We are a Global Publishing House and Market and Business Intelligence provider based on the production of practical multimedia content and advertising.

Since 1996, WINNE has grown to become something more than simply an investment news company. With over 200 reports published in some of the most prestigious media outlets in the world, we have proven ourselves to be a true leader in our industry. We are responsible for various publications, have published more than 40 eBiz Guides, and have recently released a new magazine entitled eBiz Africa Review.

We produce business intelligence to connect business people.

Our goal is to be the bridge between governments, major corporations, and with the business community around the world. Thanks to the products we produce, we are able to bring investors and high-potential investment areas together.

Mission Statement

To connect businesspeople through the production of business intelligence, multimedia content, and advertising.


World Investment News’ vision is to become a leading publishing house and market intelligence provider by investing in the cultivation of pioneer thinking, promoting and encouraging nomad spirits, and by making things happen (completing all projects and goals in an effective and timely manner).

We express our will to make things happen, our passion for travel, and our means to offer new ways of communication by connecting people.

This is not just something we say, but something we do and demand on a daily basis. We strongly believe in fulfilling our goals and promises in and out of work. Because of this firm belief, we demand that all clients, partners, and employees share the same conviction in all they do. Our employees must be able to identify these qualities in others, and attract those that possess them to want to work with us.


Making a difference / High-quality work / Clear & fair character / Enjoying oneself / Accountability / Creativity