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SSA : Nigeria : Multishield Ltd

Name of company

Multishield Ltd


322 Ikorodu Road, Anthony, Lagos State


0805MSHIELD (08056744353), 01-7737598, 01-7910807




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Multishield Limited Is A Private Limited Liability Company Focused On Providing Managed Healthcare And Health Consultancy Services. We Provide Employee, Community, Individual And Family Health Plans With A Wide Range Of Benefits, Encouraging Customization Of Plans To Suit Clients’ Needs. With A Continuously Expanding Client Base, We Always Provide Qualitative, Accessible And Simple-To-Operate Health Plans.

Multishield Limited Started Operations In 1997 And Is One Of The First Set Of Health Maintenance Organisations Accredited By The National Health Insurance Scheme. Our Partnerships With Healthcare Organizations In Diverse Locations Globally Enables Us Provide First Class National And International Health Cover For Our Clients.

Multishield’s Staff Are Tested Professionals In Various Fields. We Employ And Retain The Best Hands To Promote Quality Assurance On All Fronts And Ensure Our Clients Experience Good Service At All Times.

Our Vision

Within The Next 5 Years, We Will Align Multishield As A Leading Market Brand In The Healthcare Management (And Hmo) Business With Operations In Every Geopolitical Zone Of Nigeria. We Will Be Distinguished As A Company That Always Exceeds The Expectations Of Our Customers, People, Providers, Shareholders And Other Stakeholders. We Will Continuously Improve Our Business Toward Greater Excellence And Profitability.
(October 2004)

Our Mission

We Satisfy And Delight Our Customers, People, Providers, Shareholders, And Other Stakeholders By Delivering Value Through Quality Health Services Managed By A Highly Motivated And Well Rewarded Team Of High-Performing Individuals Under An Environment Of Excellence, Trust And Cordiality While Attaining And Maintaining Profitability In The Short To Medium Term.

Our Business Model

Managed Healthcare
There Is Considerable Evidence Globally That The Quality Of Health Services Being Offered To People Can Best Be Guaranteed When There Is A Third-Party Financing And Management System In Place That Enables A Pooling Of Resources And Medical Expertise. This System Of Ensuring Delivery And Receipt Of Qualitative Healthcare Is Provided By Multishield.

For A Pre-Paid Premium, Subscribers To Multishield Health Plan Are Assured Of Access To Healthcare When And Where Required. All Multishield Health Plans Incorporate Preventive Healthcare Services. The Plans Therefore Afford The Following Benefits:

To Subscribers

• Peace Of Mind For You And Your Family
• Budgetable Medical Expenditure
• Access To Quality Health Care Services At All Times
• Protect Families, Income Earners And Employers From The Financial Hardship Of Huge Medical Bills
• Ensure Equitable Distribution Of Healthcare Costs
• Maintain High Standard Of Healthcare Delivery Services
• Provision For Emergency Medical Services Anywhere In Nigeria
• Greater Value For Money Spent

To Organisations

• General Improvement Of The Physical And Mental Health Of Employees
• Removal Of Virtually All Abuse From The Healthcare Delivery System
• Budgetable Medical Expenditure
• Removal Of The Need To Employ Staff To Supervise Healthcare Delivery And Vetting Of Bills
• Opportunity For The Company To Concentrate On Core Business Activities
• Greater Value For Money Spent

Furthermore, The Managed Healthcare System Ensures Availability Of Funds For The Improvement Of The Health Sector, For The Benefit Of All.

Our Providers

We Have A Nationwide Network Of Providers, Each Of Which Has Been Appointed After Critical Assessment Of The Facilities Available For Patient Care. Each Provider Has Facilities For Primary And Secondary Level Care. Efforts Are Made To Ensure That The Medical Directors Of These Hospitals Understand And Accept The Concept Of Managed Healthcare; To Accept A Pre-Agreed Amount Per Person In Anticipation Of Unselected High Subscriber Volume.

The List Of Providers Is In The Enclosed Manual. Each Subscriber Will Choose Any Of The Hospitals Listed In Our Manual. At The Chosen Hospital, S/He Will Receive Treatment At Any Time And Any Number Of Times. There Is No Limit To The Number Of Visits Allowed. All Health Benefits In The Plan Subscribed To Will Be Provided Through The Chosen Hospital, Either Directly Or As A Point Of Referral To Specialists.

Subscribers Can Change From One Provider To Another After Due Notification To Multishield Ltd.

We Have Put Mechanisms In Place That Ensure That All Complaints From Our Subscribers Are Promptly Investigated And Expeditiously Dealt With To Your Satisfaction. Our Hotlines Are Available On A 24/7 Basis And Printed At The Back Of Subscribers’ Id Cards. Our Provider Liaison Officers (Plos) Interact With These Hospitals To Ensure Our Subscribers Are Adequately Cared For. We Also Conduct Periodic Assessment Reviews To Ensure Agreed Standards Of Care Are Maintained By Our Providers.

Health Consultancy

Services Include:

• Industrial Safety Initiatives
• Public Health Campaigns
• Medical Supervisory Services

On-Site Clinics

Multishield Limited Provides On-Site Clinic Facilities For Stabilisation Of Emergency Cases, Treatment Of Simple Medical Ailments, Health Checks And Health Education.

Customer Service Fora And Client Satisfaction Surveys
These Hold At Regular Intervals (And More Frequently, If Indicated).

Why Choose A Multishield Health Plan?

• A Strong Focus On Health Promotion

Our Priority Is To Keep You In Good Health. We Therefore Continuously Innovate And Lead In Providing Our Members With Access To Programs That Are Designed To Promote Healthy Living.

We Have Contracted With Various Top Range Health Promotion Outfits, To Avail Discounts To Our Members. The List Of Participating Health Promotion Outfits Is Available In The Members-Only Section Of Our Website.

Our Website (Www.Multishieldltd.Com) Also Acts As A Gateway To Repositories Of Health Information.

• Simple-To-Operate Health Plans

Multishield Health Plans Are Structured With The Ease Of All Stakeholders In Mind. Thus, We Constantly Review Our Processes To Ensure Only Necessary Steps Are Incorporated. Simplicity Is An Integral Element Of Multishield’s Quality Assurance Model.

• Our Network

Our Members Have Access To A Nationwide Network Of Providers, All Of Who Support The Managed Care Concept Of Healthcare Delivery.

Multishield’s Provider Network Is Closely Maintained To Ensure Members Receive The Best Quality Of Care At All Times.

• Customer Service

Members Have Access To Customer Service Lines That Are Available On A 24/7 Basis. Information Is Easily Verified And Assistance Provided As Required.

How Multishield Managed Healthcare System Works

• Multishield Limited Is Accredited By The National Health Insurance Scheme To Provide Managed Care Services To Nigeria Residents Nationally.

• Funding: An Agreed Amount, Called A Premium, Is Paid By/For Every Individual On The Scheme. Premium Payable Depends On The Benefits In The Chosen Health Plan.

• Pooling: The Premium Paid Will Cover All Benefits In The Health Plan; Primary And Specialist Care As Required.

• Risk Sharing: Since A Fixed Sum Is Paid For Every Individual, Risks Will Be Spread Widely Between Those With A High Need For Healthcare And Those With A Low Need. Thus, The Health Cost Per Individual Will Be Minimal And Affordable.

• Service Delivery: Continuous Review Of Service Experiences At The Healthcare Providers Will Guarantee Minimum Standards Of Quality Are Maintained.

• Preventive Healthcare: We Monitor Trends In The Community And Advise On Preventive And Promotive Measures That Ensure The Health Of Residents Are Maintained At Maximum Levels.

Value-Added Services

• Health Promotion – Discounts At Gyms
In Furtherance Of Our Commitment To Promoting The Health Of Our Subscribers, Multishield Limited Has Contracted With Reputable Gyms In Various Locations Nationally, To Avail Discounts To Multishield Subscribers. Discounts Currently Range From 10% To 27%.

• Community Service
Multishield Limited Provides Preventive Health Services And Health Promotion Campaigns To The Nigerian Community. These Services Include Life Change Programmes To Promote Healthy Living, Hiv/Aids Awareness Campaigns And Balanced Dietary Habits.

Discounts At Various Lifestyle Outlets
We Believe In The Holistic Concept Of Health And Therefore Encourage Healthy Lifestyles Socially, Mentally And Physically. In Line With This, We Have Contracted With Various Business Organizations Across Several Spheres Of Endeavour To Provide Services At Discounted Prices To Multishield Subscribers. These Organizations Include Cinemas, Mothercare Shops, Boutiques, Hair Salons, Electronic Stores, Food And Hospitality, Drycleaning And Event Planning. Please Visit Our Website For Contact Details And Discounts Applicable.

Our Board

Chief (Dr) Dele Fajemirokun (Chairman)
Chief Fajemirokun Is An Astute Businessman. He Has A Bsc In Economics From The University Of Ife (Now Obafemi Awolowo University) And An Honorary Doctor Of Business Administration From The University Of Los Angeles, Usa

Dr J.G. Idowu, Mbbs, Fmcs (Managing Director/Ceo)
Dr Idowu Has Over 3 Decades Of Experience As A Medical Practitioner And Consultant Surgeon. He Is A Fellow Of The Medical College Of Surgeons Of Nigeria. He Is Also The Medical Director Of Mount Pisgah Hospital, Lagos. He Has More Than Ten Years Experience In The Managed Healthcare Industry.

Engr. Kunle Ogunbayo B.Sc. Fnse, Mcibse, C.Eng. Mashrae
Engr. Ogunbayo Has Over 30 Years Experience Of Practice As An Engineer Both Within And Outside Nigeria. A Fellow Of The Nigerian Society Of Engineers, He Has Served The Engineering Community In Various Capacities. He Has Also Served On The Boards Of Various Companies And Brings A Unique Wealth Of Experience To The Board Of Multishield. He Is Currently Ceo Of Koa Consultants Ltd, An Engineering Consulting Firm.

Dr. Mohammed Bashir Tahir, Mbbs, Fwcs
Dr. Bashir Is Medical Doctor, A Graduate Of The University Of Maiduguri Medical School. He Is A Fellow Of The West African College Of Surgeons (Fwacs). He Is A Clinician At The Umth And Has Served At Various Positions In The College. He Is Presently The Chairman Of Yobe State Hospitals Management Board.

Dr Leke Oshunniyi, Mbbs
Dr Oshunniyi Is The Director Of Royal Cross Hospital, Lagos And Was Formerly The Secretary Of The Association Of General And Private Medical Practitioners Of Nigeria.

Dr Seyi Roberts, Mbbs, Fwacp, Fmcp
Dr Roberts Is A Consultant Neurologist. He Is An External Examiner In Medicine And Neurology Of The College Of Medicine, University Of Lagos And Faculty Of Medicine Of The National Postgraduate Medical College. He Is Also The Medical Director Of Royal Cross Medical Centre.

Mr. Bolade Oyebolu Bsc, Fca, Acti
Mr. Oyebolu Is A Chartered Accountant And Is The Managing Director Of Venture Capital Partners Limited. He Has A Bsc In Economics From Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife And Worked With Kpmg Audit Where He Trained As Accountant. He Also Worked As An Accountant At Inlaks Computers. He Is A Fellow Of The Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of Nigeria (Ican) And An Associate Member Of The Nigerian Institute Of Taxation.

Engr G.O. Adegbuji
Engineer Adegbuji Had His Formal Education In Lagos And Cardiff, South-Wales, England. He Also Had Professional Training In Satellite Communications In The Usa. In Nigeeria, He Worked With Nigerian Telecommunications Ltd (Nitel) Where He Rose To The Post Of Md/Ceo. He Retired From Nitel In January 2003 And Setup His Consulting Outfit – Communication And Satellite Engineering Services Ltd, Where He Currently Serves As Md/Ceo.

Mr. S.D.A Sobanjo Bsc, Msc(Mgt), Mba(Mktg), Acii (Lon), Fcii (Lon), Fcii (Nig), Mnim
Mr. Sobanjo Is A Graduate Of The University Of Lagos Where He Read Actuarial Science. He Is A Fellow Of The Chartered Institute Of Insurers (Acii) Of Both London And Nigeria. He Has Worked In Various Insurance Companies And Was The Md/Ceo Of African Alliance Insurance Company Ltd. He Is Currently The Md/Ceo Of Aiico Insurance Plc.

Our Management Team

Dr J.G Idowu, Mbbs, Fmcs (Managing Director/Ceo)
Dr Idowu Has Over 3 Decades Of Experience As A Medical Practitioner And Consultant Surgeon. He Is A Fellow Of The Medical College Of Surgeons Of Nigeria. He Is Also The Medical Director Of Mount Pisgah Hospital, Lagos. He Has More Than Ten Years Experience In The Managed Healthcare Industry.

Dr. Kemi Oluwabamise Mbbs, Mba, Aca, Anim (Agm, Business Development)
Dr. Kemi Oluwabamise Has Over 15 Years Professional Experience Spanning Different Sectors. Prior To Joining Multishield Ltd, She Worked In The Business Transformation Department Of United Bank For Africa Plc And Had Handled Business Process And Quality Improvement Activities In Standard Trust Bank Plc. She Had Also Worked With Limosec Associates As A Business Consultant. Before These Functions, She Was In General Medical Practice.

Mr. Olalekan Agbolade Bsc, Msc, Pgd (Hse) (Agm, Operations)
Mr. Olalekan Agbolade Holds Bsc And Msc Degrees In Biochemistry From The University Of Ibadan. He Obtained His Mba (Operations) From The University Of Lagos And Pgd (Hse) From Lagos University Teaching Hospital. He Has Over 15 Years Post-Graduation Working Experience In Both The Manufacturing And Service Industries. He Is A Member Of The Technical Committees Of Some Professional Organizations Such As Institute Of Public Analysts Of Nigeria (Ipan) And The Nigerian Institute Of Food Science And Technology (Nifst). Prior To Joining Multishield Limited, He Was Head Of Operations In A Number Of Industries.

Mr. Joshua M.A. Aderinoye, Aca, Mba, Acib (Sm, Finance & Admin)
Mr. Aderinoye, Chartered Accountant Has 17 Years Post Qualification Experience As A Chartered Accountant Spanning Fields Like Accounting, Banking And Financing. He Is Currently, Senior Manager (Finance And Admin).

Mr. Temitope Jaiyesimi, Bsc, Mba (Sm, Business Development)
Mr Jaiyesimi Is An Economics Graduate From Ondo State University Now University Of Ado-Ekiti. He Holds A Masters Degree In Business Administration Specializing In Marketing. Mr. Jaiyesimi Has Over Twelve Years Post Qualification Experience In Sales And Marketing, Ten Of Which Was At Managerial Position At Evans Medical Plc. He Is An Associate Member Of National Institute Of Marketing Of Nigeria.

Mr. Olufemi Quadri, Hnd, Mba, Amnimn (Sm, Business Development)
Mr. Quadri Is An Accountancy Graduate From The Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti. He Holds A Masters Degree In Business Administration Specializing In Marketing. Mr. Quadri Has Over 18 Years Post Qualification Experience In Sales And Marketing, Sixteen Of Which Was At Senior Managerial Position At Nigeria Bottling Company Plc. He Is An Associate Member Of National Institute Of Marketing Of Nigeria.

Dr. Adeboje Olawale T., Mbbs
Dr. Adeboje Olawale Has Mbbs From The University Of Ilorin. He Is A Member Of The Nigerian Medical Association. His Principal Interest Is In Health Informatics. He Is Currently Manager (Health Services).

Mr. Oladiran O. Okunlola
Mr. Oladiran O. Okunlola Is A Graduate Of The Polytechnic, Ibadan And A Diplomate Of The Chartered Institute Of Marketing, Great Britain. He Brought In Experiences From Publishing, Management Consultancy And Hospital Administration. He Is Currently, Manager (Business Development).

Mr. Olufemi T. Oyagade, Bsc, Mba
Mr. Olufemi T. Oyagade Holds A B.Sc Degree In Business Administration With Second Class (Upper Division) From The Anambra State University Of Technology (Now Enugu State University Of Technology) And Also An Mba From Lagos State University. He Has Over 5 Years Experience In The Operations Of Health Maintenance Organization (Hmo) In Nigeria. He Is Currently, Assistant Manager (Business Development).


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