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Interview with Mrs. Ana Dias Lourenço
Minister of Planification of the Republic of Angola
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Mauritius, August 16th 2004 - What is Angola looking to achieve at the SADC Summit?

Angola is quite optimistic about the development of this regional economic organization, especially in light of the fact that it has matured greatly over the years. Together with the initiation of the structural program, the completion of the strategic documents, the development and economic plans, the adoption of the political and defense organ – the strategic vision of SADC is moving ahead on an economic and political point of vue. The next few years will therefore see the achievement of the grand objectives of SADC to fight poverty and stimulate the development of our region.

Is this part of the reconstruction strategy of the country?

Yes, yes, the indicative strategic plan has an important objective, which is the reduction of poverty in our continent. This fight against poverty and hunger includes various key activities such as the assurance of regular food distribution, human development, the rehabilitation of economic and social infrastructure, the fundamental guarantee of peace and security in our region, along with the development of our educational program.

Will the privatization process take place next year in Angola?

The privatization process has already started in Angola. As you know, Angola has gone through a certain political and military instability which has not allowed for the initiation, in a general sense, of its economic reform program. Today, Angola continues its efforts towards greater economic stability and we will continue implementing our main government objectives, which include the continuation of our privatization process.

Angola is a partner of the United States for the production and supply of oil. How are you looking to build this relationship?

I believe that the relation between Angola and the United States is a strong relationship. We are hoping to increase our bilateral collaboration in the area of oil production, while working together for the reconstruction and development of Angola’s economy. Thank you.


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