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Geographical Position

Romania is located in Eastern Europe. It borders to the North and East with the Republics of Ukraine and Moldova. To the West it limits with Hungary and to the South-West with Yugoslavia. The Southern frontier limits with Bulgaria. At the South-East lays the Black Sea.
Two thirds of its political border are delimited by water, following the courses of the Danube, Prut and Tisza rivers and the Black Sea.

Romania's geographical location is defined by three distinctive natural elements:

  • The Carpathian Range:

  • 2/3 of this mountainous chain spreads within Romanian territory.

  • Danube river: 38% of the Danube goes through Romania, delimiting its Southern Frontier. After traversing half of Europe it dies in the Black Sea creating the Danube Delta, a Natural Reserve of the Biosphere.

  • Black Sea: Romania's only coastline extends for 244 km in the Black Sea.

  • Area: 238,391 sq. km (91,500 sq. miles)

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