps for all water related projects based on Satellite Imagery, Arial Photograph, EMA (Ethiopian Mapping Agency), Base Map and Ground Surveying undertaken. It also provides CAD and GIS services, which will be an input for further detail engineering design study. In addition, the unit supervises implementation of projects to construct all designed structures as per their working drawings.
The unit delivers the service both for the in-house projects and external customers.
The service is equipped with modern soft wares and instruments such as Fixed GPS, Total Station, Digitizer, Electronic and manual Theodolihts…etc

Laboratory service

Laboratory service tests water quality, soil fertility, soil and rock mechanics including concrete quality tests which are an input for the subsequent steeps of the project study.

The Laboratory is equipped with very modern and expensive instruments due to the degree of precision expected from the output. Among these instruments are Tri-axial, Digital Direct Shear, Consolidation, Automic Absorption Spectroscopy, and different types of Flame Photometers, Spectrophotometers Sterilization and Water distillation Equipments are mentioned a few. At present the laboratory service gives service to external customs too.

Hydro-geological and Geo-technical Investigation

The hydro geological study focuses on evaluation of the ground water resources for economical exploration while the geo technical investigation deals with characterization of ground condition for foundation of different structures like dams, buildings, roads etc. and assessment of construction materials.

Geophysical investigation is mainly applied to predict the earth materials and its physical behavior with the objectives of ground water exploration and engineering field related to foundation of dams, buildings, roads and etc.

The Enterprise delivered these services through the aid of modern scientific instruments of its own and regularly updated soft wares.
In this regard, it has four core drilling rigs with drilling capacity of up to 1100m. Among complete sets of geophysical instruments are KMB 1.4, KMB .4, Dando, and Cleleus D90 are included.

Executive Summery

Various studies reveal that Ethiopia is endowed with rich surface and ground water resources that have not been yet utilized to the best of the socio-economic development of the society at large.

Amongst of the main reasons for under utilization of this abundant resources, lack of national competent institution that can provide quality engineering consultancy service in the sector sighted as a basic problem. In cognizant of this institutional gap, the government of Ethiopia put in to place Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise (WWDSE) in October 1998 under the Council of Minister’s Regulation No. 42/1998.

So far, the Enterprise has provided consultancy services for about 113 projects. Furthermore, currently 25 projects are in progress. Among these, Tendaho, Kessem, Wonji Shewa, Humera, Yadot, Bale-Gardula irrigation projects and Logiya, Filtu, Hargele, Desse and Kebere Mengist water supply projects can be the best exemplary mentioned.


Koga Intake Tower.

Kessem Intake Tower.

Kessem Canal.

Hydrogeological Investigation Drilling.

Beseka Lake Level Control Delivery Basin.

Adwa Water Supply Dam.

Adwa Water Supply Airsion.

Tendaho Sugar Cane Plantation.

Tendaho Main Canal.

Study and Design Pool.

Semera Logiya Water Supply.

Profile Pit Description.




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