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Mr. Mohamed A. El-Hamamsy, Chief Executive Officer of Click GSM

Interview with Mr. Mohamed A. El-Hamamsy,
Chief Executive Officer
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Mr. Mohamed A. El-Hamamsy
Chief Executive Officer
7A, Corniche El-Nil, Maadi - CAIRO, EGYPT
Tel: (202) 529 20 00
        (202) 529 21 22
Fax: (202) 529 20 19
         (202) 529 21 00
Egypt -

Company profile

Click GSM understands mobile communications.

Click GSM's service is provided by MisrFone Telecommunications, a private Egyptian company backed by the international expertise of the world's largest mobile communications company, Vodafone-Air Touch Pic.

Click GSM's network is based on GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), the same technology used by over 134 countries worldwide.

Click GSM is supported by the highest level of technical expertise and customer service.

Click GSM invests in people. Click GSM's Customer Services Department is staffed with friendly and knowledgeable operators who are available to answer your queries and handle any requests.

Click GSM's dedicated sales teams are totally focused on helping businesses get the most from choosing Click GSM. The company's objective is to work hand in hand with his customers and their organization to understand their company's needs and assess which Click GSM products and services are suitable to maintain their competitive advantage.

Services Offered

Click GSM provides his customers with the most advanced digital mobile technology available today.

Click GSM offers outstanding call clarity, reliability, security, speed and exceptional performance.

Click GSM's customers can enjoy a reliable network while here in Egypt as well as when they travel to other countries using the same GSM technology. They can then use their Click GSM mobile phone to make and receive calls using his existing mobile number.

Click GSM offers his customers the flexibility of two pricing plans:

  • Click GSM's prepaid program gives his customers the convenience of being mobile while keeping direct control over their costs. With this plan, there is no monthly access fee, no bill and no commitment. Click GSM's customers simply pay for their calls in advance buying a recharge card containing a call value (available in a choice of values). Once they have used up this value, they simply purchase a new card.

  • With Click GSM's regular postpaid plan, customers pay a regular monthly fee and each month they receive a reliable and accurate bill detailing their call costs. This service also gives them the versatility of making and receiving calls not just in Egypt, but also in other countries on GSM networks with whom the company has roaming agreements (currently in excess of 38 countries). Postpaid customers can also take advantage of many of click GSM's innovative services such as Call barring, Call Waiting/Call Hold and Voicemail, all of which are designed to make their customer's business life easier.

  • Click GSM has introduced a new postpaid corporate solution offering a reduced monthly fee according to the number of his business customer organization' mobile phones.

    With Click GSM's new multiple line discount corporate solution, customers can make substantial savings by buying more lines for their organization while getting an increasing reduction on their fixed monthly fees. If customers'organization buys more than five lines, their savings can reach up to 50% on their fixed monthly fee. The more Click lines the customer buys, the better their cost advantage (1-5lines: 0%, 6-25 lines: 5%, 26-50 lines: 10%, 51-75 lines: 15%, 76-100 lines: 20%, 101-500 lines: 30% and over 500 lines: 50%).
    Once customers have chosen their pricing plan, the company has an innovate range of Click GSM services designed to help them work more efficiently, both in and out of the office:

  • Click GSM Voicemail

  • A messaging service designed to answer customer'calls when their mobile phone is busy, turned off, out of the coverage area, or when they do not wish to answer.

  • Click GSM Office

  • Takes communications one step further, it makes customers'office truly mobile. Click Office incorporates all the essential business services such as:

    - Click Fax & Data which enables customers to send and receive faxes, send and receive emails and browse the Internet, all through their mobile phone and a laptop. With Click Fax a& Data there is a one-off activation fee and an ongoing monthly service charge. When customers use the service their calls are charged at the standard local or international call rates.

    - Click Notes is customers' ideal tool if they need to contact someone without having to speak to them or if they need to send an urgent message to their associates while in a meeting. Using the keypad of their mobile phone, customers simply key in a message and send it as a text message to another Click GSM mobile number. With Click Notes there is no monthly fee, just a fixed cost every time you send a message.

  • Click GSM Fixed Number Dialling

  • Gives his customers the ability to control the telephone numbers their employees call on their mobile phones.

  • Click GSM Call Barring

  • Gives customers the flexibility to restrict outgoing and incoming calls on their mobile phones. With this service they have a number of options available, from barring all incoming calls (completely or just when roaming) or all outgoing calls (completely, just international or when roaming).

  • Click GSM Clip (Calling Line Identity Presentation)

  • Gives customers the advantage of choosing the calls they want to answer by allowing them to see the phone number of the person calling them on their mobile phone's display. If customers have the caller's name stored in their mobile phone's memory, this will be shown instead.

  • Click GSM Call Forwarding

  • Is an added value in today's busy world giving customers the ability to divert their calls to another number or their Voicemail.

  • Click GSM Call Waiting/Call Hold

  • Is a service that recognizes that all your calls are important. Call Waiting/Call Hold will notify them when someone is trying to call customers while they are already taking a call. They can then choose whether they wish to answer the new call or not while placing the first call on hold.

    Key Developments

    Click GSM is committed to implementing a well defined coverage plan, concentrating on introducing service into tourist, industrial and commercial centers, the places where his customers need to make and receive calls.

    Click GSM pledges to launch new cities only when the company is positive that the area offers the level of service that his customers have come to expect from Click GSM.

    Click GSM's goal is to be customers' partner and help them make the right choices for their organization now and in the future. These choices are crucial to their organization's efficiency, productivity and long-term growth.

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