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Interview with:

General Manager of Artemen

June 10th 2002
Could you brief us about the reasons and circumstances of the establishment of Oferta Suksesi?

Oferta Suksesi as a marketing magazine, was established on July 1996 in Tirana, the capital of Albania. It was the first magazine of this kind there. Oferta Suksesi was published every month, but it stopped its work three moths after its establishment, because of the situation in Albania during that year. The magazine restarted to work in Prishtina, after the Kosova war, in April 2000. The establishment of Oferta Suksesi in Tirana, on 1996 and Prishtina, on 2000 was motivated by the absence of such a magazine, in order to present to the citizens the offers of businesses in the best way we could. This lack of marketing magazines in Kosova, we believe that we have fulfilled with work and dedication. Our aim was to be efficient in the market and that can be seen in the third anniversary of the magazine.

What are the current services and activities of Oferta Suksesi and what represent a major interest for you?

Oferta Suksesi is established in order to publish-advertise the different offers and advertisements for citizens. Its aim is the establishment of the comunnication between the comunities and businesses generally.

Contacts mean contracts, there is a lot to do in the pr-marketing field. How are you positioning your company in order to get these new contracts?

Our seriosity in the market has opened the ways for new contracts, but generally in every activity, and especially in marketing , we make preparations in order to present our magazine (our company) the best way we can.

As Mr. Steiner was saying, the economy is booming and this should be expressed also in demand of advertising services. Can you feel that on the groving demand?

Yes, I have heard the statement of Mr. Steiner and he's right. Of course his statement is backed by the informations that he posseses. Now, two years after our etablishment as a magazine we can note a growing demand as far as marketing is concerned. Also, we note a growing demand for high-quality advertisements. That means that our clients have started to think more about their presentation in the market.

I know that you have several new projects, could you elaborate on them and tell us where are you going to develop in the future, in what fields?

Our company named Artemen is concentrated in advertising field and generally in marketing. Our first product, which proved to be successful, is the magazine Oferta Suksesi.
Then, at the beginning of 2002, we have published the first practical guide of our capital, 'Prishtina 2002' and its publication was greeted by the citizens.

The third segment of our company ist TOP MEDIA, the agency that plans and organizes the advertisements of different companies.

OFERTA SUKSESI - Having in mind the circumstances in which we work, we can say that we are very satisfied with the rhythym of progress made by Oferta Suksesi, because we are treating a field not so known by our citizens. Here, it is also worth to mention our web page (www.ofertasuksesi.com ).
I am convinced that our magazine, which is published twice a month, will soon become weekly.

PRISHTINA GUIDE - The second segment is the Prishtina guide, which will continue to be published every year. Now, after its first edition, we have won the support of the Prishtuna Municipallity, which has offered to us the full access in the informations that can be valuable for our next edition. The Prishtina Guide has also its web page (www.prishtinaguide.com) and CD-s that contain materials used in our first edition.

TOP MEDIA - This agency is professionalised in managing advertisements of our clients, beginning from consulting and advising, until the monitorizing and managing them.

This are some of the projects that we believe will develop further in the near future.

Can you give us some personal background and info about yourself.

I was born on 1966 in Mitrovica municipality, on the other side of the river Iber, and there is my house. I have graduated in 1990 in Metallurgical Faculty - Geology Department in Mitrovica and in the same year I went in Slovenia - Lubjana. During the period between 1992 and 1996, I have started to learn about marketing and management.
Then, I moved to Albania where I established Oferta Suksesi.
After the war, I returned in Kosova, and now I work and live here with hope that some day I will return in my place of birth, on the other side of Ibër.
I am happy that marketing is a part of my occupation and my activity.

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