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Mr. Ihab Gohar, Managing Director of Animation Advertising Agency

Interview with Mr. Ihab Gohar ,
Managing Director
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Animation Advertising
"We 'do' advertising and we do it well"

Mr. Ihab Gohar
Managing Director

49, Al Kodss Al-Sharif street
Mohandesseen - CAIRO, EGYPT
Postal Code 12411
P.O. Box 153 Embaba
Tel: (202) 302 57 25
        (202) 302 57 30
Fax: (202) 302 57 24
Company Profile

Why "Animation"? Because the Agency believes in three things:

  • Firstly, in giving something a "new life", though Animation would never dare to suggest that a client's brand is in any way dead.

  • Secondly, Animation believes in "energy" - putting in all its efforts to make things work out.

  • Finally in "motivation" - bringing the target audience to life. Therefore, by definition, it is "Animation" Advertising.

  • If we go back through the mists of time to 1989, we find a bright spark - a fledgling agency of just three employees and only two clients.

    Now, over a decade later, that same agency has grown up and is blazing with strategic expertise and creative flair with an impressive portfolio of national and multi-national clients.

    Today, Animation Advertising is 11 years older and wiser, and a large, lively, full-service agency with 46 vibrant team members.

    Activities & services provided

    In the beginning, Animation Advertising began producing a compact leaflet and pioneered Egypt's first carnival. Now, that leaflet has developed into "Selections" - the country's premier furniture and interior design catalogue, and one carnival led to the company becoming the leading events organisers in the land.

    Animation Advertising got there by; diversifying its services to include all advertising media, expanding its customer portfolio to include the private sector, public authorities and multi-national enterprises, investing in the latest computer technology and systems, and harnessing all its resources to promote client-building at all levels.

    The provided services include:

  • Media buying

  • Print and TV production

  • Outdoor advertising

  • Direct marketing

  • Public relations and event creation and management combined with wide-ranging technical expertise, an extensive creative platform and full strategic planning and analysis are amongst the reasons why many clients have not only chosen to work with the agency but succeeded in achieving their objectives with it.

    Animation Advertising's recent achievements include successful fully integrated media campaigns, dynamic corporate branding to give new life, and a new look, to clients, and the management of specialised, themed, tailor-made events.

    It makes Animation Advertising feels great when it succeed with its clients and it always strive to achieve greater success. When this success is subsequently rewarded by its own industry it's that little bit extra special. At the most recent I.A.A. (International Advertising Association) ceremony in Cairo, Animation Advertising won more than its fair share of the spoils. A grand total of seven awards were collected across all media and client categories.

    TV campaigns Nokia

    Sharp Electronics

    Press campaigns Nokia

    Jeep Cherokee

    Outdoor campaign Click GSM

    Brochure Click GSM

    Jolie Ville

    A far cry indeed from humble beginnings. Not surprisingly, Animation Advertising is finding that success breeds success, and with ever-increasing opportunities in an expanding market it is continuing to go from strength to strength. Animation Advertising's most recent clients include:

    -Chrysler -Jolieville Hotels -Click GSM
    -Sharp Electronics -Miac Furniture -Raya Holding Co.
    -Nokia -Arma Food Industries -Dreamland
    -Citroën -Bang & Olufsen -Crinkle & Crispy
    -Katameya Heights -Burg El-Arab -Galvametal
    -Sunset Hills -Tritech -Unifood
    -Scib Chemicals -Lecico -Univest
    -Mercedes Commercial Vehicles

    It's a long list which Animation Advertising is confident will become longer in the near future.

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