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SSA : Nigeria :The Roding Medical Centre

Name of company The Roding Medical Centre
Client: Dr. A. Adeyemi-Bero


Dr. Adeyemi-Bero Company address: 29b, Olabode George street, off Yunis Bashorun, off Ajose Adeogun street, Lagos


+234 14619695


01-545 1091, 269 3041, 270 7508

Contact Mail



The Roding Medical Centre Limited was incorporated as a limited liability company on 8th February 1999 to offer quality healthcare services for women and children in an informal yet professional atmosphere. The hospital opened its doors for business on April 25th 1999 at its office located at 29B Olabode George Street, Off Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The Roding Medical is a 11-bed inpatient facility and a high dependency Unit with 2 beds with all rooms having en-suit facilities. There is a fully equipped operating theatre where both open and endoscopic procedures are performed.

Today, the Centre with a patient base of more than 10,000, has recorded 1500 deliveries of new born babies. The Centre is regarded as a leader in the care of Woman and Children in private medical care in the Lagos Metropolis.

In 2001, the Centre became the third Centre in Nigeriaz to establsj as assisted conception unit with In-Vitro fertilization technology to assist infertile couples. The Centre recorded the milestone of delivering a triplet pregnancy conceived by the assistance of the In-Vitro in its unit.

In 2005, the Centre also recorded the delivery of a baby boy born to a 52 year old infertile woman whose pregnancy was conceived in the unit with Donor eggs with In-Vitro fertilization.

In 2006, the Centre moreover recorded the delivery of a baby girl to a 25 year old woman whose husband did not have sperm in his ejaculation. Conception was achieved following Testicular surgical aspirate of tissue obtained by biopsy from the partner’s testes and employing Intra cytoplasmic sperm in injection/In-Vitro Fertilization techniques.


To be the leading provider of first class healthcare service in Nigeria.

Our Mission

To provide excellent and comprehensive healthcare service to all patients, in line with World Best Practices through a well trained workforce with modern facilities.

Our Clientele

Our clientele include individuals, families and corporate bodies. Included in our list are the following to mention but a few.

• Medexia

o Conoco Philips
o Zain
o General Electric
o Standard Chatered

• Unic Health (Hmo)

o Mtn Nigeria Communications Litd.
o Virgin Nigeria Airways (Vna)
o Chapel Hill Advsory
o Schlumberger
o Vetiva Capital Management
o Stanbic Ibtc Bank

• Expatcarehealth International Limited (Hmo)

o Etisalat
o Oando
o Linetrale
o Ocean & Oil
o Citi Bank
o British Council Ltd.
o Groffin Nigeria
o Huawei Technology
o Bank Phb

• Healthcare International Limited (Hmo)

o Century Energy Services
o Egypt Air Nigeria
o Cyberspace Networks Limited
o Motorola Nigeria Limited
o Intercellular Nigeria Limited
o Unity Bank

• Premiermedicaid Nigeria Limited (Hmo)

o Intercontinental Bank
o Guarantee Trust Bank (Gtbank)
o Asset & Resource Managment
o Ibtc
o Lekki Concession Company
o Primewaterview Ltd.
o Starcomms Plc.

Our Management

Dr. Adewunmi Adeyemi-Bero [MBCH (Dublin) MRCOG (UK)]


Dr. Adewunmi Adeyemi-Bero is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist of over 17years experience. He graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons/The National University of Ireland in 1983. He became a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in the U.K. in 1994. He is also an alumnus of the Lagos Business School. He is the proposer and pioneer Medical Director of the Roding Medical Centre. He has attended several international medical conferences, overseas, in the specialty of Obstetrics & Gynaecology. He is very keen lawn tennis player and also enjoys swimming and water sports.

Michael Adekunle Alabi


Michael Adekunle Alabi, is a Chartered Accountant of over fifteen years experience. He graduated from Yaba College of Technology in 1990 with Higher National Diplma (Upper Credit) in Accountancy. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Lagos State University. He is an Associate Member of both the Institute ofChartered Accountants of Nigeria and Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria. Also, he is a Certified Information System Auditor. Michael has about 8years experience with an international firm of accounting and consulting - Coopers and Lybrand, Nigeria (Now PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Nigeria) and BDO Oyediran, Faleye, Oke & Co. respectively. He has rendered accountacy, auditing and consultancy services to many leading businesses in Nigeria. He has attended many local and international conferences and training seminars. He is a member of Deeper Life Bible Church, Lagos. He enjoys listening to music and preaching of the gospel of Christ.

Oguama Nonyem Patience (Mrs.) [B.Sc, MPA, MIPMN]

Human Resource Manager

Graduate of Geography & Planning from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and has Master in Public Administration from the Lagos State University, Ojo. A Memeber of the chartered institute of Personnel Managment of Nigeria (IPMN). Over fifteen years work experience.

Mr. Adeyemi Olalekan
H.O.D. of the Lab.
Mr Adeyemi Olalekan is an exprienced medical laboratory scientist with the award of an associate member of medical laboratory science council of Nigeria (AIMLS). He earned a Bachelor degree of medical laboratory sciences (BMLS) at Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, and had his associate in the university college hospital (U.C.H.) Ibadan.

Mrs. Ngozi Augusta Amatotscro

The Matron

A staff nurse/mid-wife with up to 20 years experience and have worked in various hospitals in Lagos.

Our Team

Our health care team includes:

• Gynaecologists
• Paediatricians
• General Care Doctors
• Specialist (ENT i.e Urology)
• And extremely competent, highly skilled nursing staff

Our Services

Antenatal and Maternity:

The period between conception and delivery is very tasking to the would be mother and we fully understand this in the Roding Medical Centre. We strive to provide excellent prenatal care for all our clients in a very professional but relaxed atmosphere. We encourage dialogue and Q & A sessions. To this end we have special Antenatal Classes, where the clients and the senior nurses and labour ward staff answer all pressing questions and refer the difficult ones to our consultant OBGYNs.

To enable the client maintain control over the delivery process we have a specially formulated Final Birth Plan, which the client is expected to fill in her preferences for all stages of labour and delivery. Our staff are always willing to assist in filling this important document.


Numerous diseases and conditions are managed in the Roding Medical Centre. All forms of menstrual disorders, endocrine aberrations, fibroids, endometriosis, vaginal discharges etc will find resolution in our centre.
We strive to educate the clients who suffer from all forms of conditions peculiar to women at the same time we treat them. This ensures compliance to therapy as well as improves our efforts to promote prevention.

Infertility Clinic

For our clients who are unable to reproduce we offer a wide range of services to assist conception at competitive prices. Timed intercourse, Intrauterine Insemination, IVF, ICSI are some of the services we provide in an atmosphere of confidentiality.
Visit our well equipped and professionally staffed IVF unit to learn more on these services.


The Centre provides a Gynaecological and Obstetric ultrasound scan service with the use of both abdominal and vaginal probes. Services offered include ovarian follicular surveillance, 20-week Anomaly ultrasound scans, assessments of growth and fetal well-being.

Well Woman Clinic:

We encourage women to come in regularly for check ups. The body of the female is intricately designed and as such small “irregularities” may still allow for normal functioning, but overall there may be a decline in reproductive capacity and/or increase in cancer predisposition. These are the major areas of concern in our well women clinic as we try to screen for early signs of these irregularities. We offer Pap smears, VIA, HPV screening, tumor marker screening, colposcopy, transvaginal or transabdominal sonography, etc.
Make it a point to get on board this clinic and take advantage of our Q & A session as well as the tests and exams we offer.

• Blood Pressure check
• Blood investigations; cholesterol, Haemoglobin, blood sugar
• Liver and Kidney function tests
• Urine test
• Pelvic examination
• Breast examination and instruction in self examination
• Mammography
• Cervical Smear
• Pelvic ultrasound scan


The Centre boasts of a well stocked pharmacy with the drugs dispensed by our highly professional pharmacists. Reputable international drug companies supply our drugs. All our drugs are of a universally accepted standard.
They are purchased and dispensed with strict compliance to N.A.F.D.A.C regulations.


We offer a wide range of comprehensive medical laboratory services including Medical micro-biology, Chemical pathology, Haluatology and Blood group serology, Virology and histopothology. We have laboratory scientists that are specialists in each field. Our laboratory scientists and technicians are efficient and professional, ensuring prompt service.


The paediatric team at the Roding Medical; Centre comprises three Consultants who provide twenty-four hour on call emergency cover.
Out patient clinics are held daily from 9am till 8pm. Children requiring in patient care have access to ten beds. There is a Neonatal Intensive care unit/Nursery that is equipped to provide standard care.


Immunization clinics are held weekly on Fridays. The program based on the Nigerian Schedule also caters for the United Kingdom and United states immunization programmes as well as travelers. As such, vaccine such as Varicella, MMR, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Meningitis A and C, and Yellow Fever are also available.

Well Baby Clinic:

Our well baby clinic is held on Tuesdays. This ensures continuous Child Health Surveillance. Regular visits are scheduled to ensure that growth nutrition and the general well being of both mother and baby are monitored.

Comprehensive Health Screen:

This is a method of examining the walls of the vagina (the outer lining of the vagina) and the most vulnerable to cancer portions of the cervix. Many disease conditions of the cervix and the vagina are diagnosed with the colposcope. The device itself employs a series of magnifying lenses, which provide the examiner with a view of the cells that make up these regions, thus giving him/her the ability to see “microscopic” (very early) changes in them.

Turnover/profit after tax

We provide below sales summary/profit after tax for the last three years as follows:

Profit after tax
177 million
13 million
187 million
12 million
267 million
31 million


Turnover/Profit Projection


Profit after tax
340 million
50 million
400 million
60 million
500 million
75 million




• To increase our capacity for more available business in structured and phased increases

• To begin construction of a multi-storey annex on the mainland by December 2009

• To increase turnover annually by 25 % minimum

• To increase our authorized share capital to N100 million by September 2009

• To acquire new medical equipment to replace aging equipment and to install new equipment in the annex.

Long term

• To construct a multi-storey 50 bed hospital at its present address in Victoria Island

• To invite specialists in other medical fields to participate by way of equity holding to increase Medical personnel and range of services offered

• To procure the Medical equipment required to support the targeted increased service capacity.

Key Success Indicators

• Hardworking and focused management team
• Adequate infrastructure
• Adequate funding/capital
• Efficient customer service
• Adequate staffing
• Stable political environment

Swot Analysis


• Competent highly skilled health care and management team

• Very good reputation in the industry

• 50 years lease purchased on property at present location in high borrow Victoria Island, Lagos

• Well equipped laboratory

• Attractively furnished in-patient rooms all en-suite

• Modern theater

• Well equipped neo-natal intensive care unit

• Excellent customer care service


• Most of our clients reside in the mainland and travel across town to attend out-patient clinics

• Only one location at Victoria Island

• Limited bed space

• Currently operating at almost full capacity

• Real estate development along the neighboring Lekki-Epe Expressway is the fastest growing in West Africa. The need to concentrate and develop the capacity of the Centre in Victoria Island, to service this future challenge is imperative.


• High demand for quality healthcare service

• Patients’ preference for experienced and reputable Consultants in Gynae & Obstetrics and Paediatrics.


• Competition

• Limited capacity and bed space

Key Success Indicators

• Opening of Mainland branch

• Retention of key staff

• Exceptional staff welfare policies

• Excellent customers’ service

• Equipment/infrastructure maintenance
Future Plan

• Construction of a 100 bed hospital

• To engage more consultants in other fields of medicine


Our competitors are:

• Premier Hospital, Victoria Island
• Reddington Hospital, Victoria Island

Resource Requirements

Construction of Hospital beds and furniture
Medical equipment
2 standby generators
Additional staff


Amount (Naira)
Building for Mainland 400,500,000
Hospital beds 5,000,000
Medical equipment 20,000,000
2 Generators – 300kva 20,000,000
Furniture/fittings 5,000,000
Computers 3,500,000
Contingencies 2,000,000
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