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Mr Hussein K. Salem

MIDOR - Middle East Oil Refinery
MIDTAP - Middle East Tankage & Pipelines
MIDELEC - MIDOR Electricity
EMG - East Mediterranean Gas

Mr Hussein K. Salem

Chairman of Midor, Midelec & EMG
Also chairman of HKS Group
Egypt -

Mr. H.K. Salem, Chaiman et C.E.O.
Eng. M. Abaza,
Vice Chairman
Eng. S. El-Seraphy,

26, Roushdy street,
Heliopolis - CAIRO, EGYPT

Tel: (202) 291 83 93
         (202) 419 55 01
Fax: (202) 414 29 50
         (202) 414 59 34


Egypt -
Company Profile

  • Midor Refinery is a modern environmentally friendly grass root Refinery in close proximity to the Sumed pipeline terminal at Sidi Krir & Dekhleia Port in Alexandria.

  • The project investment is around $ 1.2 billion.

  • Ownership of the Refinery's in fence facilities is divided between MIDOR & MIDTAP.

  • The process units are owned by MIDOR whereas the utilities and offsite facilities are owned by MIDTAP.

  • MIDOR Refinery is a successful example of the cooperation between the Egyptian government & the private sector.

  • Its processing scheme is based upon high conversion processes to maximize middle distillate products, applying licenses from UOP & Conoco Bechtel.

  • The Refinery is designed to process 5 million tons of crude oil annualy.

  • The philosophy of this Refinery is based on establishing a profitable economic project adhering to all environmental regulations, using the latest scientific and technological methods to provide the maximum flexibility in operating to suit the fluctuating market trends.

  • Company Aim

    The aim of the company is reaching Egypt's ambition to create an up to date state of the Art, integrated oil Refinery complex producing the highest quality standard products. This is to achievable by creating MIDOR Refinery and other service companies to facilitate the availability of crude and exportation of its products.

    Egypt -


  • MIDOR Refinery is considered the first private shareholders Refinery Joint Venture between the State of Oil Company (EGPC) & Private Sector Investor (see graph below).

  • MIDOR is Egypt's first Refinery having a private port, which will help Egypt to penetrate the international market.

  • MIDOR Refinery is considered a prime example of a Grass Root Refinery applying the latest technology in its units. These units have been designed to cope with the most stringent environmental regulations for affluent product treatment, in accordance with the European Environmental Regulations.

  • The Refinery incorporates 8 units under license from international companies. MIDOR has secured these licenses from UOP & Conoco-Bechtel, both are American companies. These high technology licensed units are a Hydrocracker, Continuous Catalytic Reforming (CCR), Isomerization unit and Delayed Coker. It is rare to find these four units incorporated in one refinery at the same time.

  • These units produce high quality petroleum products like high octane unleaded gasoline (95, 98), diesel low sulphur & jet fuel. The units present in MIDOR Refinery enjoy high operational flexibility in accordance with fluctuating market needs. All these factors give MIDOR a high complexity index of 8.69, which is higher than most refineries in Europe.

  • MIDOR shall supply Egypt with all the needs for diesel, LPG & other products. MIDOR shall also export to Europe all excess production.

  • Refinery Units

    The Refinery consists of the following units:

    Unit Capacity (BBL/Day)
    Crude & vacuum Unit 100,000
    Naphtha Hydrotreater (UOP) 32,400
    Naphtha Splitter (UOP) 32,400
    Catalytic Reformer (UOP) 21,700
    PENEX + DIH (UOP) 10,700
    Kerosene Merox (UOP) 10,150
    LPG Merox (UOP) 4,500
    Distillate Hydrotreater (UOP) 28,600
    Hydrocracker (UOP) 33,500
    Hydrogen Plant (KTI) 1,536,000 NCU.M./D.
    Delayed Coker (CONOCO/BECHTEL) 22,800
    Light Ends & LPG Recovery 8,600
    Sulphur Plant (KTI) 290 T/D
    Tail Gas Treatment 250 T/D
    Amine Regeneration (2 Units) 296 CU.M/H


    Plant & Instrument Air 11,700 NCU.M/H
    Condensate Treatment & Recovery 215 T/H
    Cooling Water 12,500 CU.M/H
    Fire Water System 1,200 CU.M/H
    Fuel Gas System 450,000,000 KCAL/H
    Nitrogen Distribution (Gas) 1,500 CU.M/H
    Nitrogen Production (Gas/Liq) 1,900 CU.M/H
    Potable Water 12 CU.M/H
    Raw Water System 665 CU.M/H
    Steam Production / Distribution 225 T/H
    Service Water System 60 CU.M/H
    Electric Distribution System 50 MW
    Boiler Feed Water Treatment System 150 CU.M/H
    Fuel System (Natural Gas) 547,000,000 KCAL/H
    Caustic Distribution System 6.8 T/D
    Unconverted Oil Distribution System 1,000 BPSD
    Flare 635 T/H
    Truck Loading System 2,185 CU.M/H
    Sour Water Stripper 140 CU.M/H
    Storage System 718,000 CU.M.
    Waste Water Treatment 300 CU.M/H
    Spent Caustic Treatment 1 CU.M/H
    Sanitary Waste Water Treatment 12 CU.M/H
    Sulphur Solidification 720 T/D


    MIDOR refining capacity is 100,000 BBL/Day.

    The Refinery produces a high quality petroleum products such as:

    Product Quantity (1000 Tons/Year)
    LPG 180
    Unleaded Gasoline (high octane)  
    Low Sulphur Kerosene / Jet Fuel 685
    Green Coke 390
    Pure Sulpur  
    Low Sulphur Diesel  

    Contractors, Sub-Contractors, & Licensors

    Company Nationality Activity
    Technip France/ Italy Main Contractor for basic & detailed engineering, procurement, construction, training, commissioning, start-up & test runs.
    Conoco-Bechtel USA Licensor for Coke
    UOP USA  
    Roberts & Schaeffer USA Coke Loading Facilities
    Petrojet Egypt Helipad
    FW International USA Operation & Maintenance
    Foxboro USA DCS feed for RMS
    Baker Botts USA Legal Consultant
    DAELIM Korea Sub-Contractor for TTIL
    Technicas Reuinidas Spain Sub-Contractor for TTIL
    Mannesmann KTI Germany Sub-Contractor for TTIL

    Refinery Control System

  • The Refinery is equipped with Foxborow DCS designed with 1 main Explosion Control Room and Satellite Control Rooms, major rotating equipment are equipped with MMS and radar.

  • The Refinery The Midor Refinery Automation & Control system covers all the Process, Utility and offsite units with the exception of pipeline & pipeline terminal automation.

  • The Design of the "Control & Safety System architecture" is based on the following type of systems:

  • Distributed Control System (DCS) to mange all normal process operations (with redundancy for all critical shared components of control such as: digital controllers, power supply, I/O buses, proprietary network, I/O analog control cards for closer control loop and to monitor & control in MCR all significant measurement, alarm or status change in the plant through standard DCS workstations arranged in consoles BAY and operator stations.

    Emergency Shutdown (ESD) system to handle emergency shut-down actions, and the managing of critical alarms. Basically , ESD systems are based upon PLCs spread in SCC with data links or wired connections for actions involving several ESD PLC. ESD PLC is linked to DCS network.

    Process interlocks and sequential controls in normal operation are performed by the same PLC performing the ESD function, through PLC analog inputs and digital I/O cards. This includes the process control of Machinery and MCC interfacing. The process PLCs for ESD and interlocks is located directly in ESS. The MCC interface is done by means of terminal strips, interposing relay and either by the Hardwired signal coming from the PLC installed in the SCC (for ESD and interlock signals).

    Fire & Gas Detection System (FGS) to generate detection and field alarm consecutive to any case of fire or abnormal concentration detected with the following redundancy:

    Local panel digital controller, local panel power supplies for digital controllers multidrop network, master PLC digital controller (TÜV certified), master PLC power supplies, RTU serial link in fire-house.

    Alarming in MCR and in fire House is performed through dedicated F&G interfaces and automatic action, if any, is performed by dedicated control system (CAS).

    Specific Controller or sub-system for special application as anti-surge performance controller, speed controllers, machine monitoring system (MMS) for vibration, axial displacement, etc. These controllers and sub-system are limited to the basic level of control, the operating interface if performed through DCS operator console in MCR and in the control panel operator display in SCC. MMS is provided with dedicated M.M.I (Man Machine Interface) in Main Control Room (M.C.R.).

    Tank Gauging System (TGS) to monitor storage area. Serial interface with Filed devices, DCS and dedicated console in M.C.R is provided.

    The system is provided with redundant (hot stand-by) power supply, interface units, serial connection with DCS.

    MOV Control System (MCS) to handle the MOV in the Refinery area. Serial interface with Field actuators, DCS, and dedicated console in M.C.R is provided.

    The system is provided with redundant power supply, master control station, serial communication with DCS.

    Metering system (MS) to measure the LPG export connected to DCS


    Shareholders Percentage
    EGPC 40 %
    MEDOR BVI (British) 20 %
    NBE Finance Ltd. (Cayman) 16 %
    MASAKA Company (Switzerland) 2 %
    Enppi (Egypt) 10 %
    Suez Canal Bank (Egypt) 2 %
    Petrojet (Egypt) 10 %

    Egypt -

    Egypt -
    Middle East Tankage & Pipelines
    Eng. M. Abaza , Chairman
    Eng. H. Saeed , C.E.O.
    26, Roushdy street,
    Heliopolis - CAIRO, EGYPT
    Tel: (202) 414 59 32
            (202) 419 55 01
    Fax: (202) 419 75 92

    Company Profile

  • MIDTAP is the first private sector company in Egypt established to carry out infrastrucure facilities for refineries under BLT system.

  • MIDTAP is constructing storage areas, offsite utilities and infrastructure projects for MIDOR.

  • The capital investment of MIDTAP is $ 400 million.

  • MIDTAP is also constructing and owns crude oil and products tanks (50 Tanks) & pipelines to transfer crude oil & products (8 pipelines) with various lengths & radii, working automatically using the latest technologies, aiming at granting administrative, operational, technical and maintenance support for MIDOR.

  • MIDTAP will facilitate crude oil transportation from Sumed terminal to the Refinery, and product transportation from the Refinery to El-Dekhleia Port in Alexandria. MIDTAP will also coordinate between MIDOR and other refineries in Egypt.

  • The Dekhleia Port is 18 Km from MIDOR Refinery and has 7 piers. MIDTAP is a new one and the first BOOT port to be constructed in Egypt. The marine and off-shore facilities of the port are divided into a marine pier for exporting petroleum products and an off-shore facilities area. The marine pier is 300 meters long and 40 meters wide, whereas the depth of the pier ranges from 13 to 18 meters. The technical preparations are:

  • * 6 loading arms for various petroleum products.

    * 4 (20" diameter) pipelines to transfer the products to the shipping area.

    * A fire extinguishing station that possesses the latest equipment.

    * Preparations for transferring, shipping & unloading the petroleum coke in the specialized vessels.

    * Tanking mooring facilities.

    MIDTAP Units

    Egypt -


    Shareholder Percentage  
    Enppi (Egypt) 40 %
    Misr Bank (Egypt) 20 %
    MASAKA (Switzerland) 3.50 %
    EIB (European International Bank) 20 %
    Egyptian National Bank 4 %
    NBE Finance (Cayman) 12.50 %

    Egypt -

    Egypt -
    MIDOR Electricity Co. S. A. E.
    Eng. M. Abaza, Chairman
    Mr. H. Salem Chairman of HKS Group

    26, Roushdy street,
    Heliopolis - CAIRO, EGYPT

    Tel: (202) 418 98 02
             (202) 418 98 03
    Fax: (202) 418 98 06
             (202) 418 98 12


    Egypt -
    Company Profile

  • .MIDELEC is established to supply the electricity needed, to surrounding Companies like MIDOR Refinery, Amereyah Refinery and Alexandria Petroleum Company to secure more than one source of electricity.

  • Total investment of MIDELEC is $ 150 million.

  • Generation station total capacity is 193.516 MW divided into 3 gas turbines with a capacity of 61.172 MW & 2 diesel generators with a capacity of 5 MW.

  • MIDELEC Electric Power Generation station is environmental friendly as it operates with natural gas as main fuel supplied from GASCO station.

  • MIDELEC demi-water source is MIDOR Refinery.

  • MIDOR has signed a contract with MIDELEC in August 1998 with a total contractual capacity of 49 MW/Hr.

  • Amereyah Refinery has signed a contract with MIDELEC in July 1999 with a total contractual capacity of 22MW/Hr.

  • Alexandria Petroleum Company has signed a contract with MIDELEC in July 1999 with a total contractual capacity of 17 MW/Hr.

  • Contractors & Sub-Contractors

    Egypt -

    Siemens AG KWU Germany Main contractor
    CEC Egypt Consultant
    SGS Egypt/Germany Inspection

    Operation & Maintenance

    Operation and maintenance of MIDELEC are performed by Siemens AG - O&M.


    Shareholder Percentage
    Faisal Islamic Egyptian Bank 2.50 %
    Egyptian Arab Land BAnk 8.75 %
    Suez Canal Bank (Egypt) 9.67 %
    NBE Finance (Cayman) 11.25 %
    Egyptian Co. for Inv. Projects (ECIP) 5.00 %
    HKS Group 62.83 %

    Egypt -

     Egypt -

    Mr. H.K.Salem, Chairman
    Eng. M. Abaza,
    Vice Chairman
    Mr. Y. Maiman,
    Vice Chairman

    26, Roushdy street,
    Heliopolis - CAIRO, EGYPT

    Tel: (202) 418 98 02
             (202) 418 98 03
    Fax: (202) 418 98 06
             (202) 418 98 12


    Company Profile

    Egypt -

  • EMG is established to supply natural gas to countries along the East Mediterranean Coast starting in El-Arish (Egypt) and ending in Ceyhan in Turkey.

  • Pipelines are built from El-Arish outlet within the national waters along the Eastern Mediterranean coast with a capacity of 15 BCMA & sub sea pipe length of 780 Km.

  • Total investment is $ 500 million.

  • EMG carries out the following activities:

  • EMG is specialized in buying all quantities of exportable excess gas, in its various types (gas or liquid), from EGPC (Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation) as well as foreign gas investment companies working in Egypt.

  • EMG is authorized to sell gas to Turkey, to other countries situated along the Eastern Coast of the Mediterranean & other countries.

  • To carry out the above, EMG is building a pipeline starting from Al-Arish outlet in Egypt within the national waters along the Eastern Coast of the Mediterranean Sea as well as other pipelines from the various Egyptian ports and is authorized to build factories for gas liquidification.

  • The company carries out its activity in special Free Zone.

  • EMG headquarter is in the General Free Zone in Alexandria with an office at 26, Roushdy street, Heliopolis - CAIRO.

  • Egypt -


    Shareholder Percentage
    Mr. H. Salem 20 %
    EGPC (Egypt) 10 %
    Middle East Gas (MIDGAS) 20 %
    Fordas Pernamanian 20 %
    Middle East Pipeline NV (Dutch) 20 %
    Coltex (British) 10 %

    Egypt -
    Egypt -

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