Bosnia: Company Profile of NISKOGRADNJA d.o.o. Laktaši
NISKOGRADNJA d.o.o. Laktaši

NISKOGRADNJA d.o.o. Laktaši

Sector: Construction and Infrastructure

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NISKOGRADNJA d.o.o. Laktaši is private company established in 1990.

Niskogradnja Laktaši is consisted of:
Sector of engineering
Sector of high-rice building
Asphalt base with two installations
Concrete base with two concrete fabrication plants
Separation of pebble and production of crushed-separated aggregate in Laktasi.
Quarry and separation for the producing of crushed stone aggregate in Drugovici.

Among the all above mentioned Ljubomir Ćubić is owner of “Rotas” company. It is traffic-remont company. Primary sector of “Niskogradnja” d.o.o. covers almost al ...

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