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Mr. Hani El Sharkawy, President of ESIG

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Egypt -

El Sharkawy International Group Ltd.

Mr. Hani El Sharkawy,

20 El-Sawra street, Mohandesseen, CAIRO, EGYPT
Tel: (202) 335 36 64
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Fax: (202) 360 83 24

ESIG, new office
57, Aswan street, Heliopolis, CAIRO, EGYPT
Tel: (202) 636 66 45
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ESIG Paris
Mr. Jean-François GODEST
12, rue Dupin
Tel : (0033) 1 53 63 27 00
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Company Profile

Group's Business Background

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El-Sharkawi International Group (ESIG) consists of a group of Egyptian and international companies with a multicultural frontier (Egyptian and European). This frontier has helped the Group ESIG to stay open to the world wide rapid changes that are the main characteristics of the last decades. Those pioneering ideas were the result of extensive market research with the help of local and foreign expertise. As a result, the Group's footsteps always lead the way for others to follow.

The Group started its activities in the mid sixties and due to our market transparency, it always had the initiative of pioneering the markets it tackle.

ESIG entered the seventies as a pioneer in the industrial and office supplies technologies as it was the first to introduce to the Egyptian market all the following:

  • Security I.D. cards to various civil and military sectors

  • Plain paper copiers

  • Electronic calculating machines

  • Instant photographic cameras

  • Electronic telephone exchanges

  • The Group extended its branches network to cover apart Cairo, Alexandria, the Nile delta and the Canal zone.

    In the eighties, Egypt stepped in the era of educational modernization and an affiliate of the group, Rehimco, was the first in the history of Egypt's education to introduce the concept of learning computers technology in schools. In the meantime, ESIG made its first steps towards computers software development & towards the world of editors.

    By entering the nineties and approaching the millenium ESIG focused on supplying the Egyptian and Middle Eastern markets with the modern technologies that need to enter to the new millenium. The Group's approach to accomplish this by establishing technology intensive projects in the region that allows the sufficient technology transfer to the region.

    Group's Major Experiences & Expertise

    Over the past three a half decades'trip, the Group succeeded in laying a strong base for its future activities and in developing its own human, material & financial resources. These resources qualified the Group in continuing as leaders & pioneers, also in adapting to the global information & telecommunication revolution now witnessed worldwide.

    The Group claims to have succeeded in attracting, developing and maintaining a strong team of executives, more than 90% thereof now working for the Group since more than 15 years. This team is supporting by most modern facilities assuring a pretty high quality of top management decision report, coupled with efficient follow up & control.

    Further experience the Group built and maintained over those years was in developing the preparation for specific business events inside and outside the Group under adherence to highest possible efficiency standards. That took place under continuous assurance of:

  • Data accuracy

  • Data update

  • Data integration

  • Data credibility

  • ESIG's intensive contacts with Arab and European business partners helped it greatly further develop in that direction.

    Talking about education, the Group is now integrating computer hardware and software, all branded and authenticated with property rights committed multimedia and supported by its specialty translation company to offer a top of the line product to schools students.

    A similar integration and tie in scheme involving most modern telecommunication technology is now developed for tele-education & tele-medicine.


    Groups past performance

  • 1964 Establishing El-Arabia for Zipper Industry

  • 1974 First in I.D. Security cards Security

  • 1975 First in Plain paper copying technology incl. after sales service (more than 5,000 copiers) Office serviced by a network of branches country wide. Equipment.

  • 1977 First in Electronic telephone exchanges technology (sold and served exchanges involving more than 500,000 external & internal telephone lines). The group further pioneered in introducing, then, utmost advanced exchanges for specific applications in hotels, Hardware & Hospitals, dealing rooms up to the Suez Canal authority. Software
  • 1986 First to design supply, erect & maintain some 40,OOO PCs. Information at government schools technology

  • 1987 First to introduce new education methods for the French language also for science & math in French language (supplied more than 100 million books to government & private schools till date). Editing

  • 1997 First to introduce interactive video conference in Egypt. Tele Education

  • 1997 First to introduce the Multimedia in government and private sectors. Multimedia

  • 1999 France Expo'99 in an international tender where we
  • have introduced for the first time in Egypt the Raie Music, also, the Group has produced a unique CD-Rom for the account of Egypt's Ministry of Economy and for the first PR & time in Egypt through this event it presented Robotics Conferences technology.

  • 1999 First to introduce the Multilingual electronic directories &
  • encyclopedias in Egypt. Introducing blind educational & cultural rehabilitation technology in the country with a new concept for the first time.

  • 1999 Involved in, on the real edge towards the new millenium is a top of the line European telecommunication technology to help cope with ISDN sophistication & multiplicity of demand on voice & data. Technology
  • Key Developments

    ESIG's future Orientation & Strategies

    While getting closer to the third millenium, the Group is on the edge of a reasonable expansion and reprofileration while realizing numerous plans and schemes, on which it has been working and evaluating for the past two years or so.

    In essence, the Group is targeting the following sectors

  • A larger menu for the education sector while interacting to the already started marriage between computer technology & multimedia on the other, reaching till virtual universities.

  • A faster projected privatization, still committing to social aspects, is pushing strongly the need & demand for training, and a similar plan, to the above indicated, is envisaged by the Group to tackle that market, particularly in the I.T. & I.C. fields.

  • As part of the group's commitment to the Society, the Group has plans to introduce most up date technologies to support segments of handicapped from both a human and a cultural view. That follows several successful presentations, consultations & surveys conducted with different social segments, public agencies & NGOs, both at home and abroad.

    Deeper involvement in the modern telecommunication technology to benefit & integrate in other planned business lines, including but not limited to, tele-medicine, videoconferencing, also in Telecom hardware incl. Mobiles, carriers, user systems, terminals & relevant cards.

    Security will continue to be a major field of the Group, always benefiting from the strongly adapted I.T. /I.C. approach.

    Infrastructure project.

    Export/Import business, particularly under new offerings of the Electronic Commerce, has a tangible weight in the Group's strategies apart from a wide line of business related services, effected through independent joint venture entities, extending to business and legal consultancy, auditing, catering & recruitment, commercial training and specialized translation.

    ESIG is now well qualified to offer a new expertise while acting as an integrator of different activities & experiences to develop the required solutions satisfying customs.

    Group's business Partners

  • Group Lagardere

  • Hachette Livre

  • Hachette Multimedia

  • Hachette Diffusion

  • Group Vivendi (Larousse, Robert, Clef Dictionaries)

  • Microsoft Press (Tri-Lingual Computer Dictionaries)

  • Siemens, Siemens/Fujitsu (Computer Hardware)

  • Eurobryle (new Blind Rehabilitation Technology)

  • Siemens/NEC (Mobile Phone, 3rd Generation)

  • CS (Telecommunications .)

  • Teles (Telecommunications .

  • Sofrecom (Telecom Training)

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