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After the fall of Communism Romania opened itself up again to religion. Religions have been allowed to thrive in the country, which today boasts 15 officially recognized religious groups. All cults are considered equal before the law.

The Orthodox Church is the most extended one. 86.6% of the population practice the Orthodox cult, 20 million Romanians are believers in this faith.

In the second place, and at a considerable distance, stand Roman Catholics (5%). The Roman Catholic Church has 1,1 million followers, most of them concentrated in Transylvania, where the cult was brought by Hungarians and Saxons.

The Russian Church in Bucharest
Other Christian cults such as the Reformed Church (3.5%), the Greek Catholic cult (1%), the Evangelical, or Presbiterian Churches fall well behind. The Jewish population was strongly persecuted and massacred after the WW II, thus their numbers were dramatically reduced. Muslims are a very small minority.

Next to these, some other over 120 religious associations peacefully co-exist in Romania.

Romanian population according to religion

Census in 1992

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