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Mr. Osman Sultan, President and CEO of MobiNiL

Interview with Mr. Osman Sultan,
President and C.E.O.
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Egypt -

The Egyptian Company for Mobile Services

"The mobile in everyone's hand"

Mr. Osman Sultan
President and C.E.O.
World Trade Center WTC,
1191, Corniche El-Nil, Boulaq - CAIRO, EGYPT
Tel: (2012) 320 66 60
        (2012) 218 26 66
        (202) 574 23 06
Fax: (2012) 320 66 66
         (202) 574 06 27
         (202) 578 04 59
Company profile

Egypt -

The MobiNiL GSM 900 cellular network in Egypt is operated by the Egyptian company for Egyptian Company for Mobile Services (ECMS) an Egyptian public company. MobiNiL is the consortium, which has required the majority shareholding in the ECMS. It is also the new brand name of the Egyptian national mobile telephone network to give a coherent identity to the services being offered by ECMS.

There are more than 600,000 subscribers to the service in Egypt today.

The partners in MobiNiL are France Telecom, Motorola, Orascom Technologies, Al-Ahram investments, Systel and the agent of Alcatel in Egypt.


On January 13th 2000, MobiNiL announced 4th Quarter profit of L.E. 90.4 million and L.E. 140.8 million profit for 1999.

MobiNiL, the Egyptian Company for Mobile Services reported a fourth quarter profit of L.E. 90.4 million on sales of L.E. 500 million for the period covering October 1, 1999 to December 31, 1999. This represents a 20% increase in sales and a 45% increase in profit as compared to the third quarter.

In addition, the ECMS (MobiNiL) profit for calendar year 1999 was L.E. 140.8 million on revenues of L.E. 1.5 billion.

EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization) for the fourth quarter was L.E. 172.2 million and L.E. 493.3 million for 1999 translating to 33% EBITDA for the year.

The company's subscriber base expanded by 130.000 in Q'4 to reach 540.000 as strong demand continued for GSM service.

The 4th quarter witnessed a number of significant achievements for MobiNiL.

MobiNiL announced commercial roaming with PCS (GSM 1900 MHz) operators in 25 states in the U.S.A. and in Canada. This brings the number of operators in commercial service with MobiNiL to 130 in 63 different countries.

MobiNiL also completed its long term financing by fully repaying its bridge loan and drawing down on its long term loan facility including a LE 340 million bond issue.

In addition, MobiNiL sponsored a mobile fair that generated 110.000 new subscribers within 10 days reinforcing MobiNiL's belief that there is significant demand in Egypt for GSM services.

In the last day of 1999, MobiNiL made the smooth transition into the new millenium.

MobiNiL awarded Bronze for its Deaf and Mute Television Campaign.

The panel of judges of the 5th Annual Festival for Radio and Television announced MobiNiL as their Bronze award World Investment News Ltdr for their deaf and Mute television campaign in the Public Service category.

MobiNiL's philosophy, as a leader in the mobile communications market in Egypt, is to whole-heartedly sponsor such sports activities specially when the funds raised from the event are directed towards a humanitarian cause. Such activities help Egypt to get international recognition in the field of sports and at the same time lends a helping hand to those who are besieged with a fatal illness and can't afford to make it on their own.

Egypt -

's sponsorship activities range widely between sponsoring sports events, and supporting cultural and entertainment events.

With the funds raised to be directed towards children with cancer, MobiNiL sponsored, in coordination with Alexandria governorate and Al-Ahram, the MobiNiL International Squash Tournament in Alexandria on the 6th and 7th August.

MobiNiL has signed an exclusive one-year contract with Ahmed Barada, Egypt's squash champion, giving MobiNiL the rights to all activities for the year.

MobiNiL sponsors Concert and Squash Tounament and Participates in Summer Mobile Fair in Alexandria.

MobiNiL sponsored a series of events and activities taking place in Alexandria during the summer 1999. These activities were a summer mobile fair, a concert and a squash tournament.

The fair introduced customers to the full range of services offered by MobiNiL as well as the advantages of the mobile lifestyle to meet their needs.

The Summer Mobile Fair featured various services ranging from sales of MobiNiL lines to information about the best usage of mobile phones to suite everyone's lifestyle as well as handset sales. MobiNiL is committed not only to bringing the latest technology to the Egyptian market but to assisting people in making the best use out of it to get the best value for their money.

MobiNiL, contracted a partnership with First Service, a private courier, on October, 19, 1999. MobiNiL contracted First service earlier last summer, to undertake the demanding and important task of customers' bill delivery, in line with MobiNiL's constant striving to achieve excellence in all its services.

First Service is a jointly established company, with 50% share for each of Orascom and and acts exclusively as MobiNiL's courier service. It is also the sister company of Jebaya in Lebanon, where their experience in the field enabled them to provide MobiNiL with the first class service both MobiNiL and MobiNiL customers expect. In five months, since their beginning of full operation on May 5th 1999, MobiNiL's bill on-time delivery rate has reached the highest levels, and they are actively addressing and solving any reasons for any delay, so as to reach perfect performance.

The outsourcing of this activity allows MobiNiL to concentrate on its core business, and focus on operational and technical development and growth. This efficient practice is actually followed by many international large corporations, but it is quite new in Egypt, and First Service's functionality helps MobiNiL maintain its international quality standards.

The partnership also created job opportunities for the Egyptian society. More than 350 people are currently working in First Service, most of whom are well-trained dispatchers that are using color-coded motorcycles for punctual hand-delivery of invoices. First Service employees are trained to the highest standards and that assured MobiNiL that our bill-delivery went to safe hands. The job created is also a second achievement that MobiNiL is proud of, as it was and always will be its goal to invest and support the local communities.

To help achieve the timely and accurate bill delivery, First Service has its headquarters in Cairo, and has four branch offices in Alexandria, Ismailiya, Mahalla and Assyut to serve different cities and towns all over Egypt.

Bill inquiries is addressed with MobiNiL Customer Care Service, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to remain accessible by all MobiNiL members at their convenience. Members can reach Customer care Service by simply dialing 110 on the mobile phone, and it will be completely free of charge. They can also be reached by dialing 012 320 21 10 from any normal land-line throughout the country.

Marking the First Anniversary of the ALO Card with a 3-month promotion

MobiNiL, the Egyptian Company for Mobile Servicescelebrated ALO's one-year anniversary, the launch of the new 'Tariff Optimiser Promotion' for the ALO prepaid card.

MobiNiL is focused on continuing to be the first choice for Egyptian mobile telephone subscribers and the ALO Tariff Optimiser is another step taken to provide ALO card users with value from their mobile service. The company is proud of the unprecedented demand that the ALO card has created in the Egyptian market making MobiNiL the largest provider of prepaid services in Egypt in its first year, and MobiNiL is focused on finding ways to offer more, and enhance the ALO service for its customers.
The ALO Tariff Optimiser mobile calls even more affordable for ALO card customers regardless of the scratch card denomination used. In fact, the ALO Tariff Optimiser gives ALO card users the chance to enjoy a rate that is substantially lower (In January 2000, the per minute rate for ALO car d customers was reduced from LE 1.75 to L.E. 1.25 for mobile to landline calls and from LE 1.50 to LE 1.00 for calls from mobile to mobile).

Cairo Telecomp 2000 Sponsorship Highlights. MobiNiL Commitment to the Telecommunication Industry Sponsoring the Cairo Telecomp 2000 exhibition and conference on the 17th-20th of January 2000. MobiNiL, reaffirmed its commitment to the Egyptian telecommunications industry. More than 100 companies participated in the fair from more than 20countries.

MobiNiL has shown its upport for those organizations that support the telecommunications industry.

MobiNiL's official sponsorship of Cairo Telecom highlights its own dedication to help lead Egypt's transformation into an information economy through the establishment of new services, and new employment opportunities in the telecommunication sector.

Since its inspection, MobiNiL has helped to create a substantial telecommunications employment market with its customer-focused approach to business, bringing many new job opportunities in the telecom sector to Egyptian communities.

Services Provided

Egypt -

Network Facilities

  • MobiNiL has added 200 micro-cells to improve GSM coverage in enclosed areas.

  • MobiNiL's network reaches 46 cities in Egypt with a line capacity of 750,000. Four switches provide for extra capacity to ensure quality performance.

  • MobiNiL base stations apply the latest Enhanced Full Rate (EFR) technology, which offers crisper and clearer voice quality.

  • MobiNiL roaming facilities encompasses 58 countries with active agreements with 106 GSM operators.

  • Billing Facilities

  • MobiNiL avails its customers of the direct debit facility to ease of payment of mobile bills. The direct debit facility allows customers to deduct from their bank account or credit card depending on the customer's desire.

  • First Service Home Collection is another vehicle which customers could use. It offers customers the convenience of payment from the comfort of their homes. First Service, MobiNiL's exclusive courier service will be dispatched to your residence, upon your request, to collect your payment.

  • In addition to the other facilities, customers have the capacity of paying bills at any of MobiNiL's six customers service centers, as well as at more than six hundred branches of Bank Misr, Al Ahly Bank in Egypt and the Arab African Bank provided all around Egypt.

  • MobiNiL's Automated Interactive System (AIS) allows customers to track, budget and inquire about their monthly charges at no cost.

  • Customer Care Facilities

  • MobiNiL has 6 Customer Care Centers centrally located for your comfort. (World Trade Center, Maadi, Heliopolis, Mohandessin, in Cairo and Somuha, and Rushdi in Alexandria)

  • Customer Care Centers are poised to grow to 25 centers by the end of year 2000.

  • Call Centers have responded to and handled 2,156,342 customer calls up to today. MobiNiL Call Centers operators are obtainable 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

  • MobiNiL Customer Care Centers employs 500 people, the majority are Egyptian Nationals.

  • MobiNiL Customer Care Centers are now geared to address both individual and corporate queries exclusively and independently. A dedicated call number for corporate inquiries is accessed by dialing 250 and individuals can dial 110 for their corresponding service

  • Key Developments

    MobiNiL Opens the largest and Most Advanced dedicated Customers Service Facility in the Middle East

    MobiNiL opened the largest and most advanced dedicated Customer Service Facility in Egypt and in the Middle East. It has the capacity to serve 1.5 million customers and has created more than 500 highly qualified positions in the field of customer services and risk management.

    The purpose-built facility has been designed to create a most unique working environment to help employees provide the highest levels of service to MobiNiL customers.

    MobiNiL is a market leader and a big advocate of creating job opportunities for youth. The average age of employees at MobiNiL's Cairo 2000 facility is 24-25 years old. 99% of MobiNiL's customer service employees are high achieving university graduates of highly reputable universities.

    MobiNiL employs more than 300 representatives that are solely dedicated to making the customer experience with MobiNiL easier and more convenient.

    With a 17-million pound investment, this new dedicated Customer Service facility is bound to become an example to be followed by many players in the market.

    MobiNiL will continue to lead and set the standards for customer service in the Egyptian market taking customer service to unprecedented heights.

    MobiNiL launches Information Services through Mobile Phone: the company, in cooperation with Link Egypt, the leading internet service provider and powered by WAP Motorola technology announced on May, 7, 2000, the launch of Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), the latest technological advance to hit the mobile industry.

    Mobile users with WAP-enables mobile handsets like Ericsson R320, Motorola Timeport (P7389) & Nokia 7110 will be able to access information anytime, anywhere.

    MobiNiL's WAP service includes Info-On-Demand services (news by Reuters, including local, international, sports, financial news, stocks and currency exchange, plus local entertainment information such as restaurant and cinema guides).

    MobiNiL is the first mobile service provider to deliver WAP to the Middle East and among the first to introduce WAP services in the world. Using MobiNiL's WAP service, Egyptian businesses will be able to extend their e-commerce to the wireless world directly to mobile users'handsets. MobiNiL's move into WAP services puts it ahead of many mobile service operators worldwide, taking the first steps towards making WAP a reliable reality for all users.

    MibiNiL and NSGB announce 'Porta Bank' mobile banking service

    MobiNiL, the Egyptian Company for Mobile Services, jointly with national Société Générale Bank (NGSB) announced on May, 16, 2OOO, the launch of Porta Bank, the first mobile service that allows users to access their NGSB accounts and obtain their account information and to obtain information about currency exchange rates and Egyptian stock prices, through MobiNiL's Intelligent Short Message Service (ISMS) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    MobiNiL is systematically improving, upgrading and enhancing Egypt's existing mobile telephone system to provide more and better services. Porta Bank is one of the many advanced technology solutions that MobiNiL has introduced to provide more lifestyle choices for today's subscribers.

    The new service is the first of its kind in Egypt, reassuring MobiNiL's leadership in the telecommunications sector in the market, and confirming NSGB's commitment to providing its customers with the latest banking technology.

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