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SSA : Nigeria :Kraft Konsult Limited

Name of company Kraft Konsult Limited


27, Razaq Balogun Street, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria


0702 363 0696, 0803 302 4189, 01 659 4719



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Our Company

KRAFT KONSULT is an indigenous print communication service provider with her offices at 27 Razaq Balogun Street, off Adelabu Street, off Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere, Lagos. Registered as an enterprise in 1991 and incorporated in 1996, the company began full scale operations on the 1st of May 1994. In July 2004 Trust Bank of Africa took up shareholdings in the company.

Our major competencies lie in the uniqueness of our designs, high product quality and the innovativeness we bring to every project and commission. We focus on the provision of high quality identity communication services, marketing tools, print promotional items and the exploration of innovative products to satisfy the needs of virtually every strata of the society.

We build on the confidence and trust of our clientele based on our aim of constant and never ending improvement on the quality of our services and products.


To help our customers “ … say it well”


To satisfy the customers needs creatively and profitably by building a learning and growing organization.

Core values


We believe in ethical conduct at the highest possible standard and it’s promotion in business.


We are created to serve the customer, our employees, shareholders, other
Stakeholders and the society at large.

Board of directors

Mr. Ede Dafinone - Chairman

A principal partner of Horwath Dafinone a, Ede Dafinone sits on the board of several companies and has brought his experience to bear on the growth of Kraft Konsult Limited.

Mr Ayodeji Ojo - Director

Also a graduate of Architecture, he was the Sales Director for over ten years but is currently in a non executive position.

Mr Akintayo Oloko - Director

He is a banker working with safetrust Limited and was Sterling Bank Plc’s representative on the board.

Mr. Olaniyi Oginni - Director

One of the founders of Kraft Konsult, he has held several postions both in the infotech industry and is curently the CEO of Oil and Gas Marketing Limited.

Mr. Olujide Ojo - Managing Director

A graduate of Architecture has over fifteen years experience in the design and print industry and has worked with Kraft Konsult since inception.

Mr. Victor Turner - Executive Director

A B.Sc and M.Sc degree holder in Architecture, has been the Creative director of Kraft konsult for the last 15 years.

Mr. Olujide Ojo - Managing Director

A graduate of Architecture has over fifteen years experience in the design and print industry and has worked with Kraft Konsult since inception.

Mr. Victor Turner - Executive Director

A B.Sc and M.Sc degree holder in Architecture, has been the Creative director of Kraft konsult for the last 15 years.

Growth solutions?

Do you believe growth can be achieved in your organization through improvement in the effectiveness and quality of your marketing approach, tools & promo materials?
Can the customer’s perception of your brand be stronger?

Is there room for improvement in the quality of your print items?

If your answer to one of the question above is yes, you definitely need our services; if your answer to two or three is yes, you really need our services.

We are image builders and our goal is that your company’s image and brand be so well established that the value of your brand far exceeds the value of your physical assets.

This proposal also explains in details the services we render (Identity/Logo creation & redesign, Direct Marketing & Branding consultancy) to make sure that your organization is properly focused and efficiently addresses your target market.

Our interaction with customers over the years has provided us with feedback on the difficulty experienced in making decisions on marketing approaches and promotional tools. This is an attempt to simplify the process, thereby saving you time and invariably money.

Image is the impression a person, organization or product portrays to the public. This is very important especially when the target market is yet to have any direct contact with the company or its products. Your identity needs to be unique and distinctly recognizable.

The following are some of the factors that determine your stakeholders’ image of your organization:

- Your identity/logo.
- Your brands, brand strength and brand perceptions.
- Your marketing approach.
- Quality of design of marketing tools.
- Quality of production of marketing tools.
- Quality of Products and Services.

At KRAFT KONSULT, we make sure you pass the right message across in the most effective manner. We build your identity by helping you to “say it well”

Our experience over the years has transcended the traditional process of design and production of marketing tools. We render marketing consultancy and advisory services to our customers as part of our desire to ensure that the clientele’s product and services excel in the market.

Our Services:

1. Logo creation and redesign.

Logos are more than symbols of identification; they are the visual link between the company and the individual, they express the innate character of organizations. We create logos and assist existing organizations in the process of redesigning logos to better suit and express their focus and peculiarities.

2. Design of marketing tools

Design of print items is our greatest strength. We have found out over the years that the quality of our designs stand out and this is usually translated into the market’s perception of our customer’s products and services.

Quality of the design of marketing tools is of particular importance when dealing with prospective customers who have not had the benefit of enjoying your organization’s excellent service. Imagine a company with the best service but poorly designed marketing tool, expansion prospects will come only through increased sales from existing customers. This level of growth is definitely not what you desire; adding new customers is a source of current and future growth.

The following are some of the marketing tools:

- Annual Reports
- Brochures
- Leaflets
- Fliers
- Folders.

3. Print advert design

We design print adverts that

- Build up your image and perception of your brand and
- Promote your products and services

4. Production of marketing tools

Marketing tools serve both existing and prospective customers. The best-designed tools must be matched with excellent quality of production to make an impact on the customer. The quality of our print items are very high due to the care we take during production, the processes and procedures we have ingraining into our production flow and the high quality standards we have set for final products.

5. Direct marketing services

Focused and directed marketing is one of the shortest way to reach the prospective and existing customer. The market is large and highly fragmented, but each company has and should know the category of customers she wants to offer her services to.

Identifying and helping you to reach these customers one on one in an identifiable manner is the greatest allure of direct marketing. You simply get to know your customer – direct, no interfering media.

6. Branding services

The branding process involves all the above and much more. All companies, individuals and products are brands of sorts, the difference is that some are very weak brands, others are strong brands. Transforming your organization into a strong brand, entrenching your organization and products/services in the mind of the customer is the key to long term profitability, you get to reap a lot by sowing into the customer’s mind.

7. Stationery items design & production

Bundling this service is because of our belief that stationery items are the gateway to image and perception of the company. In salient and usually underestimated ways, stationery items will determine the customer and prospective customer’s perception of your organization. A bundle of products ensures that this image is cohesive, consistent and spread across various products.

The following are the products that are intended for the stationery bundle.

Call cards
Continuation sheets
Office booklets (receipt, invoice etc)
Memo pads
Identity cards

Every customer must purchase a minimum of three products to qualify for this bundle. Purchase of four products will entitle the customer to 5.0% discount on the total bundle price while 5 products will result in a 8.0% discount.

8. Year end print promotional items

Year ends are the time to appreciate all those who have contributed to our businesses and growth, it is usually the best time to say “thank you.” We offer various products that simply enhance your relationship and connection with your stakeholders.

Greeting cards
Table calendars
Wall calendars
German calendars
Notebooks etc

Each of the above mentioned services are rendered with one goal in mind, growth in your relationship with stakeholders and ultimately growth in your bottom-line.



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