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Country Name: Kingdom of Cambodia
Flag: Cambodian flag with symbol of World Heritage Angkor Wat symbolizing souls of Cambodian people and culture in which blue symbolizes territorial integrity, red symbolizing blood of struggling to protect the territory and white representing happiness, peace, gentleness, and religious sincerity.

Land Area: 181,035 sq Km Stretching 580 km east west and 450 km South-North
Location: situated in tropical, Indochina of Great Mekong Sub-region.

Climate: Two seasons, Dry season (November to May) and Rainy season (June to October), The hottest month is April (35-40oC) . The coolest month is December (28oC to 30oC).

Frontiers: bordered by Thailand in West and Northern, East and Southeastern bordering with Vietnam, and Northern bordering with Laos.

Motto: Nation- Religion-King
National constitution: Established 1993

Political: Cambodia is a Constitutional Monarchy (1981) Headed by King Norodom Sihanouk. The Prime Minister heads the Executive Power. The National Assembly exercises the Legislation Power.

Land Division: 24 Provinces and municipalities (and inhabitants) Banteay Meanchey (703,356), Battambang (949,614), Kampong Cham (1,800,499), Kampong Chhnang (476,556), Kampong Speu (681,456), Kampong Thom (642,932), Kampot (588,583), Kandal (1,204,946), Koh Kong (164,707), Kratie (302,113), Mondol Kiri (38,833), Phnom Penh (1,184,954), Preah Vihear (140,628), Prey Veng (1,043,199), Pursat (418,303), Ratanak Kiri (111,559), Siem Reap (798,546), Sihanouk Ville (187,546), Stung Treng (95,184), Svay Rieng (531,072), Takao (880,096), Oudor Meanchey (91,261), Krong Kep (34,836), Krong Pailin (28,571).

Capital City: Phnom Penh, 1.3 Million inhabitants (Est. 2003)
Important/Major Provinces: Siem Reap province, (798 546 inhabitants) Cultural and heritage Temples, Angkor Wat is attractive for National and International tourists. Sihanoukville Municipality, (187 688 inhabitants) Southern municipality with white beaches, natural resorts and a major trade due to the International deep-sea port. Battambang, (703 356 inhabitants) the largest rice producer and exporter and Kompong Cham, (1 800 499 inhabitants) largest raw material producing, rubber, beans.
Major Rivers: Great Mekong , Tonle Sap, Bassac, Mekong Krom.

International Airports: Phnom Penh and Siem Reap international

Domestic Airport: Rattanakkiri, Stung Treng, Battambang

Population: 13.3 Million ( est 2003 ) , Approximately 42% under 14 years old

Ethnic Groups: 90% Khmers, the rest are ethnic Vietnamese, Khmer Islam, and Chinese.

Religion: 95% Buddhism, the rest, Islam, Christianity, Animism, Caodaism

Languages: National language Khmer, second language--English and French

Natural Resources: Fisheries-sea, Mekong and Great Lake, Timber, Rubber (southeast), Phosphates, Manganese, pepper (southwest region of Kampot), gemstone (north-west region of Pailin)

Economy: Cambodia's economy is dominated by agriculture sector, garment and Textile industry is the top leading economic sector followed by Tourism. Agriculture contributes 41% share in GDP, Industry sector share by 17%, Tourism will become a leading economic sector in next few years with an increase averaging 25% annually.

Major trading partners: Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan

National Currency: Riel (4000 riel = USD 1). USD is commonly used. The name of the national currency takes its origins from a Portuguese background, during the 17th century, due to the trading links that were established between these two countries.

Voltage: 220v/ 50Hz

Time: GMT+7 hours

Business Hours: 7:00-11:00 am / 2:00 PM-5:00 PM. Government offices close Saturday evening and Sunday.

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