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Mr. Mohamed Tawila, Chairman of EGPC

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The Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation

Mr. Mohamed Tawila
Chairman of EGPC

Palestine street, part 4, New Maadi
Tel: (202) 703 14 38
        (202) 703 14 41
Fax: (202) 518 49 63
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Company profile

EGPC is the first economic corporation constituted in Egypt according to the Law n135 of 1956 under the name of "The General Corporation of Petroleum Affairs" subjoined to the Ministry of Industry ; having its legal personality. The corporation establishment law was amended by the Law n 332 for the year 1956 in 10/09/56 to be under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry.

In 28/09/58, the Law n167 of 1958 was issued to establish "The General Corporation of Petroleum Affairs", and its articles were drafted to guarantee achieving a united petroleum policy in Egypt.

In 22/12/59, the Law n2344 was issued for the amendment of some specifications of "The General Corporation of Petroleum Affairs", having the right to participate in laying down petroleum specifications.

In 16/12/64, a decree was issued to regulate the general corporations, by establishing an upper council for general corporations. Therefore, "The General Corporation of Petroleum Affairs", was repalced by "The Egyptian General Petroleum Authority"

In 1976, the Law n 20 of 1976 was issued to establish "The Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation" (EGPC).
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Egyptian Natural Gas Company

Mr. Eng. Nabil Hashem
Chairman of GASCO

6A, Mostafa Refaat street, Sheraton Heliopolis
Tel: (202) 266 64 58
        (202) 266 64 59
Fax: (202) 266 64 68
         (202) 266 64 69

Company Profile & Activities

Egypt -

Natural gas, covering 35% of Egypt energy consumption, has become the core of Egypt energy strategy being a cheap, reliable and environment friendly source. Since its establishment in 1997, GASCO, through a grid of pipelines crisscrossing Egypt of a total length of 3680 km and about 150 pressure regulating stations, assumes the responsibility of management operation, development, upgrading and modernization of the Grid working as a go-between the upstream gas producers and down stream gas consumers serving more than 158 customers including industrial and populated areas, local distribution companies together with 35 CNG stations, 24 power stations 5consuming 64% of the distributed gas) and 110 commercial firms.

GASCO is a pioneer in the field of natural gas transmission, distribution and processing.

GASCO has also shared in the development of many industries that depend on NG as a feedstock: fertilizers, iron and steel and the petrochemicals.

Egypt -

The grid is masterminded by a central control center where co-ordination and control of gas transmission and distribution is maintained and monitored by sophisticated software applications. A state of the art data transmission system, trunking system, optic fibers, and on line inspection (OLI) all help attain the utmost efficiency in the performance of the grid to satisfy the needs of the consumers.

GASCO has a systematic approach to HSE management through which it seeks to achieve a continuous improvement in performance. Job safety analysis, HAZOP, Environmental impact assessment (EIA) are among the tools used by GASCO to ensure compliance to safety and environment regulations.


The crowning achievement of GASCO is the LE 865 million Western Desert Gas Complex which is planned to treat Western Desert gases to produce Ethane/Propane mixture, commercial propane to be exported, LPG and condensates to satisfy local market needs.

A workforce capable of understanding the advanced technology and meeting the challenge of the 21stcentury are backing the company performance in the way of prosperity.

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