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Mr. Ahmed Fouad El-Mikati, Chairman & Executive Manager

Interview with Mr. Ahmed Fouad El-Mikati,
Chairman & Executive Manager
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El-Gharbaneyat, Borg Al-Arab City
P.O. Box 21511, Alexandria - CAIRO, EGYPT
(203) 991 227
(203) 991 275

Egypt -
Mr. Ahmed Fouad El-Mikati
Chairman & Executive Manager

Cairo Office:
2/3 El-Lasilki street,
New Maadi - CAIRO, EGYPT
Tel: (202) 519 49 89

Sales Department:

15, Ahmed Orabi street,
Alexandria - CAIRO, EGYPT
(203) 483 66 81

Share Office:
20, Victor-Emmanuel street,
Alexandria - CAIRO, EGYPT
(203) 421 82 32
Company profile

Amereyah Cement factory

was established in 1989. The plant is located in Alexandria Governorate at 55 km on the Coastal Highway of Alexandria/Matrouh, 5 km to the west of Maraquia village.

The plant is 12 km Northwest of the new Borg El Arab City, also lying on the southern limit of Gabal El-Hamam chain and 4 km away from Gabal Abu-Sir chain. These two mountain chains are the main source feeding the plant with Limestone.

In 1981, the contract for the first line with a capacity of 1 mtpy was concluded between Alexandria Portland Cement Co. And a Consortium consisting of:

  • Polysius S.A. France

  • BBC, Brown Boveri, Switzerland, Misr Concrete & Developement Co., Egypt, on Turnkey basis

  • In 1984, the contract for the second line was concluded between Alexandria Portland Cement Co. and Polysius as a solely responsible Contractor, on turnkey basis.

    In 1988, the effective production started from both lines.

  • Total weight of the mechanical equipments for both lines is 17473 tons

  • Total weight of the steel structures for both lines is 14783 tons

  • Total weight of the electrical equipments for both lines is 2809 tons

  • Total weight of the refractory bricks and isolating material for both lines is 5185 tons

  • Volume of concrete for the civil works for both lines is 102200 m3

  • Lengthes of water and draining networks for both lines are 35 km

  • Lengthes of electrical cables for both lines are 820 km

  • Laboratories are provided with the most modern equipments, for chemical analysis, physical and mechanical tests, as well as two X-ray analysers.

    This enabled the company to control the quality, and produce high quality cement according to specification.

    Samples are being taken automatically for analysis over short periods of time (30 minutes) during the different production stages. The computer automatically interferes to correct and treat any convergences off the product grammed limits for the elements of the raw mill kilns or mills output. This done with the help of the 2 x-ray analyzers, and the equipment through the central control room equipped with TV monitors, modern means of recording and display.

    Also, a special computer for storing and retrieving date and statistics of production, and operation, preparing and printing relevant daily reports, exist.

    Total Details of the Plant:

  • Maximum production capacity is 2 mtpy

  • Capacity of the 2 limestone crushers: 2 X 600 tph

  • Capacity of the 2 clay crushers: 2 X 300 tph

  • Kilns capacity: 2 X 3300 tpd

  • Cement mills capacity: 2 X 110 tph on open circuit basis + 2 X 117 tph on closed circuit basis

  • Bagging unit capacity: 6 X 100 tph

  • Bulk units capacity: 2 X 100 tph

  • Also, there is a loading unit for the railways.

    AMEREYAH CEMENT Company products Ordinary portland cement 3 (slag cement), Rapid hardening cement 4 (mixed cement) and Sulphate resisting cement (S.R.C.).
    AMEREYAH CEMENT Company conformed with the quality system requirements according to the international standard ISO 9002 and registered a quality system certificate in December 1997 by Bayern Group.

    AMEREYAH CEMENT Company conformed with the Environmental Management system requirements according to the international standard ISO 14001 ans registered a EMS certificate in oOctober 1999 by TÜV Bayern Group.

    The major Share holders are: CIMPOR Cimentos de Portogal SGPS, SA 91.36%

    Additional Production Services of the Plant

  • The company has constructed a rail-road connecting the plant to Alexandria/Matrouh rail-road with a total length of 12 km, to serve its clients and transport cement to different governorates.

  • Asphalt roads were completed to connect the plan to Alexandria/Matrouh coastal road, and Alexandria/El-Hamam desert road.

  • The company transports packed and bulk cement on its own the transport of bucks (74 trucks), 20 of which are allocated for the transport of bulk cement plus 54 for the packed cement. This fleet is served by the company garage at the area of Dakheila in Alexandria, equipped with the necessary workshops for cars service and periodical maintenance, repairs and renovations the company markets the bulk and packed cement of all types through its Sales department.

  • The company supplies sufficient spare parts to ensure he operation of filters erected on kilns to protect the environment as well as spare parts to control equipment, quality control to ensure the durability of quality control efficiency.

  • The company produce all types of cement (Normal portland cement-hard rapid cement-slag and karnak cement), hard rapid cement achieve high strength on the first week of its use, hence reducing the period of erection. Nothing that the primary and final setting time is the same for both types (the ordinary and hard rapid cement).

  • Succeeded researches has been done to produce sulphate resistance cement (sea cement) results came according to international and Egyptian standards.

  • Services offered to the employees

  • The company has provided 900 housing units at New Borg El-Arab City, located near the plant. These units are served by a clinic, a Cooperative Society, and a number of cars.

  • The company serves a free hot meal daily to all employees at its restaurant built herein.

  • The company provides medical services to the employee and his family at high standard hospitals and specialists under the company medical treatment fund, where the company bears 50% of the costs.

  • The company prepares trips to the beach and touristic sites all year round for nominal subscriptions through its activity committee.

  • The company cares for the health of its employees by taking anti-pollution measures inside and outside the plant, and supplies the industrial security equipment to protect them.

  • The company is encouraging plantings to enlarge the green landcap.

  • The company is characterized by the system of incentives proportional to production, it applies, which establishes a high income for the employees, adequate to their efforts and the hard nature of their jobs.

  • Key developments

    The company has already prepared a tender concerning the executing of the upgrading project to increase its actual capacity which reached 2.34 mtpy to 2.85 mtpy.

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