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Mr. Gus Kouwenhoven, President of OTC

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Mr. Gus Kouwenhoven

Villa # 1, Hotel Africa
Virginia, Monrovia - LIBERIA
P. O. Box 1522
Monrovia, Liberia
Tel: 231 - 227100
Sat. 871 - 761 329 935 - phone
       871 - 761 329 936 - fax
The Oriental Timber Corporation (OTC) is the most significant investment activity undertaken in Liberia in recent years. Working with about three million (3,000.000) acres in its concession area, OTC has made considerable investment in timber production. Showing increasing confidence in the Liberian economy, it is presently constructing a six-line plywood mill, which will become operational by the middle of this year.

After only one year of operations, OTC has succeeded in having the following achievements to its credit:

· establishing an elaborate network of reconditioned and new rural roads covering more than eight hundred (800) km with a tremendous impact on trade and commerce in the south and southeast of Liberia.;

· opening a modern hospital for its employees and residents of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County;

· renovating the Fendell campus of the University of Liberia as an exercise of social responsibility;

· mobilizing and training almost 2,000 (two thousand) Liberians to operate the equipment required of a modern timber industry;

· constructing what may prove to be the largest plywood mill in Africa to add value to Liberia's timber resources and employ an additional 2,000 (two thousand) Liberians;

· proving to be ecologically responsible, OTC has commenced a reforestation project to plant 400,000 trees this year of both indigenous and newly introduced fast growing species, with a resolve to planting more and faster than it can extract; and

· establishing an agricultural project which includes seed multiplication of a high yielding rice variety and the training of local farmers to enhance the production of Liberia's staple food (rice).

The Oriental Timber Corporation (OTC) is already a success story. It proves the people of Liberia right in their commitment to having private capital investment as the driving force to their economic prosperity.

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