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Children of Monrovia

Just over two decades ago, American investments in this West African state summed up to a staggering three billion dollars. The investments were primarily concentrated in the mining, agricultural and banking sectors of the Liberian economy. While capital flight at the time was occasioned by unsavory political developments, the actual natural resources that attracted such huge financial infusion into this tiny country of three million inhabitants are still very much available today.
A recent World Bank study, which included natural resources in its measurement of total national wealth per head, ranked Liberia 132nd out of 192 countries worldwide - higher than Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire and Zimbabwe.

Yes indeed, Liberia is endowed with abundant natural resources, paramount among which are iron ore, gold, diamond, fisheries, tree crops and timber from its vast tropical rain forest. We invite you to take a sojourn into a sector-by-sector overview of Liberia's natural resource base as well as investment incentives tailored for investors of varying financial capacity and investment plans.

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