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WINNE is open to collaborate with guest writers, either private or corporate, who want to express their opinions or who want to share their information with our readers. Nevertheless, WINNE is not to be held responsible in any way for any of the contents published in this section, considered an open and free tribune for international writers, journalists, photographers or institutions.

  • Informative note of the embassy of Venezuela in Cairo - Sept

  • ONLF rebellion. Article by Jonathan Alpeyrie.

  • Organización Mundial del Turismo elogia Plan Nacional de Turismo de El Salvador. Comunicado de Prensa.

  • Acuerdo para mejorar la cooperación regional en los campos de turismo y cultura en Centroamérica. Comunicado de Prensa.

  • Latin Trade ubica a El Salvador entre las primeras posiciones del turismo de negocios. Comunicado de Prensa.

  • OLF rebellion. Article by Jonathan Alpeyrie.

  • El mar se abre en oriente. Artículo por Elena Poveda Narejos.

  • Nepal’s war. Article by Jonathan Alpeyrie.

  • Maoist rebellion. Article by Jonathan Alpeyrie.

  • Exploring the Complexities of the Ossetian War. Article and photos by Jonathan Alpeyrie.

  • Suffer the Children: The street children of kinshasa. Article by CJ Maloney. Photographs by Jonathan Alpeyrie.

  • BTC Signs Project Finance Agreements. Press Release from BP Press Office in Baku (Azerbaijan) .

  • Commonwealth Business Forum. The Abuja Manifesto. Press release.

  • Speech of H.E. Mikulas Dzurinda, Prime Minister of Slovakia, during The Economist Conference held in Bratislava.

  • World Bank Report highlights need for success at Cancun trade talks. Press Release.

  • Investment climate and the economic development prospects of Azerbaijan. By Elmar Mammadov

  • Children of Chiapas: Smiles of Hope. Photographs by Jonathan Alpeyrie.

  • Entrepreneurship in Africa. A Study of Success. By David S. Fick
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