Gambia: Company Profile of AREZKI S.A.


Sector: Public Works, Construction & Infrastructure

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Gambia Branch:

Km 5 Brikama-Darsilami, Serrekunda, The Gambia

Tel: (+220) 9260858

Bissau Branch:

Km 0,5 Estrada de Safim, Guinea Bissau

Tel: (+245) 6895555

Fax: (+245) 6891111

AREZKI S.A. is a company operating in West Africa (Gambia, Senegal, Guinea Bissau), which purpose is:

  • Carrying out all sorts of building work, public works and related services,
  • Performing any building construction work, civil engineering works, reinforced concrete works and with any public works companies;
  • Importing, exporting, purchasing wholesale, marketing any product and/or commodities of any origin and of any kind,
  • Manufacturing and marketing any bituminous products,
  • Crushing and marketing any type of gravel and sand,
  • Transporting all types of merchandise by land and by sea,
  • Manufacturing and installing signposts, horizontal and vertical light fittings,
  • General trading and distribution,
  • Constructing and marketing any real estate buildings, villas, offices, commercial buildings,
  • Manufacturing, processing, selling any pre-fabricated component deemed appropriate for the construction
  • Telecom Installations

The Company was founded in 1962 by Mahmoud AREZKI, the Founder. The activities are now managed by his sons Tarek AREZKI, Ziad AREZKI, Ahmed AREZKI and Yousr AREZKI.

  • 1962-1971 : General Transport
  • 1971-1980 : Sub contractor in earthworks and transport for multinational societies in Senegal and in the Gambia
  • 1980 : Beginning of execution of double seal coat
  • 1990 : Beginning of execution of asphalt concrete surface course
  • 1995 : Purchase of the infrastructures of CCC (Koweiti multinational society in Guinea Bissau)
  • 2006 : Purchase of the infrastructures of Astaldi (Italian multinational society in Guinea Bissau)
  • 2007 : Transition into an Anonymous Society (S.A.)
  • 2013 : Purchase of the Equipment of Ballast Nedam Africa (Dutch multinational society in the Gambia)

Past achievements:

    • Seal coat Surfacing
    • Asphalt concrete Surfacing
    • Roads in Pavement interlocks
    • Urban roads and highways
    • Airport Construction & Improvement :
    • Bridge Construction :
      • Public buildings
      • Drainage Structures, Water Supply Network and Signage
      • Port
      • Telecommunication Site built towers building
    • Earth Roads
      • More than 2000 km achieved, constructed or rehabilitated.
      • Earth-moving annual capacity: 1,000,000 m3
      • More than 1500 km achieved
      • Annual Capacity: 1,000,000 m2
      • More than 3 million m2
      • Annual capacity: 250,000 T
      • More than 400 000 m2 made
      • Annual capacity: 200,000 m2
      • More than 70 km made with footbridge and pavement blocks 
    • Banjul Airport (Gambia)
    • Kolda Airport (Senegal)
    • Cap Skiring Airport (Senegal)
    • Construction road for the bridge Sao Vicente
    • The construction of the Trans Gambia Bridge and Cross Border Improvement
    • Buildings Industrial and Commercial Use
      • Hangars: 56,000 m2
      • Regional Transport Stations: 3
      • Power stations and pumping 2
      • Service stations: 4
      • Hospitals: 6
      • Hotels: 2
      • Commercial buildings R 2 to R + 8: 4
      • Villas largest standingG: 82
    • 40,000 linear meters of culvert
    • 60,000 linear meters of gutters
    • 6 long span bridges (40 to 80 m)
    • 40km of water distribution networks
    • Landscaping illumination and signaling, power of current traffic intersections: 14
    • Port of Buba (Guinea Bissau)
    • Shipyard of Bissau
    • Construction of 82 MTN Site built towers building

Current projects:

  • Contract name: The construction of the Tambacounda – Dialacoto and the bypass of Medina Gounass road 85 km of asphalt road in Senegal
  • Contract name: Construction and rehabilitation of highway of the urban city of Bissau  : 41 km of urban highway in Guinea Bissau
  • Contract name: Banjul Airport Improvement Project Phase II
  • Contract name: Periodic maintenance of roads in Ziguinchor, Kolda and Sedhiou regions / 3 years contract (Senegal)
  • Contract name: The construction of the Trans Gambia Bridge and Cross Border Improvement

The company is already installed in three countries in West Africa (The Gambia, Senegal & Guinea Bissau) and plans to expand in the next five years in Mali and Guinea Conakry. The objectives are to promote the capacity of young African professionals, build partnerships with experienced companies to develop local expertise. Compliance with environmental and social standards is the foundation of all its activities.

Present for over 50 years in the African continent, Arezki Group has positioned itself in West Africa, as a leader in the fields of transport and public works.

Over the years, given on the one hand, technological changes and secondly, to market requirements, the group is strongly installed in the sub-region, adapting the best means and resources to make available as part of its extension.

Thus, with a technical tool for each zone and a coaching staff of experts in their respective fields, Arezki group is present in Senegal, Gambia and Guinea Bissau with a total workforce of 1,500 people of various nationalities.

Also, previously positioned dan the activities of Building and Public Works (Roads construction, site Realization of Telecommunications hardware facilities, etc.); Arezki the Group has expanded since nearly ten years in new activities, in the form of existing structures and redemptions of making new investments.

These initiatives were born two new clusters of activities within the group.

- The Division consists of Guinave Arezki Industry (shipyards), SMS (stone quarries Extraction).

- The Division Arezki Hotel & Resort, consisting of hotel and real estate activities.