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Mr. Hussein Choukri, Chairman and Managnig Director of HC

Interview with Mr. Hussein Choukri,
Chairman and Managing Director
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Mr. Hussein Choukri
Chairman and Managing Director
World Trade Center, 1191, Corniche El-Nil (13th Floor) CAIRO 11221, EGYPT
Tel: (202) 578 18 41/2
        (202) 578 18 68
Fax: (202) 578 18 43
         (202) 575 45 61
Company profile

HC Securities & Investment (HCSI) is the group's holding company owning HC Brokerage and Hussein Choucri Financial Advisors.

Hussein Choucri is presently Chairman and Managing Director of HC Securities & Investment and General Manager of Hussein Choucri Financial Advisors.

HC Securities & Investment is affiliated both with Morgan Stanley Middle East Inc. and International Finance corporation (IFC).

Morgan Stanley Middle East a wholly owned subsidiary of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. (MSDW). MSDW is a global financial services firm and a market leader in securities, asset management, and credit services. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is a member of the World Bank Group. It was established in 1956 to encourage private sector activity in developing countries.

HCSI Shareholders Structure

Hussein Choucri 63%

Morgan Stanley Middle East Inc (MSDW) 27%

International Finance Corporation (IFC) 10%

HC Securities & Investment's affiliation with Morgan Stanley Middle Dean Witter and the International Finance Corporation demonstrates their confidence in HCSI business and helps to provide them with access to their extensive contacts around the world, as well as their global expertise.

Working closely with government regulatory bodies enables HC Group to be among the first to learn what developments will affect their clients. They seek, collectively, the deepest possible knowledge of the capital market and the underlying laws and regulations HC Group use this knowledge to provide innovative solutions that create value for their clients.

Services offered

HC Group intend to solve complex problems which means providing clients with the best and most comprehensive range of services. This includes providing solutions to complex problems that clients encounter in today's dynamic business environment. It also includes providing expert advice across the board to our clients.

Today, when information is available to everyone at low cost, the high-quality advice HC Group offer clients is particularly valuable. HC Group understand domestic and international capital markets.

HC Group

  • Certify integrity of approach and process, excellence of analysis and execution.

  • Invest in training and development, seek diverse perspective, and collaborate to solve problems.

  • Put client needs first.

  • Are continuously increasing their capacity for ongoing outstanding performance.

  • Meet the challenge of constant change by employing their strengths to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of users and providers of capital. HC Group's commitment to providing the highest quality information to their clients enables them to build value in a continually changing world.

  • HC Group's Investment Banking Division identifies, researches and monitors key trends and opportunities and generates new ideas that help their clients in executing such transactions and achieving their short and long-term objectives.

  • The talent and commitment of their professionals are the main pillars of HC Group's success and future promise. They continuously provide training for their staff either at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter or in-house through tailor-made programs.

    Corporate Finance activities include initiating, developing and maintaining strong investment banking relationships with clients. Such relationships are enhanced by cross-selling capabilities to cover all client needs. Additionally, the corporate finance team works closely with other product areas of the firm to execute specific and complex client transactions.
    Capital Market and Financing Transactions include providing clients with a comprehensive array of services within the capital market.

  • Equity capital market services involve the origination, structuring, marketing and pricing of public offerings and private placements of equity product.

  • Debt capital market services include soliciting, structuring and executing investment grade debt related products, including new issues of both public and private debt.

  • HC Group's asset management offers portfolio and mutual fund management services to institutions and high net worth individuals. Investment coverage includes Egyptian and international markets.

    In their effort to broaden the range of their products, HC Group are planning to include private equity/direct investments. A new product is being formulated to give their clients the opportunity to invest in unlisted/pre-IPO type companies that they have good growth and return prospects.

    HC Group's asset management philosophy is to achieve a diversified asset allocation directed towards potential growth opportunities on short term as well as long term basis while minimizing the average level of risk across the different investment options.

    The investment strategy is to identify companies with strong balance sheets and income statements that have a positive historical performance, long term stability, and a growth potential supported by market fundamentals and not a speculative one.

    HC Group's overall objective is to compose portfolios that are fairly liquid and can be modified at any point in time based on the dynamic market conditions or the clients' requirements.

    To make investment decisions, it necessitates HC Group's investment committee's weekly meetings with their in-house research team to discuss various sectors, company analyses and economic changes, to make informed investment decisions, whether in terms of strategy, portfolio structure or composition.

    HC Group's in-house research is complemented by research produced by reputable investment firms.

    HC Group invest heavily in their asset management infrastructure -operations, information technology, and people - to ensure that they meet the firm's high standards of performance.

    Key Developments

    To invest continuously and upgrade HC Group's information systems.

    As part of the developmental process for both the market and HC Group's brokerage operation, they are developing their Internet capabilities to allow their clients access to research, account information and even web-based orders.

    First-quality research is key to making informed and sound investment decisions. Supporting the sales and trading desk in a high quality research team which is today one of the renowned research departments in Egypt, offering the highest quality and timely researches covering an in-depth range of companies and sectors.

    Clients are kept up-to-date with a daily newsletter and occasional memos, the in-depth, high quality analysis flowing through our newsletters is grounded in the team's effort of compiling economic, market, industry and company data that help anticipate developments that could potentially affect a particular sector or a specific company. Ensuring a continuous flow of information, HC Group's sector specialist maintains a close relationship with the companies covered by continuously establishing and maintaining contacts.

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