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The 'Department of Lands and Surveys' and the 'Native Land Trust Board' are two authorities, which undertake management and administration of most land in Fiji.
The Department of Lands and Surveys manages all State land of both schedules - leases from owned freehold and foreshores leases of land lying between high and low spring tide limits. The department has established a Land Information System.


Sixty years ago, the Fijians Chiefs and people entrusted the management of their land to the Native Land Trust Board. Since then the NLTB has become one of the most important institutions in Fiji.

It administers 82.9 per cent of Fiji's land, which is owned by the Fijian people and at the same time, promotes the development of the nation.
Some 420,000 hectares of native land are leased out to 24,700 tenants for agriculture, commerce and industry.

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The owners receive rentals and other benefits such as dividends, royalties and commercial opportunities associated with land development. The successful development of the native land also provides significant benefits to the communities in Fiji.
Many of the nation's cane farms are built on a solid foundation of leased native land. Native land has also been made available for major hotels and businesses that create a source of employment for thousands of people.
Landowners have also benefited from leasing out the land. Rental payments now amount to more than $12 million per year and this is expected to increase in the years to come.

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