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Official name:
Republic of Cameroon

475 500 km2

Three vertical stripes of green,
red and yellow, charged with one
gold star in the centre of the red stripe

National Anthem:
“O Cameroon Cradle of our Forefathers”



Major Cities:
Yaoundé, Douala, Bafoussam, Nkongsamba,
Maroua, Garoua

15,5 million inhabitants.

According to demographers, the country will count about 20 million inhabitants in the year 2020. The population is relatively young (45% are less than 15 years). The urban population: 46,4% in 1997. Life expectancy (1997) was 53 years for men and 56 years for women

French/ English

Christians (33%) mostly in the South ; Muslims (15%) mostly in the North. Faithfuls of traditional religions can be found throughout the notional territory.

African Financial Community franc (CFA)

Origin of the nomination of Cameroon:
It originates from “Rio Dos Camaroes” a name given to the Wouri mouth, in the 15th century by the Portuguese who have been impressed by the enormous quantity of crawfish found in that river. The whole expression meaning “River of crawfish“ became the name of the country as a whole.

Main ethnic groups:

  • The Bantus: Fang, Ewondo, Bulu, Eton, Douala, Bassa, Bakweri

  • The semi-Bantus: Tikar, Bamoun, Bamileke

  • The Sudanese: Kapsiki, Matakam, Mousgoum, Toupouri, Boum

  • The Hamites: Foulbes, Bororo

  • The Semites: Choa, Arabs

  • The country has more than 200 ethnic groups.

    Official feast days:
    The 1st of January (independence Day)
    11th February (youth Day)
    1st May (Labour Day)
    20th May (Reunification)

    Religious feasts:
    Good Friday, Easter, Ramadan, Ascension Day, Pentecost, Feast of the Ram, Christmas.

    Traditional Feasts:
    The Ngouon (Bamoun people)
    The Do (Baya people)
    Coffee (Nkongsamba)
    The Ram (Nyem Nyem)
    The Ngondo (Sawa people)
    Ekang (Ntumu people)

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