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Sub-Saharan Africa: Zambia : Company Profile Of Hostels Board of Management
Name of company  Hostels Board of Management


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Our ability to take you anywhere in the country is our profound pleasure and strength.

Discover Zambia with us, Be our Guest!!

Established on July 1, 1957, the Hostels Board of Management is a government Institution under the Ministry of Works and Supply of the Government of the Republic of Zambia.

Initially, the Hostels Board of Management was established to provide lodging and accommodation services to civil servants who were either on transfer awaiting their housing unit allocation or Officers sent out of their stations on duty.

However, over time, the demand from the general public and other Institutions emerged and the government decided to open to the general public.

At present it is mandated to manage all the 11 government Lodges across the country offering high class accommodation services.


To be the leading Chain of Lodges in Zambia and to offer a state of the art service in the Hospitality sector.

The main goals of the Hostel Boards of Management are:

 - To be the Number 1 choice in the Hospitality Industry in the region and beyond
 - To Attain and maintain market leadership and competitiveness
 - To Strengthen and uphold our public image
 - To be an entity where a customer feels as Queen or King


To Achieve Operational Excellence to the delight of clients and stakeholders by meeting customer satisfaction in all identified market segments.

Services offered at the Lodges:

 - Conference facilities (Workshops / Meetings / Training / seminars)
 - Board and Lodging (Accommodation)
 - Meals of all varieties (tradition and English) / Catering
 - Outdoor functions (Kitchen parties, Weddings, gatherings, parties, etc)
 - Corporate Cocktails

The Lodges around the country:

1) Longacres Lodge (Lusaka)

Located in Long Acres, ten minutes drive from the Lusaka main business district. It is within the vicinity of the Lusaka Museum, the famous Kabwata Cultural Village and the home of a number of Cultural Dancers.

The Lodge offers 58 self contained rooms, easily accessible and centrally located, 2 Conference Rooms with sitting capacity of 50 Pax.

The Restaurant offers meals according to your taste whether Tradition or English

It has a capacity to host out-door functions of any magnitude.

2) Belvedere Lodge (Lusaka)

Located in Kabulonga Suburb, it shares the uniqueness of Long Acres offering 21 self Contained Rooms.

The Conference Room suitable for Board Meetings has a sitting capacity of 20 Pax

The Restaurant gives to the client a special attention meeting all their needs.

3)Luangwa House (Chipata)

The Logde is located in the Eastern province of Zambia, at a central point of  three merge, Malawi Mozambique and Zambia. Its strategic location offers enormous business and trade opportunities.

Also known for its renowned and glamourous Nc’wala and Kulamba Traditional Ceremonies of the Ngoni people, Chipata offers rare opportunistic experiences of one’s life time.

The facility offers 24 self contained rooms and a Conference room which can sit up to 100 Pax in a relaxed and spacious facility

The restaurant offers the best cuisines in the province and the goat meat is proving popular in  the     restaurant.

The Bar is just waiting for you!

The Lodge also offers a Security at Tip-Top state

4) Henry Makulu (Ndola)

Located a few yards from the new state of the art Stadium and Dag Hammerjoerd memorial site, Henry Makulu Lodge offers a rare sight seeing experience.

Ndola will also be a home of the ultra modern Stadium, currently under construction.

The Lodge offers 43 self contained rooms. The rooms are spacious to make you feel more relaxed.

The Conference sits up to 30 Pax in a cool and relaxed atmosphere
The Restaurant is unique in its style offering dishes of your choice
The Bar and the Restaurant are at their best to meet any client demand

5) Lothian House (Kitwe)

Kitwe and Ndola have almost everything in common as they are close to each other.

The Lodge offers 43 self Contained  Rooms (20 Executive double; 20 Standard double rooms and 3 Executive Suites)

The Conference room sits up to 30 Pax.

The Restaurant offers both English and Traditional meals.

6)Mansa Lodge in  Mansa

Mansa is the hosting place for the “Rich Mutomboko” Traditional Ceremony of the Kaonde speaking People.

Known also for its Samfya sand beaches, Mansa Lodge further offers its Guests the opportunity to view some untold magnificent Acencetral sites.

The Lodge is located in the heart of city offering 17 self contained rooms. It has  two Modern Conference Rooms opened to the public this year 2010 with a Sitting capacity up to 100 Pax

The Restaurant is equally new offering dishes to meet different tastes and its speciality are fish dishes.

7)Kasama Lodge in Kasama

Known for its 14 waterfalls, Kasama is unique for its numerous attractions that could be described as exciting, amazing and world wonders. The region is also known for its National Parks:  Nsumbu, North Luangwa, Lusenga Plains, Mweru – Wantipa.

From this region you can also easily reach the Great Lakes region through the Mpulungu Harbour.

In addition the Kasaba Bay has a wonderful Golf Field for your sports leisure.  Amazing traditional ceremonies are not to mention.

The Lodge offers 15 rooms with a deluxe suite to accommodate the Chief Executives.

The Conference room is suitable for Board Meetings, having a capacity of 20 Pax.

The Restaurant is specialized to cater all cuisines whether English or Traditional.

8) Mongu Lodge (Mongu)

Mongu is the renowned home of the famous Kuomboka traditional ceremony of the Lozi speaking people.

The Lodge operates with 13 all self contained rooms and a big Conference facility

The Restaurant offers several traditional and English dishes with the famous Mongu  Rice on our menus.

The Bar is stocked with a wide choice of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages which can discern any thirsty.

9) Q2 Kabwe Lodge (Kabwe)

Kabwe is the home of the historic Broken Hill man and other renowned sites.

The Lodge offers 14 self Contained Rooms in the central town area.

It has a Conference room with a sitting capacity of 20 Pax but proud to say that a new state of art Conference Room is being Constructed.

The restaurant offers meals of different taste and quick meals to those travelling through the town.

10) Livigstone Lodge (Livingstone)

Commonly known as the Tourism Capital of Zambia, Livingstone is well positioned due to its close proximity to Victoria Falls and other historical sites. It also gives opportunities to experience a boat cruise on mighty Zambezi river.  It gives the exotic touch that you can only describe once you experience it.

The Lodge is newly built and opened Lodge with 11 self Contained Rooms and a Presidential suite

The restaurant offers different cuisines to meet your taste.

The Conference Room Air Contained with modern equipment  has a 200 sitting capacity

The Bar will treat you to your appetite

11) New Lodge Opening soon in Solwezi

On the land scarp of the Northwestern Province, Solwezi town is the Provincial capital rich of untold discoveries such as the spectacular six traditional ceremonies, the Kalene Hills, source of the mighty Zambezi river.

The Kabompo river,  the deepest river in Africa. The Rich and unique Cultural dancers and the new Lumwana Mines.

The Lodge will be soon opened and it will offer 31 self contained rooms with a Presidential Suite. A Conference room fully air conditioned with 150 sitting capacity and Luxurious Restaurant with spacious and well stocked bar

Further information:

Hostels Board of Management

Tel: +260 211 251782

Executive Secretary: +260 0966 909363
Marketing/PR Manager +260 0977 153336

Email: or


Discover Zambia with us, Be our Guest!!

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Longacres Lodge Lusaka

Long Acres Lodge Restaurant

Belvedere Lodge - Lusaka

Belvedere Lodge Restaurant

Luangwa Lodge - Chipata

Luangwa Lodge Restaurant

Henry Makulu House - Ndola

Lothian House - Kitwe

Lothian House Restaurant

Mansa Lodge - Mansa

Kasama Lodge - Kasama

Kasama Lodge Bar

Mongu Lodge - Mongu

Kabwe Lodge - Kabwe

Livingstone Lodge - Livingston

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